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  1. Not quite. Its helpful to ask as many people as possible for their opinion on a certain thought or idea, or research as much as possible, but in the end it boils down to if it is actually factual and based on evidence and if it makes any logical sense, meaning that, no matter how much you play around and what tests you let it go through, that it shows no contradictions, is coherent and improves the happiness as well as the well-being of others, but not causes any suffering or ignorance.

  2. If you are in comment section means u are rational.
    Checking what others have to say and their opinion
    Have a Good day.

  3. You need to address the raw emotion first and foremost, in that moment if possible. Yeah I concur an outside perspective within yourself that you would frame to someone else does help a lot to bring an illogical mind back to clarity, however the first thing that needs to be done every single time is address that raw emotion. If you're feeling vengeful, if you're feeling lost, if you're feeling hopeless, etc, these are all complicated emotions that stem from primitive defense mechanisms both either helpful or obsolete. By stating bringing yourself to a logical frame of mind is to skip a step or two for a lot of people including myself. Bring yourself down to steady mind first before potentially blocking your logic with emotional, polarizing biased perspectives. If you truly wish to get outside of your own minds into someone else's, you have to bring yourself to a neutral state of mind unless the mindset you're trying to better understand IS from a heavily emotional place from the start.

  4. This actually from when you studied Degree in Philosophy according to some rumor I'd heard, Philosophers can see what your perspective that's why they argued rationally. I also watched here on Big Think about decision-making, is that, decisions are emotional, not logical. It seems I can connect this one from emotion-based. If Philosophers is logical in argument, those that mean they are emotional? I remember' every words we say is base are decision, it seems emotional in some context. So, If we want to think rationally, it means we need to use emotion. (Yes! Empathy)

  5. I am highly emotional and rational these two are not contradictory Emotion fuels me however I remain rational by having mindfulness . Mindfulness is what I keep above both. Not accepting social pressure and comfortable being weird helps.

  6. Ask your mom for advice the stupidest advice I've ever heard!
    Let's trust in a mother's love lololololol rotfl

    Dr Jordan B Peterson is creating lectures about profound psychological ideas




    EveryonePatron only


    Michelle Windsor

    Feb 1 at 9:38pm

    Peterson has said that a man's highest aspiration and purpose in life should be to incarnate the spirit of the logos to the best of his ability. When he refers to "man" I'm not sure whether he's referring to people in the sense of humanity in general, or males specifically. My hunch is that he would say that both women and men should strive to embody the logos to the best of their ability, but that it is especially incumbent upon men to bear a greater share of the burden and responsibility. My question for Peterson and this community is whether women should also aspire alongside men in the quest for logos and partaking in the hero's journey, and if so, to what extent? Should the woman's quest be carried out in a different manner than the man's, and how so? My own instinct would be to assist my partner along his journey, or rather not "his" journey, but "our" journey as a unified couple with shared values and the same end goals. Peterson seems to have little to say from the female's perspective (if only because he happens to be a male) and I'm really hoping relevant female thinkers on these topics like Paglia will collaborate with Peterson's online university. I'm particularly excited about the university because of the types of minds and concepts it will bring together in one place and the new universe of philosophical inquiry that awaits us.

    Dixie Greig 's responce

    Your obviously lost, no thanks to every one else, it's you. You know what you can do! And what you can let go of! Now do it,  No duh if you want to participate in the realm of MEN you gotta use logos and separate your self from the out come!

    Guess what your feelings are right, you need to assist your partner by constantly pathosing and argue him away from his drive to approch life logically!  Call this new divergant route OUR baby so cute and wonder full! 

    Hierarchically one has to be prominently considered, In the highest aspiration.  Not your self, you must sacrifice your self to make a logical argument. The argument does not care for you either way. He is not referring to people(you/us), he is refering to what is and what isn't. It's called logic. A spirit to embody and embark apon the earth, in the highest aspirations! Maybe like the Vulcans if you will lol bad example but fitting.

  7. As a Gemini split personality myself I always give advise to my other twin. But asking advice to mom is a big no about my love life, she is an emotional cow.

  8. perhaps my friend he doesnt do as much as he could because he has selfdoubt, but as a outside person I can never understand why because I dont see those problems that he creates in his head so im think why isnt he just doing it because he can! and everytime i think I cant do something I just think of other people how they see me as I see him. but in the end people can tell you you can do it but the hard part is you have to overcome that blockade yourself and thats the dilemma, other people cant understand why you making it so hard for yourself

  9. This video changed the way I think. I believe that its irrational to say that this video is about one specific sect or group. Arent we just being irrational by saying that very statement?

  10. Getting an outsider's opinion, great advice :). Although, I don't think moms are usually the best people for relationship advice, lol. (I realize this was just an example.)

  11. Once I learned to look at things from the outside, I lost the conditioned "fear" that religion brought, and allowed myself to question it rationally. No longer am I a slave to dogma—this also changed my views on politics, ethics and morality.

  12. About the second opinion. I will listen to a second opinion depending who it is from. If a doctor prescribe me with 1 medication I will trust that opinion much more then I will trust the opinion of someone wanting to give me homeopathic remedy, I will not even entertain the second opinion from someone that is a promoter of homeopathic medication because it's quackery. Sometimes its rational to dismiss a second opinion because dismissing it isn't always based on emotions or something else that lead to an irrational decision.

  13. So true, when I'm conflicted by my emotions and can't come to a reasonable conclusion. I always imagine someone else asking me for advice in the exact same situation that I'm in. And then I come up with what the most rational answer or action would be. Now the tough part is still looking past those emotions and actually doing what the most rational thing is.

  14. iv bendoing this for years. i dont know how i cam opone doing it, but iv ben viewing avents and opingions from the perspective of an outsider since i was  7-10 years old, im 17 now

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