ACC Kickoff 2019: Virginia Tech Learning From 2018

play fake willis deep down the right sideline [Applause] Virginia Tech rushes for there's House games get me there's there's an element of learning from the entire season and the entire process you know there's two ways to look at it and I think they're both correct one we certainly understand what's expected at Virginia Tech when I'll shy away from those expectations and we dedicate ourselves every day to living up to those we also know that last year was not good enough but there's also an element of pride and what our kids did accomplished when faced with a tremendous amount of adversity throughout the entire season amount of guys that played meet up amount of guys that pushed through injuries the amount of guys that we lost there one day unable to continue to go the amount of the distractions we had for them to continue to battle through the entire year I think we can learn from that too and I've never felt better about the direction and the purpose that we all have moving forward with this this program I think there is a level of hunger and eagerness on our team to get back out there and try to rewrite the script or redefine our identity from a year ago

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