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welcome to the effortless English show with world's number-one English teacher AJ Hoge we're eight days more than 40 million students worldwide finally learn English once and for all without the boring textbooks classrooms and grammar drills here's AJ with a quick piece to help you learn to speak fluent English effortlessly hi I'm AJ Hoge the author of effortless English learn to speak English like a native I train you I teach you I coach you speak English fluently you speak English powerfully you speak English confidently you speak English effortlessly you think in English when you train with my VIP program my VIP program you commit don't quit you commit don't quit you commit to my VIP program at effortless English Club calm effortless English Club calm join commit don't quit you will succeed at welcome today I'm gonna talk about active English active English how to energize your English learning how to energize your English learning you know energy motivation these are problems sometimes when learning English and especially in the school system we know it's very low energy most English classes are very very very low energy right students just sitting sitting sitting on their butt in the classroom for an hour or more not really moving there's not much excitement there's not much energy and this makes the learning slower and less effective so you want the opposite of that you want a high energy high motivation level for your own English learning and I'll talk about today some little tricks and little techniques and little fun things you can do to make your English learning more energetic more active therefore more powerful more effective faster results faster results and more fun today we're live on YouTube again I said you know with Facebook the problem is the software the software company now they know about the problem they're working to fix it but I'm waiting though they'll have to do another upgrade I'm sure to fix the problem with the Facebook comments so until then until the Facebook comments are fixed am i I don't know how long you know it's not my company it's another company that does this I like their software it's they're very good company that the software is excellent but um just this one time they have a little problem so I don't know the next update is you know two days or two weeks I don't know but until then until then I'll be live on YouTube we'll do live YouTube shows instead of Facebook so we've got our a YouTube audience luckily most of you also most of our regular audience our regulars our most our best supporters are also here on YouTube because I recognize your names and your profile pics sometimes like Ibrahim Ali like a manual up esposito for example Vladislav of course nice to see you Upendra as well alright so I'm just scrolling through very fast just looking at some of the names Elena good to see you all alright well guys slowly get started let me just talk about the topic you know how it works I will talk about the topic then I'll come back to the comments and questions okay so let's do it alright active English so as I said one of the problems one of the big problems with school learning the way English really not only English everything is taught in school is a very very passive low-energy process right if you think about your school think about the average high school class or you know versity class what is it you'll see you've got a lot of students in high school what 30 to 40 students something like that in a class they're sitting in a desk and the teacher stands in front of the class and talks and talks and talks and that's it what do the students do well they're just sitting and typically if you're watching on video I'll show you they kind of slouch right they kind of they'll kind of lean back and they get lower and lower and lower in their chair during the class maybe they start sitting up completely but by the end of the class a lot of students that are there really they're low though almost like trying like they're trying to fall asleep in their chair right and this this sinking down this is dropping down into the chair is is exactly what happens to their energy because that's what's happening their energy is dropping dropping dropping during the class their physical energy for sure because they're not moving at all they're just sitting and they're not moving at all so when when your body sits still for a long time your energy will drop your physical energy will drop and drop and drop but the thing is guess what this also connects to mental energy right things like you know like concentration ability motivation even emotional energy they're all connected to your body so when you don't move your body for one hour or more you're sitting in a chair watching a lecture watching a class but you're not moving at all there's no emotional excitement also right I mean most English classes most English teachers they're not very exciting yeah they're not very interesting even right they're not talking about interesting topics they're talking about grammar and vocab usually so you've got the low emotional energy because of the topic you've got the low physical energy this makes your brain basically fall asleep not completely but almost like half asleep and this means your concentration goes down so you learn less you remember everything is less less less lower lower lower because of the low low energy in the class and that's a big problem if you read my book I describe this problem more and I give you a lot of solutions to this problem but I'll just talk about a couple today and sometimes students do fall asleep it happens sometimes they'll completely right I used to do this tea like you put your hand on your head on your hand right and then you kind of look down or any other hand because I'm right-handed and you pretend you're making notes and you're looking down at your desk but actually your eyes are closed and you're almost half asleep never done that in the class I have so you get the idea so we want the opposite of that we want the opposite of that you want the opposite that you're now the boss of your own English learning so you don't you want high energy because the opposite is also true when your body is energized you have high physical energy then your brain gets more energized your concentration is better and when you add emotion as well when you have some kind of stronger emotions like excitement enthusiasm happiness curiosity when you add these positive emotions and make them stronger then your brain like really really really wakes up and then you remember better you concentrate better your motivation is better everything is better and therefore you learn faster and you learn better you improve faster all of these things so we need this higher level of energy when learning and you need it when learning English so how do you do it how do you do it well let me tell you like what do I do you know as a teacher when I teach a class and I mean now I just teach online but let's say in the past when teaching a class when I do a big seminar like I'll do a seminar usually four hours or more four to five hours sometimes six hours long right so maybe like a thousand people 2,000 people that coming they listen to me speak for 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours let's say 5 hours that's a long time to listen to me talk about English learning it's a long time to be sitting in a chair usually in these with these big seminars then