Adult Beginner: Lesson One

28 thoughts on “Adult Beginner: Lesson One”

  1. Waou!!! This instructor is good. I learned here in less than 5 mns tips I couldn't learn/understand clearly for years!!!!

  2. Thank you so much. I needed this Im going to my 6st lesson and I still can't swim. But I agree that floating confidence is key and should be a day one lesson. I will practice this tonight because Im determinde to meet this goal this year. New sub

  3. What states is he teaching that? I wanna learn but I’m scared. I almost die twice when I was a teenager now I’m 28, and still scared.

  4. I am 27 and unfortunately due to a lot of things I need had the opportunity to learn swimming. But as you said it's never late to learn something! I am very much interested to learn swimming. I wish I had a trainer like you !

  5. I am learning to swim. How do you stop someone being anxious in the water???? I can swim with floats, but I want to able to swim without them. I have noticed I am improving each week. The first week my teacher had to hold the other end of the long float while I held on and kick my legs in the water. But now I can do it by myself. Great videos by the way.

  6. Wow never been shown or told this I'm a terrible swimmer need to try this out, n get over the fear of water once n for all 🤦🏾‍♂️ thank you 💯👍🏾🙏🏾💪🏾

  7. Your method works! Thank you so much for sharing your videos. Nothing worked on my first lesson at a rec center and I was worried but then I saw your video and tried it the next day. Now I’m actually at swimming.

  8. Coach KOLEBER is the freakin maaaan !!.. Hands Down !! Flat out I've been scared as hell of the water for years but because of you, your calm very personable teaching of swimming mechanics I'm not so scared. I never saw it broken down like that before. Maybe I'll be called Aqua Man one day.. Nahh better not push my luck.. lol. Bottom line thank you sir !

  9. I feel nauseous while watching this video and I guess I have hydrophobia. I'm afraid from water. 😷

  10. This is helping me a lot I'm trying to learn how to swim since next year I'm going to high school and I'm 14 and I don't know how to swim and I don't want anyone to judge me

  11. I couldn't flot.. I am trying from last 3days.. I am new to swimming.. Shall I need to take more breath?

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