Actually Useful CS:GO Nuggets of Knowledge #7

that time again where I take a break from the pure analysis look at more tips and tricks and useful things that I've seen pros do that you can implement as well the first things gonna be taking this mid brackets control a lot of you probably know jungle Smoke similar this one or even worse you've thrown on the fly and this smoke might look good because it covers off the entrance but in fact it's actually quite rubbish and that's going to be because any C T's with coordination can boost up here and see a lot of middle you stare see that play coming on a boil I could even say that player in mid before depend what the smokes doing so that player running up diggity or short and it's gonna be pretty easy just to take these players out I'll leave him there and that's what that smokes pretty rubbish so what we've seemed themes do and it's actually more convenient than running over there is just find yourself at the edge of these vines here or whatever want to calm the plants you're just gonna aim in between in depth building in this wall here do a little walk through and just that one I'm gonna go and you can see because it lends deeper so the slanted floor doesn't matter so much if I set on my friends head I'm just in the smoke I can jump up but I can't really see much at all without jumping so that's a smoke you should be doing it's more convenient and use it boosters ball off the opponents using that rubbish jungle smoke but overpass we got those Molly's coming as spawns the CTS to lock off that playground Darius the one most you probably know is backing into this corner you're gonna find just below this area here you're gonna run forward just a little you bump up a little bit you gonna just run over that run forward a little bit more and let that one go this one might require a little bit of practice this is gonna be the most standard once there's the bump and I'm gonna let that one go with a jump through you can see that's gonna Molly off this area yeah which most of you've probably seen him play the tee suddenly drops of smoke there and rushes through to make sure they can still get control of that playground area you can pair this over with another Molotov and it's gonna be running out of spawn you're gonna aim along this line here on the connect entrance and then a little bit above the stairs so it's gonna be lined up a little bit like so and you're just gonna run along the edge of this area here so it's gonna look a little bit like this just running forward and letting go just there before you pass this second half pillar there that's gonna fly over the top and you see that's kind of a Molotov the next part of trying to get the entrance in here towards playground so please don't put this one out there running through another Molotov it's up to the tee so I decide what I want to do or sometimes you'll see teams pair either of these mollies with the grenade coming out of spawn so the other player than throwing a Molotov back into this corner quickly I find these markings on the floor Here I am at this first step and just run forward Astaire or two and throw that grenade you can see that's gonna absolutely sack anyone coming through this area trying to go fast this way man you're gonna nade popping above your head it's gonna do a lot of damage so all those require a little bit of practice but they're good ways to do damage here and potentially take aggressive control if that's your kind of thing I realize I'm showing you a couple of jump through this episode so make sure if you have a jump by and just google csgo jump by and the first result should be pretty easy just spin your config and you'll have a one just press one button and the jump that will happen so couple smokes on mirage also using a jump bind are gonna beef the McDonald's or the arches area couple you got a little bit upset when I said McDonald's last time this area here and it's gonna be ones you can do Stratos spawn so you can fake it go towards a or it's actually incredibly fast to throw these with some kind of B rush so the first one's gonna be just run to this corner here you're gonna find where these two areas on the wall the markings on the wall meet and just say that little patch above there it's gonna be using your jumps for the first time and the other side is gonna be running just to the left of this pillar here make sure you're out wide enough a name at the top of that building and you undo yet another jump through and you can see where these are gonna land the first one through it's gonna be for this side here he comes the other one it's gonna land on that side making you a B rush all your fake potentially out of spawn a lot more effective and that's really gonna disrupt any players towards B they only coming for rotations thinking your team's coming towards this side of the map so two very useful Swick's that's about it for Mirage I'm gonna keep vertical shorter than all of you don't play it's gonna be to do with this ramp area here and this particular position the way this texture or this part of the map loads in its interestingly if you are far enough away like on this forklift here you can see actually can't see anything at all because of how it works but if I drop this pick up a scope weapon I can see through there what makes this spot pretty powerful is with a rifle you can't clear this until you do actually jump up here like that and at that point there you can see I can see the player but I'm gonna have a massive advantage on this angle because if I remove him I'm gonna be able to sit here and I find you jumping and just spray you down while you're even midair before you can Lance that's a pretty advanced advantageous position to play as a CT if you can get there one other thing you can do is the T side to clear this though is if you actually run all the way back here you can see there's actually rendering at all this is an interesting thing to do with health csgo loads but you can see I can see him pretty easily there's no ramp there are also that's just a little bit of information for you about vertigo that's been a little bit too longer jump through so when we throwing this smoke here from outside t-con so you're gonna find yourself off to the edge of this massive dumpsters you come out of t spawn you're gonna find the start of this building here come all the way down to your extras first twisty part in the fence and then just off to the right there and you're gonna be using your jump throw once again and that is what I said before it's gonna be that inside smoke for that Z area and that could be good for selling a little fake before your team hits this add a bomb site now the other thing I want to talk about was this pronouncing gobby start to do on a train I don't know if anyone else does it but just come out here at the beginning of the round find yourself just about this cylinder a little bit like this and just do a little bit of a running through at the start of around what's this gonna do it's gonna learn right there will this bomb train you can see any CTS coming on a spawn I want to go faster you don't jump through the middle here maybe get caught off by that you can do a nice chunk of damage right off the bat now does to do have me stumped something unique until I went and watched those big demos once again there's got a much more interesting way to smoke mid to be on this map into this corner here top of that area run forward and let go as you saw me do again it's gonna be in that jump throw it's gonna be a bit of a theme of this episode and that's gonna be a mid to be smoked it might look a bit short but you can see it actually is pretty effective locking that out so it's gonna be an interesting way to do that and then a smoke for you can do doors again maybe you want to look like that Z smoke we talked about on train a second ago you're gonna back yourself up cap you're gonna find when this top of this pillar lines up with that little window there and if you just aim up that much run forward and do yet another jump through you can ever smoke actually bounce all the way around this particular Tower and smoke off this door so maybe your team wants to contact B as you're doing this you can smoke this area off and they can just have their guns out as they come out here I have to worry about putting out of smoke and try and catch it off guard guns up make sure they're locking out these two entries into the site so they're a little bit of smokes very situational smokes but do very interesting ones that you might want to use every now and then now on nuke if you want to go for some kind of ramp hit it's very important to lock down the rotations of the CT side so if you want to go stores right maybe your rush being in the round on your puck or something cou very useful to use that made and this Molly cumber here to stop anyone trying to rotate down that venue see if I'm only missed a little bit but you get the idea and it's gonna allow you a lot more time to push this ramp player off run all the way down here and try and hit this bomb site before I can rotate and that vent and try and help out towards the doors that's the option that's pretty obvious the other one that I saw Team Liquid using not quite in this way but with the pistol and strategy actually is they come out a spawn break these windows and they got Nath to sit in this corner crouched down on this light go across to to here and what this is gonna do is I she's gonna smoke off any information from the CT side since this one's going to bounce off two parts of the wall land here and there's no information the CTS can get as if anyone's dropping vents are also good for your vent drops or if they can rotate themselves because you think about so you try and rotate like this they don't know if you've left the player lurking maybe back of lobby here and any time someone tries to rotate an that vent you're going to see them coming through that smoke spray them down for an easy kill so it's a great way to mess with the CT rotations and give yourself a couple of rounds on the T side with this notoriously CT sided map but that is the end make sure to LIKE subscribe if you did enjoy and I'll catch you all in the next one

