41 thoughts on “Advanced Spanish Course – Lesson 1”

  1. Sir you are doing an excellent job.As a beginner the lessons are constructed with much simplicity.
    Your methodology in teaching is very interesting.It really enhances learning.
    May God richly bless you.

  2. Genial. No puedo hablar en el futuro, pero yo aprendi que "esperar" tiene la significa de "to hope". Pensaba que es solo por "to wait".

  3. The way you teach really has helped me as all other methods I have tried leaves me with conjugation fear freeze (!) but the way you gently build up the words/phrases and showing the changes in red helps me memorize and understand – my brain is dyslexic that´s why traditional learning methods don´t work for me – I am enjoying your course level 1-3 nearly ready for 4-6! Gracias desde lo más de me corazón 🙏

  4. I'm passionate about languages. I'm a spanish speaker and i´m trying to improve my english for travel and work. I'm happy to help you with any aspect of spanish, even if you have a really low level.
    If you are a english speaker, let's be language partners! I can help you with spanish. 🙂 I primarily use WhatsApp, but I also have Skype, and email, of course. My email is [email protected]

  5. This is so helpful.I know so many verbs and nouns but I cant structure very well. I've memorized those conjugations but never used them.
    My Spanish teachers from the 70s would be shocked at my progress. 📚

  6. hello I am native Spanish and I am ready to interchange or improves your español free, but I would like practice English too, thanks you across whatapp please sent me a message for youtube.

  7. Your voice is really hypnotizing. Makes the lessons really enjoyable and fun to learn! Muchas Gracias.

  8. I have bought Al courses and they are fantastico! But am at a slightly higher level so hoping so much you will do more

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