you know the chairs are close together and so very easy to become again lower energy so what do I do well as a teacher probably about every let's say 20 minutes we I have dance breaks during my classes and my seminars where I play fun loud crazy music and everybody in the class me too on the stage we all jump jumped we first we dance around and then we jump as high as we can and we scream and we yell and I we go crazy and we raise our energy back up ah and then everyone sits down now the energy is high again so I continue talking continue talking but everyone's sitting in the chair again right so slowly the energy will drop drop drop drop drop so another 20 minutes or another 30 minutes later I do it again we do something else sometimes again maybe I do a dance thing we dance or we jump and go crazy sometimes I do something silly some silly game something funny to get everyone laughing but always everyone has to stand up they have to jump around they have to get their physical body activated and also emotionally we scream we yell in a happy way yeah yeah we go crazy jumping up and down we do funny silly things so everybody gets laughing so we raise the energy like every 20 every 30 minutes I raise the emotional energy very high I raise the physical energy high therefore the mental energy goes high and better concentration more enjoyment faster learning better understanding all of these benefits that's what I do as a teacher and as a speaker I do this as a public speaker or as a teacher in a class but you are now learning at home so you're not in a class you're not in my class and all in my or my seminar so what can you do well you can do the same so there's two ways you can do this one is like the big excitement do a dance break that's right boof Endre do events do a dance break yourself especially when you're at your home like you're in your own room every 30 minutes take a break from English you know pause your lessons or pause your VIP lessons pause the podcast whatever and play your music you love the most high-energy music not depressing music okay play something fun and high-energy and just jump around as well just like two minutes five minutes just short a short little break and just dance or just jump up and down yeah yeah and do that kind of thing just jumping up and down and yelling if you have neighbors or something you can be quiet you can just jump up and down and smile right something like this something like this this will energize you very very very quickly another thing you could do you could do some tough exercise like get on the ground do 20 push-ups do 30 push-ups do 50 pushups if you can boom boom boom boom boom do those push-ups really fast do nice tough push-ups this again will energize your body energize your minds then back to English again now you're energized your body and mind and emotions are energized and then you go back to English again and you just keep doing this you do this every 20 minutes you know it's a it depends on you if you need do it every 15 minutes if you get sleepy fast we get tired fast do it every 15 minutes if your energy stays high well you can do it once every 30 minutes you could do it every 45 minutes you could do it once an hour it's up to you so that's one way to do it kind of the fun way crazy fun way now another way to do it is something I talk about a lot which is to listen to English while you're walking go outdoors go outdoors with your you know your phone or your iPod or whatever and your earphones and go for a long walk go for a one hour walk go for a two hour walk and listen to English while you're walking the walking will automatically energize you you're not going to fall asleep while you're walking so again your body will be nice and energized on these long walks this will help your mind become energized and this will give you again better concentration and also you get stimulation like your eyes as you're walking you can look around at the people the building's nature and as you do this this keeps your brain awake also as you listen to English so this is another way to keep that you know what I would call active English I think this is the best way now if I have a class I can't teach my class while we all walk so that's why I do the high energy breaks but alone when you're learning at home the walking is probably the best now you're getting a great fitness benefit it's very healthy to walk one hour or two hours a day very healthy and you're getting English at the same time keeping your brain awake learning better better concentration having more fun and exercising your body better health all of these benefits at the same time that's active English so you've got to do this you must manage this okay you must manage your energy so much of learning English is managing your energy to keep it high and when it starts dropping you have to do these things to get it higher again very important very important now also by the way you know just walking is great for you in general you know I've been doing a lot of walking lately a lot of rocking and one thing I love because since I have two new babies um walking something I can do with my babies you know I can have a baby carrier where my baby carry my baby and we just walk around and usually I'll walk now I'm walking about two hours a day with my baby with with the daughter specifically our daughter their baby girl um and she likes it it's very relaxing for her most the time she falls asleep sometimes she looks around it's kind of interesting for her um and it's great for me that her weight gives me a little extra work a little bit extra fitness benefit and I love it I get to walk around look at look around look at people it's really great so this is so great because you can find ways to do things like this so even if you have a child you could you could take speciality of a baby you could carry your baby with you go for a long walk and listen to English all at the same time triple benefit triple benefit so there you go really simple I've talked about this topic before and I'll mention it again I'd like to remind you about it because it's very important sometimes I get questions about motivation well this is one way to help your motivation because you when your Energy's high your motivation usually will be high – all right we can go to questions and comments now that's the basic idea so give this a try if you're not doing this already please please do it you know this this is the beginning of my book I talk a lot about this these kinds of topics the importance of energy and motivation that's why in my book the first part of my book is about energy and motivation in psychology the first part of my book is not about English learning methods that's the second half the first half is about this kind of stuff because this stuff is just as important maybe more important I think probably more important yeah like SOPA vendor says I do exercises like push-ups and pull-ups when I listen to your podcast see great turn on the podcast if you have speakers turn them on you have a pull-up bar in your room you could just you could do pull-ups you can do push-ups you could do some of your workout and listen to my podcast or my lessons keeps you energized really great idea yeah like Emanuel says the main issue is anytime after dining after eating you feel very tired therefore you have to engage your body and do meditation for increasing your energy yeah you could do meditation – meditation is also a good one or you just do some wall walking