hello Christiana where you today you good so we are doing a lesson for freestyle so hey what is your main sports actually kickboxing yeah I can see this body is not built for for swimming at the beginning here are more killer right it important ok ok look for the freestyle show me what you can do and we will try to improve your free start today from this ok alright you go just until the corner and then I can epitope okay let's go okay y-you don't have to go so fast huh cool down she'll easy do it again one more time at your own speed huh don't don't try to go fast so I can have a better look on this I try to relax alright ok so I can see this okay okay so basically right you'll be fighting in the water now your freestyle has to be more relaxed can let your head fight less in the water use your hands more relaxed on the screen and be more smooth it's not the fight is actually the intention is to glide and to be super relaxed you can wanna swim long distance you will not be able to swim like this forever so the idea now is to do one hand after one hand open your hands don't cross your lines your right hand stay on the right left hand under food on the right relax your hand glide on the right put on the left that's your hands glide on the left turn that number three when you turn ice in the water yeah but don't turn too much looking at the sky don't turn your body okay try to be just put near to the water I think it still makes your head no it's on it's alright as good as go I will follow you so I want you to go slowly one hand after one hand okay yeah and you stop there take your time so one relax your hands better two three one two three okay three okay oh you feel better okay remember this is the idea okay you have to relax as much as possible you give me your hands here when you pull you put on the water keep your hair bows up pool underwater until the end finish your movement then raise your head bones relax your shoulders your hands down and then drop your hand as far as possible to eat the water on the front of you when you eat the water glide under water don't drop your hand in the water immediately first you eat the water then you stretch and glide then you will pool after this that's much better we do the same things glide longer stretch longer remember the intention touch the water stretch and glide on the surface pool okay I am on the front of you go when you're ready one to relax the sugars Genet number three two three one stretch to stretch three turn okay okay just be careful when you turn your head and you turn a bit too much I think I think you're a very stiff your sugar and very strong you can turn just your your neck on the side okay so basically you turn out of your face would be in the water here okay and we wish if you want yeah don't don't make it complicated just turn simple so you have one eye in the water and half of your face in the water your chin is near to your shoulders and then after you breathe go back chin on your chest so lower your head okay and don't overturn be careful when you turn your head right when you turn your head what happens here you hand also turn try when you turn to stretch yeah so you stretch and glide when you turn your head okay instead of falling or at zero of losing your balance on the side and remember the rhythmic one two three you see this sound this is your hands super relaxed eating the water after the sound stretch cool relaxed drop your hands stretch cool relaxed drop your hand stretch the more you relax the more you will go fast alright let's go again okay this is less fast it's better yes you are less after 10 meters okay the intention is to be more relaxed when you run okay this is cool so we will do the same things okay stay relaxed try to feel when you pull with your hands when you pull the other hand need to glide the more important is not the one like pulling is the one stretching okay so if you are here right so you fool why do you cool the intention of the same is to help this one stretch so you cool to stretch and glide to basically cool and stretch foolish is not pool to pool here is to stretch forward – to stretch forward turn out number three out fish in the water stretch when you turn go back your head before your head okay okay remember don't look up and cross avoid this fight instead of this let's go for head doesn't move one stretch to stretch turn at number three stretch go back one stretch okay not bad Christian not bad yeah we are getting there shall we and honey 1/2 turn 1 are you feeling ok another tips right if I'm behind you I know your shoulders and your elbows are helped and relaxed if I can read under your humps let's say you are here on the side you cool after the pool I know you're good if you lift up so I can see because I'm behind I can see under your arms here oh ok that's cool right if your Hellboy is done I don't see anything so show me what is under your hands and then drop your hand as far as possible back then you stretch ok ok remember this intention school there's a girl last one I ain't Christian that's so stiff slowly bad is going to here all right a bit stiffer I'll show you something to help you right so basically you're very strong strong sugar a strong body it's hard for you to keep your hands like go to your place okay you can do something simple imagine your nails huh they wanna surf in the water to the end instead of going up and fighting try to keep your nails in the water in the water surfing so you know the steel village and you saw from the surface until you stretch your arm then you keep any stretch for answer answer I can't see my hand is very relaxed I roll my shoulders and I surf if I'm here I'm not surfing anymore just keep your hands like and remember don't surf to cross don't do like this yes keep your right on the right keep your left on the left and then relax more these part of your body will relax me all right a fighter can still swim Christian let's go let's make it happen okay make it happen objective to glide and not to fight let's go I want light surfing with your nails all right how you feeling getting uh getting there even now we will have to practice this to be able to swim like more than slaps of ten or 15 meters okay we'll do longer distance and we will practice to make you more relaxed okay the more you practice the more you relax the more you can swim longer the more you fight the more tiring the more you miss your technique and the worse it become so it's all about control your speed and you will increase your speed if you try to look for the fight you will go out at the end very Chad yeah all right okay let's go we do it next time we can start this video

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