Academy Medal 2019 Megan Clark AC FTSE

Dr Megan Clark is a trailblazer for women in STEM. She’s the head of Australia’s new Space Agency and was the first woman to become Chief Executive of the CSIRO in 2009. I love science, I love working in science. I love putting science to use to make incredible value for both the nation and for improving the lives of people. Dr Clark began her career as a geologist and has led innovation in science nationally. She’s now expanding Australia’s space program with research and collaboration around the world. We’re opening the doors internationally for our researchers, for our industry. We want to see Australian technology, Australian ideas up there, our flag in space, working alongside our colleagues, just as we are capable of. Dr Clark grew up in Perth and says she decided her career path after attending Emeritus Professor Harry Messel’s International Science School in year 11. That was a turning point for me because I was completely surrounded by other nerds around Australia of the same age. And it was during the science school that I said: “You know, I think I can make this a career.” Up until then I didn’t believe that that was possible. She’s now being recognised for her contribution to science by being awarded the Academy Medal. She follows in the footsteps of her mentor Emeritus Professor Harry Messel. I’ve just worked with some extraordinary people and built some extraordinary teams and I really only feel comfortable accepting the medal, on behalf of all of those team members.

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