is great because walking is gentle so you can do walking you can eat a big meal right be full maybe you can't do a hard workout right after you eat you know like lifting hard weights or something or running fast because maybe you throw up but uh you can go for a nice gentle walk and now will help your digestion and it will increase your energy as well he come LK yadi says you're different aj i appreciate what you are doing well thank you I guess I am different a little different and Abraham says this is my fav family this is my favorite way to do it walking yeah mine too mine is walking I like that's my favorite I love walking but Europe says you nope I think I don't know I gotta know how to pronounce your name at the gym will be great you can do it the gym that's right you can listen while you're at the gym as well now be careful if you're lifting heavy weights because lifting heavy weights requires concentration like I don't know everyone's different for me when i if I'm lifting like doing something very difficult physically like lifting a heavy weight like a dead lift a heavy deadlift for me I don't want any distractions so no I don't want to listen to lessons I don't want to listen to a podcast I don't even want to listen to music when I'm doing that I want to be totally focused on the deadlift and my technique because it's it's a very very hard exercise so just be careful if you're doing very difficult heavy weights but if you're doing more light exercises you know whether or not so not don't require so much concentration then yeah go for it a lot of people can jog and still listen to things and focus on them khadijah says the song just dance yeah you could do that too just dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues David Bowie alright let me just jump down here really quick well you guys are typing fast now ya know long says I also know this is another thing you can do I also seen your audio while I'm doing some work yeah you know this the podcast especially is a good one you can listen almost like background okay there's kind of two kinds of listening you can do one is very focused where you're very concentrated on what you're listening to right this is especially if you're using my lessons you should do them with a lot of focus you should not be distracted thinking about something else focus focus focus but when you have extra time like if you're at work in your office if you can listen to audio while you're working you can have kind of what we might call a partial or background listening well you're kind of listening but you're not it's not a hundred percent that just gives you like a little extra you know extra time extra hours of listening and you can do that too the podcast is good for that yeah rush sheet says what about listening to the podcast while driving perfect perfect driving is a great thing yes you can listen while driving for sure you can or if you don't drive a car you can listen when you're on a bus on the train the subway right going to work I'm coming back from work anytime you're like traveling around if you have a car you can listen in the car it's a great idea Noureddine Dickey says hi Jay I follow you from two years ago I've improved a lot thank you so much thank you I always like to hear success stories thank you and good congratulations to you all right Emanuel is busy too again got a question related to school is it normal that most teachers are very entrenched in terms of studying because they always want you to do a certain drill or studying with boring books yes entrenched means like they stuck stuck like they can't change well for sure right the whole system is entrenched the whole system is stuck and that includes the teachers yes most teachers just do the same exact thing every time using the textbooks using you know they're just following through the textbooks doing the drills and the textbooks doing the exercises and the textbooks that's it most teachers don't think much more than that it's easy for them it's kind of almost mindless for them it's easy they don't need to plan you know like when I do a class it's high energy man I'm tired at the end at the end of my seminars you know when I do those big five hour seminars I'm tired okay because I'm jumping and running around on the stage and doing all these dance things and going crazy and just using all of my energy my full energy so you know that night I'm exhausted right after after I'm really tired to usually go get something you know go to dinner with organizers and even a dinner I'm usually pretty tired and then I go back to my hotel and I just crash and I'm exhausted okay so it's very it's a high it's high energy work it's very tiring same thing you know teaching in a class doing that everyday it's tiring so this is why most teachers don't want to do it right it's good because they get too tired reading from a textbook and telling the students to do the exercises in the textbook is low energy requires no energy at all and so you know it's easier it's much easier for them but it's not as good for the students that's the problem okay um namaz says how's it going I'm listening to your podcast while relaxing or going somewhere how will it be if there's some music playing slowly while you're speaking what do you think as long as it's an instrumental music instrumental music is fine so in other words no words no snow us no singing no words if you're if it's singing then that's going to distract you right you're gonna if it's in English then you're gonna be hearing English on the song in English from me it's confusing or if it's even in your own language then you're getting to languages so you know classical music would be great even things like you know jazz and anything that's just music without words would be the best for the background so yeah you could play Mozart or Beethoven some stuff like that would be totally fine only Raisa f I have a question I quit social media Twitter and Instagram a month ago congratulations good for you what do you think about social media I don't like it for learning English is social media useful or harmful you don't need it you don't need it listen to my lessons or listen to podcasts read books you don't need social media you don't need it you know the people who follow me in social media they can ask you you know you can ask me some questions you know when I'm going live you know it's useful a few useful things and that's fine that's why I do it but you you don't need it you know or you could just check really quickly and see if I'm going live or something or ask me a quick quick question but in general yeah you're fine don't get for you I think it's good that you quit social media yeah Lena says now see some people are more like you Lena I can't do two things at the same time I prefer to have a coffee while listening or learning instead of working or driving and that's also fine right some people prefer they don't want to be driving or being distracted or even walking they prefer to just sit quietly maybe drink a coffee or a tea and listen and really focus really focus that's also fine just energize yourself the main thing is if you start getting a little tired or sleepy stand up go for a walk take a break get your body and mind energized again that's the key point you guys suddenly start talking for this are typing fast trying to catch up now all right okay here we go let's see okay well you know med says I love to stay in bed calm when listening to your podcasts and you know what