A UWC Education – SKOOL Short Film

We have this community of people from
around the world who all work together, with the goal of peace and a
sustainable future for all of us. We have such different perspectives and different ideas,
different backgrounds, and we bring them together
and people are willing to share them. To come to a school where there
was literally people from countries I didn’t even know just excited me
and really attracted me, and I think that was what
really drew me here. The fact that we are all here
and we all live together is what brings us together
and makes us stronger. I remember a student saying,
“Before being Muslim,” for example, “Before being a man,
before being from this country, I am a human being
and I learned that here.” They were selected, not because
they have money or not but because they were doing something that
was maybe challenging the status quo. They want to make changes,
they want to look for a different future, and many of them, they know
they have the power to make it happen. I would love to continue in a major that will make me able
to do something in the world, to make a difference. I came from a school system
where everything was very linear, and I could immediately see
what was coming next for me. We’re kind of allowed to do what we want
in order to further our learning. If I want to build a
vacuum cannon in the physics lab, if I want to build a canoe,
then I can do that. If we could enable the students
to make mistakes, and also to challenge us, in my mind
that is the biggest thing we can do, simply to enable them to challenge. Everybody, the moment they step on campus,
is stepping out of their comfort zone. That sense of actually being somewhere
when a lot of things are not familiar actually enables an acceleration
of learning and understanding. I found a lot of possibility in my life. I started to try a lot of new things
I never tried before. We have an amazing
relationship with our teachers, where hands on learning, we make it
a reality instead of a construct. When you really experience
what you’re learning, it creates so much more broad learning,
and so much deeper learning. We’re constantly discovering new things,
and that’s, for me, changing the way I see education. I don’t see it as a classroom anymore,
I don’t see it as an institution, I see it as a way of going through life.

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