27 thoughts on “Accelerated Learning: How To Get Good at Anything in 20 Hours”

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  2. I am C level Advanced French. After a decade of not using French, I had to ask myself how specifically was I going to improve my French. I agree with the gentleman, I had to become very specific. I wanted to practice French in door to door pitches for causes I truly believed in. Knowing this and working only on that vocabulary and specific jargon and narrowing down the most similarly-minded people, both French-speaking and advanced learners was the most precise way.

  3. Anybody else having trouble listening to these two slimey beings? Something naturally repulsive about them.

  4. I think it will work to smaller scopes, but in my opinion two steps are missing:
    – Prepare the structure – To program, for example, you'll need a configured IDE; to practice tennis, you'll need a court, a racquet and balls, ideally also a partner; to mindmap, you'll need a specialized app.
    – Plan activities – What will you do in the 20 hours? In what sequence? To build a plan to learn something you don't know isn't that easy and requires some didactics. And the initial plan will certainly be preliminary, experience will provide feedbacks for improvements.
    A hard part could be be the deconstruction, also because of lack of knowledge and experience with the subject.
    I see an oportunity here: people who are good in something provide 20-hour plans for beginners.

  5. Waste of time. This is common knowledge. If you're reading this comment while watching, stop watching immediately! You will gain no value from it!

  6. only critique is that learning to fly an airplane (especially qualifying it as a simple motor skill) is a bad example…it takes hundreds of hours to learn how to fly on your own and certifications and exams and ground school and lessons lol BUT the rest of the video is definitely helpful!

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