meant that's fine that's totally fine as long as your brain is you know you have good concentration you're awake you're not getting sleepy that's fine you know that's the key point is your brain needs to be active and focused and energetic your brain needs to be awake and really focused so if you can lay down and you can concentrate well and your don't get sleepy then it's okay but if you start getting sleepy stand up energize yourself and keep going now in says when I walk or run and listen to effortless English I can't feel the time yeah see this is great you'll listen like one hour or two hours or more and it feels very fast right this is one of the great things when you're doing these things and walking or running it really makes that time go quickly yeah like Zeinab says they don't cut it's a lot Dini sitting on a chair is like sitting on fire for me yeah me too now listening to you while I'm walking and doing my tasks yeah I'm the same I like to move me and I I hate sitting and laying around I'd like to be walking around moving most of the day okay so Sirdar on our Azoff hi AJ I want to practice for hours per day fantastic that's great and now I don't know what exactly to practice for speaking and listening of course writing would be better – my advice is don't worry about writing for a while focus on listening mostly just on listening and reading so you've got four hours a day it's up to you but you I would do you know part of it do it listening and part reading maybe when you're at home do some reading maybe an hour of reading a day and three hours of listening a day if you get tired of the listening then increased you could you know you can change it around you could do three hours of reading in one hour of listening it's just you know depends on your mood but that's what I would do for about six months just focusing on listening and reading only then after six months then you could start adding in more like speaking type practice try to find a conversation partner or work on your pronunciation get my pronunciation course something like that and then do that for another three or four months then maybe after one year you can focus on writing writing is always the last one that I in my opinion breem why are the Australian Irish accents are too difficult to understand although I understand 100% perfectly American British and Canadian that's because they're difficult I'll tell you story I went to Ireland uh when was it eight years ago nine years ago and sometimes I could not understand the people it was very difficult for me also you know as an American a native speaker to understand some not all but some of the Irish people with heavy accents heavy Irish or regional accents we're very tough for me too so it's just normal it's because you're not used to it you know if you lived in Ireland you to get used to it and then the Irish accent would be easy for you but the Irish accents is less common you know the American and Canadian are almost the same a few small differences but basically they're the same North American accent very very close you hear these accents this American accent on TV movies podcasts me all the time so you're used to it no problem the British accent especially that common most common one the standard one we could call it is also very common there's lots of British media you can listen to so you're used to both of those but you probably don't listen too much Irish I'm guessing and you probably don't watch much Australian TV so that's why if you you you could get used to them pretty quickly though you just probably wouldn't need a few months of focusing on it there's nothing to worry about don't worry about those us Wellcome smaller accents meaning less common Lisa hey Lisa it always helps me in English learning when I walk in nature and listen to the lessons and podcasts Nietzsche relaxes me and my brain gets more oxygen so it works much better absolutely exactly yes I agree employee a fonts me to pronounce the word employee employee there you go oh yes who's Lena our singer I believe musician I want to write my own songs in English I listen to English podcast every day not only yours I read articles in English I'm interested in I want to take your VIP course can you give me some tips you're doing everything right you're doing everything necessary do all of that um since you're interested in songwriting eventually you know start listening to songs in English and read the lyrics you get a feeling for them don't worry if you don't understand the lyrics because the words of the songs because sometimes it they're very hard to understand even even like me because they don't make sense it's more like poetry there's the direct meaning is not obvious so don't worry about that but just to get a feeling for you know songwriting I'm not a songwriter or I'm not a musician so that's the best advice I can give you Rachid how much do you charge for your seminar to host my seminar you just um email my assistant we have a whole information packet aj english book at aj english book at that's my assistants email email her if you want information about me doing a seminar i offer you to come to india for a seminar i'd love to come to india first seminar that'll be cool cliffie hello to you again we're lucky to meet a coach like you no boredom we enjoy our learning we smile we laugh we feel our mind with interesting topics life with you becomes very easy and comfortable thank you Klee fee that's exactly what I'm trying to do that's exactly what I'm trying to do try to make English interesting fun for you the topics keep you energized keep you motivated keep you interested why somehow this is amazing Chuck song gear you helped me to learn not only English but Russian Wow how did it do that I don't even speak Russian come to us Becca Stan taste Paulo of Oh what's that not I'm sure you will like it well fantastic Vladislav again a vladislav hope you're doing well today have you heard about the Finnish school system I've somewhat heard of them they tell all finished school kids are excited taught to be creative energetic I don't know if it's true I don't know if it's true either you know I've heard that the Finnish school system is better than most I've heard that it's better than most that they're more open they're more creative that they reduce some things that are much much better than most countries now whether it's still bad or not I don't know because I've never been to Finland and I'm not sure but I do hear they have some interesting things they do that generally are better than most school systems so you know that's good that's good hey to Brazil Gunderson Oh Mehta med is asking if I listened to your podcast and right at the same time like dictation will help me improve my writing skills maybe the only problem is that you know spoken English the style of speaking English and written English are different so you know written English has tougher rules it's more strict it's more formal generally so like the way I speak and the way I write are different right I don't now I do write very conversationally I have a very direct short simple writing style I do my best to do that but it's still not exactly the same as me speaking it's you know when I speak I might suddenly only say half a sentence I don't use full sentences I might make a few grammar mistakes sometimes use some idioms use some slang all these things that I would not usually do in writing yes it was great idea weapon says it'd be great if you invite your effortless