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  1. I was around when Jonathan's videos were first showing up on youtube – 2007/2008. The channels were called Adampants2007 and Adampants2008, if I recall correctly. The Jonathanlives channel isn't him – it's just another person mirroring his content.

    Some time during 2008, Jonathan uploaded a handful of videos that have been lost – My Tribulation, and one or two where he was ranting about pedophilia. Then he took all of his videos down, with a written message left on the channel saying that the words in them had not been "of him", implying there'd been some kind of negative influence / interference, and that the videos would do harm if left up.

    For a long time I took what he'd said very seriously, and tried to experience it for myself. I also found a couple of other very similar people, who had a similar impact on me. One of them I got to know quite well. Here's what I realised, many years later. These people have experienced *something*, but it's not necessarily real. It's highly likely that it's a product of their own minds. For lack of a better term, I think it might be like a form of high functioning schizophrenia.

    Why did I conclude that? Four main reasons. A. What they each said was not entirely consistent with each other. B. One of them started making predictions which didn't come true. C. One of them started making claims which were just too much – that they believed they might be the reincarnation of Christ, and that the world is actually flat. D. They appeared to be assuming that the things they had seen really existed outside of themselves, without actual basis. And this is an individual who actually went into more depth than Jonathan, was more coherent, more rational, more balanced, more experienced.

    It's disappointing of course – I understand better than anyone the wish for there to be higher realities, and to get in touch with them. We all want to feel that life is safe and that we are protected and will live forever. We all want a sense of purpose and connection. But this stuff – these recordings – everything Jonathan said – it appears to be nothing more than fool's gold.

    I think Jonathan meant well. He just didn't know what he didn't know, at least not when he made these. Perhaps later he did realise it – it could be why he never came back. Or, his state of mind just took him over the edge.

  2. Anybody else see something with this photo being used n this video? Hint hint: These aren't the original videos uploaded. Hint hint: such great irony that's going on, on these videos. Yes, oh yes, this video is a conn; this is all "(to) spit" he's saying; red (6), green (6), blue (6); oh, and he's, little admapants is a pussy, don't you know. This is hilarious, and the butchering of the audio in key places. Must give a standing ovation. Bravo bravo everybody.Thankfully everybody is "in the know here", huh lu ser, sorry, lukasig, haha

  3. I'm not done listening jet, but I'll add to it. As i find there to be many paths towards truth

    Thank you <3

  4. Be wary of memorizing..  20:05 – "but I can't have you memorize my conclusion"  20:23 – "i don't want you to memorize the details of my life"  25:00 – "they have been taught to look outside of themselves for answers"  be careful of falling into this with these uploads..

    Everyone has their own path, but its a very real element, do not create religion with this material.. having someone else's words always rolling around in your head. its very easy to do and will disable you long term.

    spirit is within, ultimately and basically. that's where it must come from, within one's own life. cannot be forced via mental affirmation, via external reinforcement(sure, nice if it occurs), our lives must support the conscious state. Otherwise its just a 'new cycle'..  See the patterns, make the conclusion, move forward. 

    All this material is meant merely as a launching point.

  5. Why does Jonathan not understand that there will be more good if he
    would continue making videos and sharing hes unique kind of view. He
    said he does not want us looking for answers in other ppl but in God.
    Well yeah ofcourse the answers are comming from God but you will be able
    to see a lot deeper in the understanding of Nature in comparance to
    most peaple. So i have my moments when i am only concentrated on the
    unique messages from Nature, then those of my mind, but i also have
    times where i read books and listen to youtube videos for a different
    kind of inspiration/point of view. Also finding things i never thought
    of existing and enriching me more than if i was only in communication
    with Nature and myself. So I would really love if you'd have new content
    once in a while 🙂 Thanks.

    P.S. Support this comment if you want Jonathan to make more videos, like
    and repost it so that he may see it 🙂

  6. Geometric symbols like pentagrams and hexagrams are two dimensional representations of specific basic shapes energy manifests itself  in the three dimensional matrix via atomic arrangement. The simplest form that maps the energetic foundation in creation. They are not only symbols, but road maps. Because of this, when charged they will effect the physical world how ever one desires. But in this case they are being used to effect the entire consciousness of humanity as a whole. Not to leave out the subconscious mind. These symbols also can be used as gate ways. Gate ways can be placed into the subconscious level of self by an external source(screens). The mind is a realm in case you haven't noticed. Imagine some one installing a gate way into the realm of your mind without you knowing. But all can be healed and will be. this is from no book that I read or any video I've seen. It is knowledge from within being transferred outward. But from this is a very small piece of your own true knowledge as you will see beginning to be revealed with in you. One can never know everything, but anything.  As everyone holds many small parts to all that is everything.

  7. OK, I just had a friend share this with me a couple days ago and this is the second time I'm listening to this. A Lot of what Jonathan is saying is what I've been saying for a couple years…… never really thought about it being that I was "In The Know"….. I just figured I was sharing lessons I've learned from Living My Life. I don't believe there are Teachers & Students but rather We Are ALL Teachers & Students….. We All Teach & Learn from Each Other if we are Open to the Lessons Out There….. and that Lesson can change as we get more Input/Experience.

    Also, for those that wish to Love In Secret…… That Isn't Loving. Real Love doesn't Dwell in a Secret Place….. Real Love Doesn't Hide…… Real Love Just IS whether you Acknowledge it or not.

