I always knew I wanted to become a doctor. So, in grade 10 when I had to choose my subjects
for my final two years of high school I actually came to the Admissions Department
here at Cornell and asked them what they would recommend and I made my choices based on that. My name is Tala Kareem Altaji and I am a 4th
year medical student in Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar. My preference was to stay here and come to
Cornell. And so leading up to that time I made sure
that I sat all the standardized tests that needed to be sat in order to make it here. One of the things that we ask for in every
application is for a personal statement by the applicant to show why they’re interested
in the field of medicine, and why they want to do it here at Weill Cornell Qatar. We use a very holistic approach to selecting
our best candidates. My name is Farhan Aziz. I work as the Director of Admissions at Weill
Cornell Medicine in Qatar. Coming into medicine it’s very important
not only to have all of this knowledge under your belt, but also to be a well-rounded individual
in the sense that when you’re placed in different communities, you’re able to cope
as best possible. Growing up here has been a great opportunity
for me because it was a place that I always felt welcome. And knowing that in the future I’d like
to come back here and give back is also something that comforts me because, again, it’s the
only place I know that’s home. After I graduate I plan to pursue a residency
in pediatrics: that is my intention, and that’s what I see myself doing in the next upcoming
few years.

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