English students to share their success stories about learning English absolutely I do share them on social media you know send them to me and I always will retweet or repost any success story you send me so lots of people do this on gab you'll see I get a lot of them on gab a lot of you have on gab who follow me Hotel right mean kind of long success stories and I'll share them with everybody else it's very nice I appreciate them always on gab it's AJ hope you follow me at AJ Hoge on gab comm hey Russia okay now Morel this is a nice question Mariota where can I find a teacher to practice in English and correct me and in my speaking you don't need you don't want correction don't do that don't don't please don't ask someone to correct your spoke in English don't do it now for writing is different okay writing correction is fine okay but for speaking don't ask someone to correct you you know why it will destroy your fluency it will destroy your fluency okay because they'll you'll start constantly worrying about making a mistake as you speak and this will cause you to pause and to hesitate and to stop and to get nervous it will destroy it okay forget it it doesn't matter when you speak when you speak you can make mistakes and nobody cares nobody cares okay in writing you know like for a job or something serious like school you don't want to make mistakes right I understand that and for writing you can go very slowly you can take five days to write one letter if you want to go very slowly you can ask someone to correct the mistakes you can write it again you can rewrite it three times four times five times so that's fine but in speaking there's you you cannot do any of that and speaking you need some speed speed of understanding your listening and some speed of speaking you don't need to be super fast but you need to get the words out and if you constantly someone's correct you all the time it will just please don't do it it will make a really bad habit and you'll you won't be able to speak smoothly anymore your fluency will be completely destroyed so don't ask someone to do that that's it's a bad idea AJ you're doing a dance break how can you get energy well that's why I try to have a good shape you know I exercise every day I walk two hours or more every day I do push-ups and pull-ups and things like that I'm now you know I'm fasting I try to eat well so I've got to keep my energy up because it is it's a workout man it's so that yeah if there's a fat lazy teacher who's weak they can't teach the way I can they can't do it they don't have enough energy little they'll be exhausted after one time and they'll never be able do it again so yes I have a very high energy of teaching and that's why I have to stay in good physical shape you know in 51 so I got to stay in good shape they keep doing that Patrick hey Patrick good to see you again Patrick's let me see if I get your last name cinnamony when you love English so much you magically learn it from scratch I've learned it so much with you AJ thanks for your system my pronunciation improved very fast let's cherish English see Patrick is a hundred percent right the more you really love it and enjoy it and it just it's just enjoyable and interesting to you you'll learn so much faster you won't be worried about test scores all the time you won't be stressed about Oh am i improving today huh you just love to enjoy the process of it so much that if you forget you're doing it and the improvement feels magical like he says excellent point Patrick hey brah thanks to your lives I met a wonderful girl who lives in Bangkok I'm so happy hey congratulations man that's great excellent well cool so I'm curious if you went to Thailand and met her or you met her online and I don't know but anyway very nice I love Thailand I left hi people Bangkok so cool city sure era 1990 says how many times and everyday should I study your teaching I'd say minimum two hours a day listening to hours a day listening minimum more is better of course but try to do that all right sorry guys trying to catch up you guys are typing very fast okay so here's Mervyn or teacher to listen English was very difficult for me at first but now it doesn't seem that hard thank you very much yeah you know it's always hardest at the beginning the beginning is the hardest part I personally hate it myself I hate it so you know the beginning few months couple months few months is it's really boring cuz it's hard you can't really find for a beginner level it's very hard to find anything interesting right any interesting content any interesting audio sorvino's or books even very hard at the when you know almost nothing all the interesting things are too difficult so it's hard yeah it's really that's the hard part for me at least it's just the beginning all of you are past that already so now you can just enjoy just enjoy real stuff no boo fenders asking can you tell me your car living story in short I could do another podcast about this sometime I will actually Pretender is pretty long story actually but in short I was reading I was inspired by a book written by Henry David Thoreau called Walden I wanted to make my life super super super simple and I thought and I wanted to financial freedom I wanted financial freedom but I was poor I was poor I was not rich I was a social worker okay and I wanted to just quit my job and live you know for like a long time not no working just like like when I was young you know I would have a whole summer of no work and I missed the freedom so I thought but I'm poor I'm a social worker I don't have much money so how can I do this and realized well my rent rent is the most expensive you know the my biggest expense most expensive thing I have to pay every month was rent on my apartment so I thought well how can I cut my expenses super super low and I thought well I have a car an old car and I bought it no loan I already paid for so I thought well I could live in my car I could like make a make make a little bed inside my car maybe you know do some adjust you know do some things in my car to live in there I had a dog too so me and my dog both we lived in my car and then I started I found some interesting very interesting books at the time about living in a car living in a van and so I just decided to do it I did it I quit my job and I left my apartment and I gave away almost all of my all my furniture I gave away like so my only everything I owned was inside my car like in the trunk in the back of my car and it was amazing it was a great experience it was a wonderful summer I lived this one whole summer in my car really really nice then I went to teach in Japan after that but then when I came back from Japan I lived in a van so a little bit larger right I bought another vehicle a van and I lived in my van for one year a whole year so again no rent free rent so um yeah I was amazing I'll just do is remind me sometime on gab and all uh I'll do a whole podcast about it because it was really cool experience both of them the car and the van were both really great experiences hmm Aleksey if you're a taxi driver be careful when listening to AJ in the car because if you take if you'll take a tough teacher and he'll hear that the common method is completely crap you'll be cursed yeah you know if your customer is a teacher he won't want to hear it good point okay nan says now I'm following you a year I understand you hundred percent but when I listen to other native speakers I can't understand them without subtitles well so