45 thoughts on “Actually Useful CS:GO Nuggets of Knowledge #7”

  1. I was expecting the ramp flash lineup through smoke on ramp (nuke). Team liquid threw it in the grand final in LA if im not mistaken. Its really solid

  2. Love these videos and your analysis one too. I also love your call outs I use McDonald’s and diggty all the time now

  3. I can show you some interesting smokes on mirage and overpass. Smoking all A execute positions from B side mirage, smoking palace from B site, smoking B apts from CT. Overpass smokes for default B from long A and default A from short B. Nice popflash on overpass that's virtually undodgeable.

  4. Great video as always, big thank you for bringing out the very useful knowledge every time! This channel is one of the few I know of that effectively shows actually useful tips for higher-ranked players or those playing on teams.

  5. 6:52 there is a flash from that spot ish, where you throw a flash into the roof window and it flashes heaven, back site, etc, making rushing out on A easy cuz they all will be flashes.

  6. dude i just want that crosshair but the thing is crosshair size 4 and gap -2+ drawoutline 1 isnt the same in 1366×768 as iit is in 1920×1080

  7. Hey Elmapuddy, first off love your content and wish you have more time do deliver more videos. My suggestion to you is to make a review of Ropz playing pit in Inferno. I know you did Twistzz and Magisk but I saw a video that Magisk tells that he watched a lot of Ropz demos when Astralis decided that Magisk should play pit. Anyways thanks for the good videos keep it up!

  8. Hello, i’m new to CS (started when it went F2P and i’ve got roughly 250 hours, 60+ comp games and about a 50% win rate. I’m currently GN4 and i was wondering in what rank executing proper strategies involving nuggets like these will be a standard/crucial part of the game? 75% of the players are non-english and the remaining are atleast somewhat capable of communicating in english but even then half of the team are either boosted, trolling or don’t actually care about ranking up/executing simple strategies, let alone smoking, knowing when to save/backtracking etc. How would you go about countering these obstacles when you que solo (if its even possible). I have 0 friends that play CS consistantly and it’s not exactly easy to make good ones in this game.

  9. Note: Single button jump binds are fine for MM etc. but some leagues and tournaments dont allow them. For those you would have to use 2 buttons

  10. I find that your first tip would work well in mm but when you play ESEA or FaceIt it would be almost useless if you verse a 5man

  11. 1:05 a faster way to molly T stairs is the way nitro does it in every overpass match but hard to get on camera.

    Liquid v Navi at esl one cologne 48:37:

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