AC 221: Critical Thinking in Data Science

the critical thinking in data science course is somewhat different in both concept and in the learning objectives from most of the other courses in the data science curriculum it is a new course it is really meant to look at the ethical implications around data science and both in terms of the kinds of data that we gather how we do data science and what our obligations are to ourselves and to society at large when we study data science this will include everything from what privacy guarantees we can or should be making to the ethical implications of the fairness of any algorithms that we use in the analysis of the data that we pull out and analyze we will have outside speakers not only from other parts of the computer science and statistics curriculum but from the Kennedy School the law school and very likely the philosophy department and there's no place that has the combination of these departments at the level that Harvard has my hope is that students who take this course will never see the world in the same way again that they will start actually looking at the ethical implications of technology in a deeper way than they perhaps do now and I hope that by the time the students come out of this course they will be able to understand the implications of what they are doing as well as being able to do it well you

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