A Social Experiment on Mental Health Stigma | Beyond the Label

you can be born perfectly rich have a very good lifestyle my parents who care very well for you I don't think mental health issues discriminate against anyone of any race gender or social background all right my name is Nicole I'll be your moderator for this discussion I'm NICUs today I'm gonna ask you a few questions about mental health in Singapore what do you know about mental illness I just know this depression by opa-locka solder the wire starts a cute yeah these guys crazy salad kind of words if I think with me would you hire somebody with mental health emission probably you know make them work you know you know admin side or some simple jungle gym either they hurt themselves or they're going to hurt somebody or then if you're mentally nice you have black poor job men who in the right sense will really want to thank you would you date somebody who has a mental health condition some of them will get caught manipulate if they see like if you break up with me I'll cut myself or I'll kill myself and then sometimes they tend to post unreasonable things such as like a small thing that happened and in the Omega make fun of me I cannot handle I don't know how to have them how would you react to you know a friend or family member who's diagnosed with mental illness the bridging needs to be the family and not a stranger what's the Tonya is that what McCullen's would eat now if possible I'm just saying we as far as possible its costs Elliott treehouse-building I didn't introduce myself fully I suffer from clinical depression I was clinically diagnosed of depression I'm living in recovery and I overcame it I wrote a letter that I would like you to read out to me twelve years is a long time to live with a mental health condition in a job yes that have been diagnosed with depression this is what I've learned I've learned that the greatest battles we fight other ones of ourselves I've learned that most conversation about employment and the moment I reveal my nemesis I've learned that shame is something society teaches you I learn how to say sorry for showing symptoms of I've learned that friends can disappear and I will never hear from them again not only that family doesn't always know how to support you no matter how much you need them I've learned there hope is a little boys this bus maybe I've learned that recovery is a process I've learned at once more crap as I mean I'm broken I've learned that I have an illness but this illness is not my identity just already everything for this I'm self do you have any questions you want to ask me you

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  1. I suffer in silence as a person with mental illness and I feel for my forgotten people dealing alone with anxiety disorder and depression

  2. Wtf?? Who would say "if you break up with me i'll cut myself or kill myself"? I think some of these people are crazier than us ✌😎❤

  3. “I’ve learned that family doesn’t always know how to support you, no matter how much you need them”
    Ain’t that the truth, relatable as fluff ;-;

  4. Hello from Vancouver!
    Honestly, this segment of Singaporeans on their views of mental health isn’t that different from what I would say if I was interviewed. I hate to say this.

  5. Having in a relationship with a person with mental health issue for a year made me realize that I have to let go some of my empathy. I am not saying people with mental health are inferior, in contrary, I have respect to them. But it is part of my right to avoid negativity, avoid someone that might ruin my day, and to find myself someone with the same value, same emotional stability etc. It is not my responsibility to compromise the needs of people with mental health to an extent that most of my right are lost. Our primary role is ourselves rather than care givers, so before helping others, take care of yourself.

  6. I have depression and people call me "Crazy" or "A mistake" and they say "we don't need people like you in this world." This just strengthens my desire to commit suicide. But I hold back because I have a sibling that loves me with all her heart. I have a mother who cares for me even if she herself is going through something. But most of all, I realize how beautiful life is and how I shouldn't waste it. Even though my father is manipulative and cheated on my mother, I should know that he is just a speck of dirt in our ocean and we should not let people like him get to us. And it also sucks that I can't stop binge eating it makes me feel better for a few seconds then I have to eat more and more and MORE until I can't eat anymore or I throw up. I've been putting on a bunch of weight since I started having depression I went from 81 pounds to 92 in just two weeks last summer! Now I'm 110 (As far as I'm aware I might have put on more since last time I checked.) What I'm trying to say is mental illnesses can be hard for us but we can get through them! It might take some time, therapy, and maybe even medication but in the end remember we all matter even if it's hard to see.

  7. The stereotype doesn't bother me. People just need to know about it. So I'm glad the people were being more open in the end of the video. I almost cried. I myself suffer from anxiety, although not diagnosed. Like they said, I have an illness, but it's not my identity.

  8. I would love to do a mental health awareness video…as a mental health tech i would love to raise awareness with youtube. Thank you.

