Agile educators, agile learners – School Insight Series

(soft music) – I like our teacher Sally, and I like when she gets math for us, because that’s my favourite
thing to do at school. – Our average annual enrolment, is over 1100 different students. The teachers meet the students where they’re at academically, and sometimes that isn’t where they were, when they became unwell. So, the teachers are then able to write a personalised learning
programme for those students, and work with them to
progress their learning driven by what the student is able to do. – I like that it’s one on one, so that way I get to
have a personal thing, and that way I don’t feel
afraid asking questions. – One of the things
that I really like about the school is that it adds a
different structure to the day that’s not a medical
structure, it’s a constructive, positive kind of time
that’s purely for wellbeing, and he really likes to learn. – Okay. – Yeah. – A x B is? – AB, very good. (soft music)

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