you're used to me or used to my accent used to my way of speaking it's normal what's going wrong nothing wrong my recommendation is to use my movie technique this will help you get used to other accents idioms other things you're ready for that now andand so again go in my youtube channel and you'll see movie technique movie technique watch that video and then use that method use that technique and you'll jump up and you'll start understanding others as well quite easily you polina again I get a lot of energy while listening to your lessons or shows they're compelling me so much I don't even need to do anything else to get energy well yeah that's what I'm trying to do right if the topic is super interesting to you the topic is interesting the speaker is interesting then you don't need to jump around so much you're already interested so yeah you did you know those are techniques those are techniques to use when your get tired ha ha also asking about my kids they're doing great now very well they're quite happy little tired yesterday I did no show yesterday because I was exhausted by the babies you know just sometimes a fist all day you know kind of difficulty we had a doctor's appointment we um there's just you know some day you know all the parents know some days those babies make you tired and yesterday was one of those really tiring days oh my god ok wow this is cool Ahmad says my children have memorized the story the Sophie story which had to play Tiger Woods in golf because of the repetition in the phone they didn't but they do not know its meaning right we'll see this is cool so they your children know the story they know the vocab they they've heard the words they're getting used to the English sounds they recognize words now so all you need to do as as if their father teach them the meaning now teach them the meaning of the words start you can teach them some of the vocab little by little if they're small you know go slowly just keep playing that one story and then gradually teach them the meaning you know maybe one word a day teach them oh this this word means this can you hear this word can see if you hear when AJ says this word you know like golf or play or whatever right and then little by little by that like this they'll learn the whole story and they'll actually understand it too that's a great way to teach children your own children the lay lar show says I really like your videos I've improved a lot please upload more videos I can speak more nicely well I do want almost every day Holly says how can you contact you privately same email address AJ English book at gmail tin with the Jim Rohn picture I believe thanks for helping me be a better person not just about learning English you're welcome liz from kenya you may be the first Kenyan that said hello hey Liz nice to see you welcome okay now here's something very interesting Patrick again can you recommend reading manga there's one called Geppetto it has good content similar to animal Pharm very explicit about the matrix world well cool I'll check it out Geppetto is that um is that um I'm guessing of course it's in English I'm just curious if it's originally in English or originally Japanese or but anyway yes manga and comic books are great for English and for reading if you enjoy reading comics if you enjoy reading manga in English if you enjoy reading like graphic novels which is kind of like a long comic book they're all fine they're all good they have dialogue – they have a lot of like dialogue that characters talking to each other you would you'll get more idioms and more of a conversational kind of English so yeah those are all great very good hich mal says hi AJ I'm addicted to your lessons right now I can speak with anyone I use your method natural law in learning English thank you my best coach thank you it's very nice and congratulations keep going keep going Allison Wonderland with an interesting request you're the best lecturer in the world please talk about the Hunchback of Notre Dame the merchant of Ventus Venice sorry – Shakespeare and Charles Holmes well we could add those to our book lists now Shakespeare we can't really do Shakespeare because Shakespeare is not modern English but maybe I could find some kind of modern version of the story okay all those Shakespeare plays are really cool Julius Caesar is fantastic it's probably my favorite Julie yeah they lose Emil says open your open to school in Pakistan for kids I promise you'll get 5000 students in just one month we'll see maybe in the future ok behzod says a problem with many stories some are very long like one hour or more I understand all of them the first time and I'm bored and repetition what should I do this is when you want to start you know again watch some of my youtube videos about pronunciation because I'll give you some techniques like the shadowing technique that you can use with the mini stories so what you have to do is if the when the mini story becomes easy for you and if it's easy in the beginning then you have to start challengers challenging yourself making it more difficult for you you try to answer the questions faster without pausing answering outloud if that's easier when that's easy then you start to do the shadowing technique where you're speaking along with me at the same time you're listening and speaking along with me and trying to copy my pronunciation all at the same time probably not easy so give try that because it's quite challenging it will give you a brain a challenge so then it will become interesting again this is important you got to keep challenging yourself I mean jump down to the bottom cuz I'm really behind here Arina asks what's your opinion about 5g technology I know some people are worried about it but I honestly have no opinion because I don't know anything about it so I'll have to do more research about that ah love what about is suggesting a book for Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury for a book club yeah it's on my list for sure we will do that it's another dystopia you know we don't want to get do de prize we have to we have to space out the dystopia you know the the dystopia books which are about like mind control and thought control and propaganda there are some really good ones about those topics but they are a bit depressing like we're seeing with a brave new world so I don't want to just only do those because then we all get depressed so our next fiction book will be something positive and uplifting and motivating and happy but for Fahrenheit 451 is a great book and yes I do want to do it in the future that's a good suggestion Zana says how can you recommend a solution how did you settle down in Japan I want to travel to China or Japan and I want to study there what should I do well I um a few thing I mean I I worked in Japan so I taught English here three times three different times Oh anyway hmm two times I starting those two times and then I married a Japanese person so that's why I'm here now my wife's Japanese so that's my story um there are a you know one way if you want to study you know there are lots of uh like I know Osaka has probably Kyoto to a lot of Japanese language schools so you could save money and register at a Japanese language school to learn Japanese and then they'll why that's good is they'll help you get a visa give a student visa so you could stay here I don't know how long I I don't have a student visa but um maybe a year something like that you could stay for awhile and study Japanese so I