  9. As someone who struggles with severe depression anxiety and adhd hearing the stigma really upsets me

  10. when you are successful, people will crowd around you. but when you are a failure, everyone will leave. mental health advocates is just a facade. in this world, only the strongest will survive. it has always been that way since the dawn of time. either you run away from your problems or you fight it . there will always be fear in life. People will always get addicted to alcohol, pornography and drugs as a form of escapism. this is the problem why. all these anti-depressants drugs are part of the problem too. social media is also the reason why people are getting depressed. we always like to compare our lifestyles, who is better or not. thats the problem.

  11. Mental illness should never be a label. It's something you have, but it doesn't have to define you. As a person who has anxiety disorder, people usually told me it's just sign of weakness and put the blame on me for not being able to control it. To my fellow friends with mental illnesses, remember we are STRONG people. This too shall pass. The best days are yet to come 🙂

  12. we don’t need pity. we don’t need you to understand what pain feels like to us. what mental illness feels like to us. however, we do want to know that you care for us and that you are here for us. we want you just to understand what we are going through.

  13. Compassion. Understanding. Acceptance. And we must reach out to those who have not recovered, even those who denied they have mental health condition.

  14. I have a bipolar disorder. Not ashamed of it. Don't care what other people think. Happy to snswer questions. Most people are afraid to ask.

    One thing that many people do not know is that MOST people suffer from some sort of brain disorder. Our brains are so complex, and so easily disrupted, it's easy for things to go wrong. The first place that we should look for answers is with ourselves.

  15. I remember going to see my first psychiatrist after breaking away from suicidal tendencies. 1 sentence into my explanation i broke down and the Dr started to yawn.

  16. The message of this video is powerful, but there are people who have acted poorly TO build up the stigma.

    Society seems to only know the faces of the mentally ill who cannot handle themselves, because those are the ones they see. In my life I have come to know two types of mentally ill people, the medicated and the un-medicated. The medicated take their life into their control and take the leap of faith it requires to be responsible about clinical treatment, receiving therapy, learning to take care of themselves through holistic and behavior means… and all other walks of support. It's those who either are unable to get this sort of help or refuse it that have left a gigantic stigma on the mentally ill through the eyes of the society. People fear the drunk man on the corner is rumored to be schizophrenic for a reason.

    Worst of all, there seems to be a stigma against treating a mental illness properly. There is no shame in pills or therapy or behavior groups. It takes bravery and faith.

  17. Everyone seems to be on the Gravy train…I was a Psychiatric nurse and I know the difference between Congenital causes and self inflicted with todays Lifestyle drugs and self abuse in order to get on the gravy train, Nobody seems to be committed to work. nuff …

  18. The world society is always going to look down n pity mental illness… No matter how hard you going to teach…. Out of frustration, they still say things like oh that person got low emotional IQ, their intentions was properly to insult you……

  19. One of my friends said I had depression because I would always have a very sad and emotionless face everywhere I went. We then went to a massive pep rally thing and I panicked. She asked if I was depressed and I said no. I then realized how badly my anxiety came about with four years of not knowing why I would panic at times.

    I’m not really friends with her anymore.
    This is a video that speaks to me and shows how we shouldn’t discriminate people for having a mental disorder. The person could be one of the best people ever and yet suffer from a mental illness, but everyone leaves.
    Don’t discriminate please 💜

  20. A frustrating fact: People have difficulty in relating to what they haven't experienced for themselves. A lack of understanding creates stigma for the already afflicted. Basic human decency prevents discriminatory treatment of the vulnerable. Even if ignorant to the bone, a decent human being would NEVER demonise those less fortunate than themselves.

  21. Well, this is why, if you have mental issues, you keep it to yourself. There’s no need for anyone to know, because it’s nobody’s business except your own. By revealing the condition, people will only liken you to a psychopath. Loose lips sink ships.

    Lastly, never, EVER let anyone at work know; otherwise, your employer will do everything in their power to get you canned.

  22. I personally suffer from schizotypal personality disorder and agoraphobia, I've not been out of the house for the last 10-Years and I have learnt to deal with the Darkness within my own mind.
    However, the one thing that really sets me off is Ignorance, some people talk to me as if I'm stupid and Uneducated, I end up having to tell them, I suffer from Mental Illness, I'm not a moron and nor do I suffer from Stupidity.

  23. If these 2 interviewed me, I wouldn't laugh or judge them, I've been through depression, so I understand them. That letter at the end hit the nail in the coffin. It was so spot on, especially when it's not an identity. Anyone could be depressed, you just don't know it.

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