Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario

[Music] I’m an Ontario student, and my world is constantly
changing. I live in a world where technology is everywhere.
I can connect with a friend in another part I can connect with a friend in another part of the globe, just as easily as I can with a friend down the street. When I graduate high school, I will enter
a world that is more competitive and connected than ever before. My education will prepare me for that world. My school will be a place where my friends
and I can be successful, regardless of where we come from. A place where we are inspired to learn by engaging teachers using new technology. Our diversity will not be a barrier, but rather a reason for our success. We will develop the strength of character to overcome obstacles and be resilient, whatever
comes our way. We will feel safe and welcome, and know that
our well-being is supported inside and outside of school. We will be the innovators, community builders, creators, skilled workers, entrepreneurs and
leaders of tomorrow. As an Ontario student, I will achieve excellence.

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