ABC Song Learn English Alphabet for Children with Nursery Rhyme and Gaby

[Applause] B is the baby baby baby B baby it's the candy candy candy candy it's a diamond diamond diamond it's the elephant an elephant an elephant the elephant it's the ferry way around ferry is very G is for glasses glasses glasses and I get it you get a clue igloo I eat you change is Fedele yep Jim Kelly Jim Jim Kelly J jelly is for keyboard keyboard keyboard K keyboard well it's for ladybug ladybug ladybug l-lady value and inspirati monkey monkey monkey and it's finito me no needle and needle oh it's four inch or inch by 4 inch Oh bull ring it's the pony pony pony pony you it's the clean clean clean q3 you are a rainbow rainbow rainbow rainbow is spider spider spider a spider it's the Tiger Tiger Tiger the tiger use for umbrella umbrella umbrella you umbrella movie it's for violent violent violent be violent that will you in suede what what whale with what whale w-where it's the xylophone sighs OH my info Jojo you you yo yo yo yo yo yo y yo Joe Lee is the zebra zebra zebra the zebra

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