8 thoughts on “Adult Literacy – Teach YOURSELF to Read English – Sheet 01 – Box Read Learn method.”

  1. My son took part in reading support services when he was in 1st grade. This excellent reading guide “Wamzοzο Loli” (Google it) has helped a lot in improving the reading capabilities of my young man while he`s on grade level and his improvement really impressed his reading teacher. For me, this program needs to be utilized in classes.

  2. Don't get this… Am teaching an adult (whose first language isn't english) to read any tips please? Thanx

  3. Thanks for the enquiry. The tutorial is called – Grandad's Diary – Book 1. and is available from the Box Read Learn website shown in the description above and under the publication date of this video . Please visit the site and check my other videos for further lessons. Thank you.

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