A week in the life of a UK Primary teacher ep13- last week of term!

good morning and welcome to the final week of the term it is Tuesday today Tuesday the 16th of July it's not Monday because yesterday was my last Easter school day back so that was amazing I was a bit delicate sometime and this morning I've come back in had a conversation with a future head teacher about the children and stuff and today I'm doing whole school tracker so I'm being gonna be busy with that and I did come into a really lovely message on my whiteboard from my year six as you must have popped in yesterday to see me obviously I wasn't here I will show you the message this is my message on the bar food so true we love food the hall this morning and how are they are determining this is what the hall looks like my class is stuff over here so this is me blogging at ten past bar and I've literally stared at my laptop all day something out the assessment stuff the whole school tracker another day on it tomorrow and then I'll probably in the book tunnels I really want to dress kind of scruffy tomorrow so that I'm not minion and had a little teeny fear is meeting I've also got to meet a parent after school tomorrow about is the part plan for next year and yeah I'm tired I'm going home because it's prime do and me and Gareth want to have a look at stress when that one order I really want a vlogging camera but that may be a pipe dream currently I just use my phone by the way yeah well um so yeah my room is pretty much a mess it's all hidden you can't see it but it's a bit of a mess yeah I'm gonna get myself home now I'm really tired and I've definitely not drunk enough water yeah right good morning it is Wednesday the 17th of July and as you may have seen before I keep my house point in these laundry look at things and I didn't have red and my wife went out and got me so excited I need to get these out of the tub so that I can use the tub for my house paints I'm very excited about it so thanks to my wife for that one so I was thinking of maybe today I have got assessment stuff to do this morning hoping to get into the tower this afternoon and my outfit and I also want to print off some lettering and strips I can set it and put out and laminate it didn't strip I'm ready for next year so I'm gonna start getting on with some of that stuff my room is still a mess I also need to set up some assessment baseline for reception passwords and stuff and I will show you the kind of bits and bobs as I'm doing they also nice at cleaning out my classrooms so it's probably gonna be alert there today because I've got to go to whiterose tomorrow check out my mom's birthday present oh sure Lucy um yeah so I'm gonna get on with that I'll show you what I've done as I kind of do it so it's Lynch time I am exhausted I am covered in dust and dirt it's disgusting we've just been up in the tower which is where we keep all the display resources and literally I am gross I'm so gross it's mostly emptied and cleared now just all the knees cleaning and all the new stuff going back here but I came really grass and itchy and it's it's not great I'm hoping he doesn't stop my asthma but mmm not sure ever go and eat now cuz it's like 20 to 1 and yeah oh my gosh I can walk tomorrow it'll be a miracle [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'll show you before I leave actual kind of still hit my room cool everything's down no fun it's freeze that's still the bat table just a mass resist if I'm taking home with me I got some flowers today which was lovely and yeah this is white looks like it looks horrendous good morning everybody today is Thursday the 18th of July and I just walked in to a lovely gift on my table and a card I've just opened the card it's from Ella very nice so it's like Thank You Ella and a bottle of something oh it's a very beautiful bag so inside there's some thorns darf inviting me over Oh per second a little notepad look in the color you have Thank You Ella I will have already said thank you in real life of course but oh it's gorgeous love the black and gold right so today we have a guy coming in it to do some DT planning with myself and one of the other teachers who's on the DT team so we've got curriculum teams this year divided amongst our three schools and so he's coming in to do some curriculum teamwork with us also gonna finish off some kind of Tidy not really because oh my god it's math and I'm also good to go a make lunch I've also emptied my dad's tablet so I now have read woohoo for my red team they're excited about that and well oh yeah so on Facebook there was a light can share competition for our school in another school to win a valency castle for the day so I asked her won by like 0.9 of vote so ever it was and yes I get a bouncy castle for you today for the whole school so we've got a schedule put together so again I'm really excited and not it's non-uniform do not lie ever idiot to a non-uniform day because I hate jeans spoiler alert so I am just wearing yet another pair of flowery trousers it's like my that's on the hallmark flowery trousers and I'm gonna go and get my breakfast now and I will catch up with you later hopefully so welcome to the tower now this is a place where all the books and paper is start so we have all these tubs of stuff and then have all the display paper we've just reorganized it all into rainbow colors that's very aesthetically pleasing now I mean it's still well worth doing here but essentially so I've just got on from the white rails where I've done some shopping because I'm gonna show you what I've got organized for teacher gifts and stuff and Amazon Prime from prime day has arrived so I'm gonna show you what I've got I'll link everything in the description below in case you fancy it as well and I can tell you how much it was well obviously was on prime dears I don't know if it's different price but we'll go with so I got some thank you cards oh thank you cards with like a map I got these cute kitten cards in case I don't really want to thank you a person um