  8. To William. I agree with you. Love in secret. Its so hard as I want to show love. Love in secret and be celibate!

  9. wow you arrogant fuck its unfair to abuse the disadvantaged and underprivileged. are u torturing dumb people in secret? people like you are the worlds real problem, your arrogance is amazing. you think your so special. its not the peoples fault that 90% of this world are enslaved. its people like u with your vicious egocentric attitude that keep the world enslaved. everybody would innerstand truth if they would get the right schooling but of course assholes like you keep the knowledge exclusivly in their fucking elitist circles even though you stole it ALL your selves..are u really talking about original thought?!?! u fucking masons stole ALL the knowledge from ancient cultures that u murdered and genocided one after the other. how much do you get payed? u motherfucker! that super secret spirits ur in contact with took over ur filthy soul without YOU being aware i guess. gumtree?? god u stupid fuck!

  10. This seems like an intellectual attempt to express the confusion people experience trying to understand one another through words and confusing it with wisdom rather than understanding. It is the simple knowledge of their personal experience in this perceivable realm. Do you always think with words? Do words and knowledge help you connect with spirit and the collective consciousness of the universe and the source? I thought not. Sit and listen to a babbling brook and you will hear the language of the universe. Silence the mind and listen.

  11. I like how he talks to both sides of the coin. Never heard anything like the last few mins of this vid.. in the external world that is ;~)

  12. So great to know people are out there who see through our culture.. i met a friend at my air force tech school who seemed to be the only other person who knew anything we sat in the hallways and talked for three hours straight maybe more.. now thats a true connection not that we liked the same things but wed reached the same conclusions, now we have both been discharged hahaha

  13. I have noticed some time ago that truth is one but everyone who can speak it does so through a prism of their life and experience. It sounds different from person to person but the essence is always this same. "live moral and honest life". This gives insight. Follow only your conscience. It tells you when you do wrong and when you do right. That's the most advanced GPS system that exists and that's all what's needed at this same time 🙂

  14. he has some other really great vids. You should check them out. Really a must listen for the younger generation. Great job on the chopin stuff. Classical is some of the best music.

  15. Preguntar gente. ¿Por qué quieres niños? La respuesta de la mas sera "porque yo quiero los" quiero ser una madre" "quiero ser un padre" La palabra clave "quiero". Ya los niños nacimos por intenciones tu mismo.

    (si lo entiendes este comentario,por favor puedes responder me como le decir la misma cosa .me ayudará a aprender español )

  16. Ask most people “why did you have children?” most responses would be, “because I wanted to be a parent” “I wanted to be a mother” “I wanted them”. The key words “I Wanted” the child is already being born for selfish intentions, consciously or for the most part sub-consciously, the child affectively becomes property. Often children are “wanted” to give the person having the child some kind of own self worth.

  17. subservient? I also volunteer at the local domestic violence center and sure as hell run into males requiring worship on a continual basis, resulting in violence if not adhered to. Just an observation based on personal experience….

  18. Nor did I observe this with my mother or the mothering technique of my current friends. We want our children empowered as we do all in society. I am sure it exists. I must ask 'adampants' if HIS mother treated him this way or if he observes this in society. I am a social worker and do not doubt this exists but am curious. Moms sure as hell take a lot of flack in our society. How about inquiry into fathers with their god complexes and subsequent need to have their wife and child/ren

  19. Hmmmm. Good stuff here. I am listening to all of it so that I may use discretion in sending it to others so that they may be empowered and I do not have to spend hours relaying this info which is similar to that learned on my own 'path.' 🙂 Works doubly well since so many cling to internet and TV for their 'wisdom.' I found the 'inquiry' on women having children in order to be worshiped interesting. As a mother with 2 children, this has never crossed my mind.

  20. You have an advantage to use. A big step up is here, you may feel you've failed if reality doesn't match it, because it's not up to the level being shown here. This is 1 perspective of life, you have another – Yet you impact it yourself, and more so if you incorporate this knowledge. This is life, and you now know more of it than the man next to you, vast amounts more if you got it here. Who do you think is really leading you, people who got lucky? No they knew more about life.

  21. I was wayyy into all this stuff about a year ago. It sounds really awesome. But in reality, this is all false.

  22. Huh..what I meant was..what is awakening to average mind controlled human under propaganda? What is the truth? It's not something they'd wish for based on information just given to them. I THINK you must know you want it. You know that when you realize you're missing somehing and you start the path of your learning process, things you didn't think about before, something definitely new that's expanding, gradually. For example like people Jonathan talked to, that woman on a parking lot.

  23. to have information and it would not be long before I'd get 'better than you' attitude like I used to have. So, I don't think I'm stupid or that I didn't understood adampants, I did as much as I was ready to, but what should I do. I think I made some progress, but I'm not going to stop because I'm undeveloped right now. Only thing I can do is to admit where I'm wrong and keep thinking…

  24. ..and my point is that I can't know something if I don't know there's more to know. Only when questions were asked I knew there is more to that. Sure, we must think and do our best to be aware instead of being 'sheep' when we are being manipulated, but somehow from that the other things should follow. People are talking about awakening to this reality, but as long as I don't need to know some things naturally because my path is still at basics, only reason I'd seek full awakening…..->

  25. "They believe 'being spiritual' is simply about regurgitating feelgood lines they've picked up somewhere..DISSOCIATIVE, FAKE spirituality…..substitutes for razor-sharp perceptiveness and reasoning processes"

    That's because I don't know there's more to that. For example, for better or worse, first thing for me was becoming happy with being me, I stopped judging people and start understanding them..I wasn't even thinking before. Long process, maybe still not completed ->

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