A Taste of MIT Sloan Executive Education: Open Enrollment Courses

– MIT fits what I want, which is relevant to what’s
happening in the world today and my organization. – I like that they bring
the spirit of MIT forward. MIT is clearly innovative
type environment. I like how they try to bring
innovation into the training. – The theme has really been, for all of these courses, really complex concepts based
on a huge body of research. That’s really boiled down
to usable strategies, tools, concepts. – Its this passion and excitement that I’ve really never seen anywhere else. So it’s inspired me to go back and take more of that confidence
back into my business. (pleasant music} – Our model of learning is, we create an environment in which people can learn for themselves. Participants are the ones
who need to be learning, and that doesn’t happen
if we just talk at them. When people come here, what they find is there’s gonna
be a lot of participation. In groups, you’re gonna be doing exercises. You’re gonna be presenting out. That’s our deal. – The very heart of MIT
is the Mens et Manus, Mind and Hand. We do best for people who are seeking rigorous research-driven solutions that can apply in the real world. Our work is informed by the
most pressing challenges that managers and other stakeholders face. – The topics that we
choose for our programs are really about how can
we take ideas and insights from research and discovery
that’s happening at MIT, coupling that with the
skills and capabilities that people need to actually
apply those ideas and insights all leading to having impact. And that can be impact
on you as an individual, helping you do your job
better or advance your career. Could be impact for your team. Or it could be impact
for your organization. – This is stuff that you
could easily take and apply. Immediately and see results. They’re bringing the best of
the best in here to teach you. These are industry
professionals who’ve come here who’ve been educated, and have been out there in
the real world doing it, and succeeding. So that’s the added value. – The teachers are abosolutely
fantastic in that way. They are not just teaching, they are actually
transmitting their knowledge, and they have such passion
about what they’re doing. I think that’s an experience. You’re just gonna have to experience it. It’s hard to describe. – I think the faculty and students bring that sense of humility, that sense of humbleness to the classroom. That leads to a far more
interactive exciting experience for everyone involved. – The environment at
MIT when you’re learning is really interactive. So you hear a lot of challenges
from different cultures. Some more similar to the
one that you’re based in. Some more different. – Different people. Different culture. Different languages. Different industries. It’s spread all over the world. The thing that happen is that
you keep this relationship is so powerful. – MIT Executive Education is a door. It is a door into all
the riches that are MIT. That’s what makes MIT
Executive Education so unique and so valuable.

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