guess that's the best way I don't know for sure because I'm not usual you know I'm married so my my visa my my permit is you know connected to my family Sherlock Holmes Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck some gear here a thumb off says what about Sherlock Holmes for book club yeah that's a good idea we could do a Sherlock Holmes book I'll add it to my list send me a message on Gavin remind me but I'll add it to my book club list Sherlock Holmes will be great I've got me a cool one that could be a good one I need to check the English level that's all I need to just check but you know brave new world is really difficult so yeah we could do Sherlock Holmes that's a nice idea someone else asking me about 5g I don't know guys I don't know about 5g sorry Oh Castaneda's books this is another one that would be interesting I don't know if everyone can handle that hi from Russia what do you think about Castaneda's books for a book club I mean I found them very very very interesting I'll think about that one those are pretty out there you know those are very very out there oh this is crazy in says hey J you know Iranian students are not allowed to dance in class how to add some energy to my class as a teacher can you just jump can you just jump up and down so not dancing not music you don't need to use music you can just jump up and down and go yeah yeah yeah whoo like you're cheering for a soccer team right like yours like the Iranian national team just scored a goal and everybody yeah that's fine you don't have to dance you don't need to use music just jump up and down and yell or you can do jumping jacks you could even do exercises if you're if that's not good then you could just do like alright we have a five minute exercise break everybody stand up all right jumping jacks 1 2 3 that's less fun right that's less fun but it would energize them I recommend the jumping up and down and yelling like celebrating and smiling all right can you talk about in KSA 20 says you talk about your teenage life and traveling more I was shocked when I know that you was a geek really I should find a picture a little embarrassed by my teenage picture yeah I was a total geek yeah I could tell you what it send me a message on Gavin remind me that would be a nice that'd be kind of a funny podcast if I talked about that but yeah as a kid I was a geek I played Dungeons & Dragons you know role-playing games I don't know if you guys had those in your country but I was super super into that kind of like fantasy books like Lord of the Rings sci-fi that kind of stuff so total geek in high school and really even through college I was pretty much a geek as well a nerd or a geek high school and college both and it really I be I stopped being a geek probably later in my 20s after grad school when I started to travel I went off to India and then I started becoming kind of a world traveler and then I really grew up at that point I gained a lot of confidence from traveling alone to all these different countries it changed me a lot changed me a huge amount and so my I started traveling in my late 20s as not-not-not younger it was it was my first time traveling I was in grad school and I first went to India the first time yeah kind of funny so yeah if you're all you geeks out there don't worry there's still hope for you you still have hope get out there and take chances and get a lot more life experiences you'll be fine you'll be fine of course we play D&D all right great yeah I have a lot of good memories of playing D&D Dungeons & Dragons is what it's a game role-playing game with my friends in high school really good memories of that it was it was fun and I played war games we played all these historical war games which I they might be interested in doing again with my children later when they get older cuz it's a cool way to learn geography and at least military history there were all these great board games you know all these different Wars like you know one of my favorites was called 'russian campaign it was all about the world war ii Russian you know Russia against Germany and you had all these little pieces and you play it you know one person would play Germany you want play would played Russia there was one for World War two all these different Wars and things and those board games were really cool and fun also I had a lot of great memories of that so I don't I don't have any bad feelings about geeks or any of that Sandro Cherubini asked when are you planning to visit Italy Rome visit again I've been to Rome twice I love Rome maybe in two years maybe that's a maybe but possibly we will do some kind of trip to Europe two years from now we hope we'll see I will announce it okay I'll let you all know if I'm going to when I travel somewhere so I can meet people so Sandro you know max what about great members is in Rome as well we need Waseem says we need motivational books reading together yes well I'll probably do another motivational book for our next fiction book so what we do is we alternate fiction nonfiction fiction nonfiction our next book will be your money or your life's non-fiction book about financial freedom one of my favorites it helped me become financially free it's very useful and then after that we'll do a fiction book probably something motivational very positive very you know motivating something much less depressing than brave new world oh cool taiyaki says I used to play tabletop role-playing games yeah me too like gurps right I never played gurps but I heard of it cool I'm not the only one nice oh and then finally men is that is reminding me again thank you madam because we are gonna do this this was a suggestion I don't know two days ago or something do a movie Club Movie Club is a great idea we have to do the matrix first it has to be our first movie let me rewatch the matrix myself first I'll rewatch it soon maybe late this week sometime and kind of take some notes in my mind about you know how to divide it and help to do it as a movie club and then we'll choose a day for movie club I think we're doing book club on Saturdays maybe Movie Club on Sunday we'll see but I do like Movie Club now the one thing is the disappointing thing because of copyright and YouTube I can't show the movie I can't show pieces of the movie even I want to be super careful about that because they are very aggressive about banning channels that use Hollywood movies so I can only talk about the movie I can tell you which part to watch and then I can talk about it but I'm not going to show it you have to you have to watch it yourself you Ste have to get a copy of it yourself The Matrix will do the matrix first we have to it fits also with brave new world so it'll be a perfect combination brave new world and the matrix together that's powerful um so yeah we'll do it maybe we'll start in a couple of weeks okay gives you maybe a couple weeks go find a copy of The Matrix online or get a DVD Abdul Malik Kuja says what can you do to raise up your self-esteem the main thing you know the main thing to do is to challenge yourself overcome difficult things that's what really long-term really increases your self-esteem self-esteem is how you feel about yourself feeling good about yourself feeling that you're a good person that you're your confidence self confidence and the best way to do that is you've got to challenge yourself now a great way to start is just physically challenge yourself do physically difficult things you know do a long hike that's going you have