A Student Officer in the Qatar Armed Forces on What Sets GU-Q Apart

– My name is Aasim Alwaleed Al-Thani, my major is International Politics, and I’m graduating in 2022. The best thing about
Georgetown University in Qatar is that it offers a new experience
to anyone who enters it. Here in Georgetown, you have students from all over the world, you’ll get new cultures, new experiences here. Furthermore, you’ll meet professors that you’d never thought would exist and you’d enjoy classes that you’d never see anywhere else in the world. Personally, I find the small
classes here in Georgetown to be much more favorable, the communication between
you and your professors is incredible, they’ll take care of you, they’ll focus on you and they’ll help you throughout any of your classes. When I came to Georgetown, I thought it would be difficult,
and very challenging and that the environment
wouldn’t be as accepting, but when I actually did come here I found it much more friendly, and the community helped with everything and I was, I felt at home. I believe this degree will help me further Qatar’s objectives in the world, it will help Qatar become a
stronger nation as a whole, and help me aid my brothers
and sisters in the country.

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