ACONTECEU: Startup Weekend Education Youth Recife

You’re the first! You’re the pioneers! How did you hear about the Startup Weekend? My name is João Vitor Zaidan. I’m 12 years old. I don’t study here in ABA, I heard about this event from a friend who studies with me. I’m really enjoying this experience. I met many cool people here. What are you creating here? It’s an app for people who don’t have a good financial condition. And also people who don’t want to spend too much money. How does it feel to work as a team? Well, basically all of us must give ideas. Everybody needs to give ideas for the whole group. Some people draw. Me and one of my friends, we code everything. We define where you should press, we photograph the prototypes and basically, everybody is working as a team in the group. How does it feel to work as a team? We are developing more the skill of… working as a group. Everybody gives ideas, everybody helps. It’s all about being a team player. Would you recommend this event to friends? I would recommend this event because it’s very nice and fun. I also believe that they would enjoy it because they probably have never been part of an event like this. And this would be a great experience for them.

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