to train for start doing weight lifting and try to you know and lift heavier and heavier weights or do body weight and do more difficult exercises or to become a runner or a cyclist or a triathlete you know and and push yourself to do difficult events and this will start to help travel helps like I said in the beginning I was when I was such a geek and my confidence social confidence was super low and when I was young but all that traveling alone especially all that solo traveling really it was difficult sometimes but it really increased my self-confidence a lot so that's the best way to increase your self-esteem ah Vladislav the nice idea maybe we could do the movie club at bitch shoot then you could show pieces of the movie hmm I need to check I don't know if I can stream on bitch shoot this is the problem bitch shoot I don't think has live streaming but maybe I could do it on another channel not YouTube you're right alright hey on gab guys do me a favor I need your help let's all research I need to find some video channels and I could do maybe some find some mchte which even it's mostly video games people who twit video games on Twitch but I have a twitch channel I never use it but I just got I just got one so that's a great idea of a lot of stuff we could do the video club the movie club on a different webs on a different platform not Facebook and not YouTube maybe twitch or something else then I don't have to worry about it so much and if I lose my if they you know block my channel there it's not a big deal bitch shoot wouldn't block my channel at all but I'm not sure if I can I'm not sure if I can stream on bitch shoot I can stream on Twitch I know that we'll check on this this is a good idea we won't do it on YouTube excellent I like it and that's a chance also we can build up another channel maybe oh I'm still waiting for your blockchain technology show AJ it'll be great yeah um I could talk about it you know what I really you know what I'd like to do Brahma Li I'd like to interview someone about that because it's a fairly technical and while I have a very general idea of it I don't feel very confident teaching about blockchain I don't think I know enough and understand the tech the technology behind it enough to do a good show about it what I think the better thing to do would be to find a blockchain expert and me interview him maybe a couple I could do a few interviews on this topic with people who are experts then we could all learn including me so if you know of a blockchain expert who speaks English again message me on gab or Twitter and that that's the way to do it I think that's what we should do hello Mike 7 7 5 says hello from Bogota always watching your recordings first time live nice cumbia now this is hard whoo I only got two more guys I gotta go hon BRR 46 says hey J please tell me some movies or TV shows for beginner level well that's hard because they're not many maybe some little children's shows but you're probably not gonna enjoy them they're probably become boring for you the truth is most TV and movies are are at least high intermediate and most of them are advanced because they're for native speakers so quite honestly I don't know any beginner level once unless you're looking at like a cartoon for a five-year-old something like that yeah so sorry that's why you have to kind of increase your English first then you jump up to the more difficult movies in TV ah namaz okay I'm gonna this gives me a chance to promote my friend so I'll do this and then one more question and then we're done guys all right what about Spanish learning without teachers or classes for beginners well unlimited Spanish comm my good friend Oscar pay us in Barcelona Spain has wonderful wonderful wonderful beginner lessons he's got a beginner set and he's got kind of what I would call a high beginner set I have used those lessons myself and I love him there are many stories he uses that mini story technique just as I do Oscar is one of my students he learned English from me and I've learned Spanish from him and you know if I ever when I decide to start improving my Spanish again and you know maybe if I go to Europe and visit Spain again I'll try to study Spanish it's been four years no Spanish but when I want to wake up my Spanish I will probably use his lessons again so unlimited Spanish comm unlimited Spanish comm that's the best place to start his beginner it'll bring you up to kind of that low intermediate level after that there's a lot of great resources in Spanish there's tons of stuff in Spanish link is one li ng q dot-com they've got some good content on their link calm that's Steve Kaufman so when you start when you're as you finish Oscars lessons unlimited Spanish then you could go to link and now you get more difficult stuff there's also a cool magazine I liked called think Spanish think Spanish I think they have French as well think and it's just article it's like a magazine an audio magazine so you get a book like an e-book and they have like a vocab list you know so you understand all the vocab and then they have an audio someone's reading it so you get listening and reading that's a nice one there's a podcast called the I think it's called news in slow Spanish where they talk about the news but they they speak slowly in Spanish that's why it's called the news and slow Spanish so there's a few those are all pretty good there's there's a huge amount of stuff in Spanish you know English of course you know there's a huge amount but Spanish also there's some lots of people who want to learn Spanish especially lots of English speakers because in America that's the number two language is Spanish so it's you can find tons of stuff in Spanish yeah here's a someone endorsing unlimited Spanish right now reap seemed a Petro saying says I use unlimited Spanish just the best method I agree I I love those lessons unlimited Spanish is great Oscar is just a nice person in general and he's a great teacher so there you go a bro says extra Spanish on YouTube that's right so no problems alright guys last question okay Abraham Ali will go through Bramley and then we're done he's that question about easy TV Abraham oh says Breaking Bad is not so difficult it's good for learning English yeah it's not beginner Breaking Bad is definitely not beginner but it is a good one and you'll learn some pretty cool like casual English the great thing about that one you'll learn some lots of slang there are two characters in Breaking Bad that main ones and ones like a young guy who uses a lot of slang he talks like a teenager right and then the other one is an adult who does not use slang who talks more like standard English right so these are the two main characters and you but it's a cool story this is really and most people really find it very interesting so Breaking Bad give it a try you could try it I don't know it's all right guys I think that's all lots of love to you all remember active stay active stay active when you're learning keep your energy high if your mental energy is good you can relax and sit down it's fine but anytime you feel your energy dropping go for a walk jump around do anything you need to do keep your body and mind active it's good for you anyway but it will help your English learning too lots of love to you I will be back again tomorrow alright have a great day bye for now and as always join my VIP program at commit don't quit at effortless English club dot-com you you

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