Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) Introduction & Tour

welcome to the accessible literacy learning reading program all was created in partnership with professors Janice light and David McNaughton of the Pennsylvania State University let's learn about what all has to offer then take a short tour all is an evidence-based instructional program designed to systematically teach basic reading skills to individuals with disabilities especially those who have difficulty speaking and may benefit from augmentative and alternative communication instruction focuses on skills of increasing complexity from awareness of the sounds that make up words like mmm forming mom letter-sound correspondences like the letter M representing the sound mmm and high interest sight words like names of important people and favorite activities to word decoding sounding out words and irregular sight words that don't follow the rules like new and said students will use the skills they've learned in a meaningful and fun way in shared reading activities all has three instructional modes in full instruction all provides the instruction while in teacher assisted mode you provide it use targets only mode if the learner is familiar with the activity or if you want to provide some of the instruction and feedback data is recorded in all modes unless you select practice choose the instruction mode that will work best for the learner now that I've introduced you to the accessible literacy learning reading program let's take a quick tour all has two modes student mode and teacher mode will start in teacher mode teacher mode is your control panel for individual students and managing all your students here you can view a learners progress review performance customized words and books and adjust global settings in this menu you will change between students edit profiles and add new students select here to obtain text or video help regarding the current screen and here to find all the help resources now let's go to student mode where you can start a session or read books in the students library this tells you the activity and progress or the one that will come next as well as the instructional mode you can change either by selecting the edit button let's start a session as in this shows you how many activities have been completed help is available here you can also repeat a prompt or pause and resume the session turn game mode on or off based on your students needs let's review accessible literacy learning is designed to teach basic reading skills keeping in mind the needs of individuals with complex communication needs use student mode to conduct and customize sessions that will systematically build literacy skills and offer meaningful reading experiences go to teacher mode to review learner progress customized words and books manage all of your students and access help resources make the most of all to enhance the literacy skills of your students

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