A Social Service Job Guarantee Proporsal

the way the job guarantee is designed and I'm gonna talk here specifically about the US and our proposal for the u.s. is definitely not a make-work program if anything is totally voluntary so the idea here is if we understand mmt you recognize that the federal government is the issue of the currency so it can finance the program states and municipalities at the local level their users of the currency so they're limited financially by the tax revenues that can raise so the idea here is to have local nonprofit organizations and there's hundreds of them with strong background and transparency and good work that they've been doing for four decades they have local nonprofit organizations act as the local agencies for the employer program for the job guarantee program so for example you have you know food pantries and you have organizations that deal with domestic violence and with environmental pollution is with after-school programs for youth and all kinds of organizations in every single town in the u.s. that have a strong track record of you know delivering services to the local community when you ask them if you have an opportunity to apply for a grant from the federal government for financing X number of dollars how many people will you be able to hire to deliver the services that your community needs right and the answer is always please where is this check there is so much need for these organizations because they're constantly relying on philanthropists and generous donations from members of the community those donations by the way tend to disappear during bad economic times during the time when they actually need it the most and at the same time they also depend on volunteers so just staffing and organizing the their work is is a nightmare when you have to deal with people coming and going on a you know two hour basis and three hour basis they spend half of their time managing the volunteer is not doing the work that they need to be doing so the job guarantee proposal is to have those organizations apply for federal grants and receive the federal grants to hire people in the same community that they're serving unemployed people from the same community to deliver services to their own community and whose best to decide what are the needs of a particular community than organizations that are already established and connected in that same community so we're not talking about a big federal agency that will tell us you know which bridge we need to build and what we need to do in particular communities so it's very decentralized the selection of the projects the implementation the hiring the firing the assessment everything is done locally at the micro level the funding however needs to come from the federal government from the issue of the currency from the sovereign right so these agencies will issue a call for applicants and say we need to hire people with these skills to perform these tasks and we're not forcing anybody to work for anybody if you're unemployed in the local community based on your skills you say I'm interested in this job that pays a decent wage maybe it pays even benefits so the idea here is for these local organizations for the job guarantee to not compete with the private sector we're not going to build factories in police cars and in airplanes that's the job of the private sector these agencies ready complimenting the private sector but they're underfunded and understaffed so now we're going to be complementing the private sector delivering social services and community development services and the communities that they need them the most by employing people from those same communities so then the exercise becomes an exercise of matching the skills of the local unemployed population with the needs of the community in terms of which projects need to be delivered and if there's a gap in those skills we don't have to you know close shop and go home and say we have a problem that is not going to work well you have a gap of skills we train people on the job I mean this is what Minsky said he said take people as they are where they are and do on-the-job training and that's the most empowering thing you can think of for a local community in terms of pride in term a sense of belonging in terms of civic engagement the list goes on and on so there is there's definitely no forcing people to work right and in terms of even if you don't believe in the the MMT story right straightforward sound finance stuff if you do the math if you you know try to estimate how much this will actually cost most people think this is gonna be insanely expensive and whatever when you look at the estimates of providing full employment truthful employment than the u.s. the most generous benefits package and wage package that you can think of is gonna be less than four percent of GDP and I'm talking insanely generous right when you look at the most reasonable estimates it's one percent of GDP so it's not it's not even expensive even from a conservative sound Finance perspective right so that's so the the people who argue for you know argue that the job guarantee is somehow socialism or somehow inconsistent with the principles of freedom and all that stuff is there's just people who don't know what we're talking about they haven't read this stuff they haven't you know listened to a full presentation of what the job guarantee is about and that's that's unfortunate I mean if we as concerned citizens regardless of political affiliation are concerned about unemployment are concerned about poverty are concerned about all the negative consequences of unemployment we should at least consider some of the alternative options because whatever we've been doing it hasn't been working and I think everybody will agree on that

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  1. Dear god this is so toxic. Stop linking this to Reddit. The reason JG doesn't work is because people don't want to do jobs they don't like. There aren't enough jobs everyone likes out there and with automation there will be less. You make the mistake of assuming every person wants these things when they are the minority. A UBI would be much more preferred by society and beneficial for them.

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