Admiral Pete Brown – Presidential Cybersecurity Education Award

Hello! I’m Pete Brown, Homeland Security & Counterterrorism
Advisor to the President. President Trump promised to strengthen America’s
cybersecurity capabilities, secure our Nation from cyber threats, and build the cyber workforce
of the future. The establishment of the Presidential Cybersecurity
Education Award follows through on that commitment by recognizing those educators who point their
students toward the bright horizon of this fast-growing area of education and employment. The award will annually recognize one elementary
and one secondary school educator who demonstrates superior accomplishment in instilling cybersecurity
skills, knowledge, and passion in their students. America built the Internet and shared it with
the world. We are grateful to the educators who inspire
America?s youth to dream even bigger. This award will recognize the teachers who
are inspiring the workforce that will secure and preserve the Internet for future generations. Thank you!

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