friend card because it's my tears their cards also mumbles but they're just a few things happening in July so I the cards are for up I'm gonna put those out the win but this gigantic box here which I'm gonna open I'm Eric psychics I think this is my new printer which is HP instant ink compatible so I'm very excited about that as well because I've heard tell what they dream is that that's the thing you should get so yeah this is my friend ER she's doing your face so when I do the office charm and assistants oh no have known about it no good so this is my printer I'm an interesting it black to match the office any copies and scans and all that jazz this is themed for that will link below for phones with the same printer I will show you it set up it'll probably in my office char because ain't nobody got time for that right now okay yeah I mean I like I'm surprised I can't remember oh I know this is my R disease to wrap all the peasants in for the my leaving leaving not leaving end of year present I've also got one for my mom's gift all of these black bags for my like end of year gifts from tears and things and I'll show you exactly what I've got those them in a minute that's ours and that straight box number one Oh pack the boxes are here I will help them unpack them is oh it's okay so it's not teaching my lair I don't know why there are than individual boxes I it's a light bulb for the wall lights in the studio so that means my finished pile next books this is good because at least when this video goes live everyone will have these gifts it Pat for my mom but she doesn't watch my boss again non-teaching related item by bar where's the hot tub filler that needs that tub so there's a 2-pack I think there's a 2-pack so we're putting that up in so I'm excited about that make mine one of my summer blogs I bought these um stickers that have like buns and cakes and treats on them again I will link them below their motivation in learning sweet treats ticket variety cut I also got myself one go drench me they're going on my teacher guess and I'll show you all my teacher gifts because they're all set out in the us today and I'll show you those in a second they're gonna bus box number three last box so I bought my wife okay and it were it's the gin that we we all quite like it I'll show you when I got it out and it was um it's not only like 16 18 pounds in the supermarket and it was like 10 can I want to say it was 10 pounds maybe it was 11 10 pounds on Amazon Prime day so I just kind of was like yes please let's get that so it comes well packaged in case you worried about our during that afternoon don't panic in the box so this is the ginn edinburgh rhubarb and ginger gene and I bought this fun wife and for my ta for those of you who are new to my channel my wife is not my actual wife it's my team teacher we just call each other back maybe not so yeah I don't wanted to try and put this back in this box or if it looks a bit scroungy anyway right I'll show you all the teacher gets laid out now and so here in my studio we've got I've got all the gifts laid out not that I've got each person so you can see them so I've got hair of the jinn I've got over stickers I've got have some pigment it dry pens post-it notes and vegetable pens don't know why it was an extra sticker there one one sticker and I just put a date you are all amazing first card in and I've got a matching notebook for her diary which she ordered from the positive teacher company again I'll link this below I got the notebook mattress so that is all of her pile there that's in my hobby crash trolley with the gym package the hook and the next person I have bought far is my other partner teacher who works in year 5 and I got her the paper my ink dries areas balls and a pack like a notebook pack and also the same stickers so that's her pile then the teacher that I'm gonna be working with next year so that's one teacher I'm working of next year and this is the other one so I wanted to get her something as well so I've got other sim stickers thin pens ink joy and erasable is my ta and I've got her pen I've got her this support assistant day planner again it's from the positive to each company and I've got it for all of the tears and pet pack of pens as well so not only for my tier the other class of TAS and also my two future tiers as well so and the gym so yeah I've got a few little bits and pieces and so yeah they're all laid out there and I'm going to back them up now the only thing I'm missing the other pack of these because they're at school so when I get to school I'll just pop them in so that's fine [Applause] [Applause] there are all lined up I'm ready to go tomorrow organized teacher I'm the aftermath in here he is everything is covered in boxes and I printed them mm-hmm video now to show you all the gift bags lined up on the side in my house yep good morning it's Friday it's the last Friday of term god I've waited a long time to say that probably about the third of September last year look at the back of my car this morning where's my bag but it's just full of presents and I am really excited to give them because like there's nothing better than making somebody happy with what you've given them so I'm really looking forward to giving them gifts they've deserved it I've earned it this year and yeah so it's Friday the 19th of July sorry I forgot to say and I'm gonna head off Nilla Gareth today he's working from home lucky duck and we've got kind of like a wooden clock kids home self early finish I'm not sure what time I will be home probably normal time to be honest excuse me and yeah I'm gonna get going now so I'll catch up we do it's cool right I've done a really rubbish job of vlogging today all the tables are in the middle of the room we are tidying up the kids have gone it is 22 – you're not in it wife yeah so I'm gonna get all my insert word together and I will cut you when I come in in the holidays are at some pie but yeah this has been the last week of school you

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