A Round With Radar – Episode Seven: Miguel Ángel Jiménez

Welcome to Episode 7 of PING’s ‘A Round With Radar’. Today, I’m at Sunningdale Golf Club, one of the greatest layouts in the UK. Who’s the opposition? He is an enigma in our great game of golf. He’s won championships all around the world. Getting on a bit now, so it should be a good match. Who is it? Come on, let’s go and check it out. [Metal spikes on concrete] Amazing! What a beautiful morning for golf. There’s going to be time to warm up a little bit. There’s gonna be some juice to the joints, to the elbows. To the knees. It’s Miguel! A little bit underneath. I just want to move a little bit the knees, that way. One, two, three. The other way round, the other way round. And now we’re going to ski a little bit. You see I did the downslope. Come, now. Okay. Okay Miguel. I’ve seen this in the locker room. The lower back. The lower back a little bit. Down. Down. Down. Don’t be shy! You should make a video! Look. There. [Laughter] That’s beautiful. Ah, Miguel, it’s time. What’s about the hammies. What about the hammies? No, the hammies. Just look, look. Put it here. Look at the driver. There. Up. Bom! On top of the driver. Yes of course. There it is. Well we’re going to take on this links out there mate, erm? You ready to… I’m not going for the top of the driver. You ready to go? Let’s play. Let’s play. So Miguel we haven’t warmed up. We haven’t warmed up at all. You just said we didn’t wanna warm up. Why? We need to warm up? You know. Do you see any Ferrari that needs to warm up? Just put it on. And just let it go. You might be a Ferrari, I might be a Lada. [Laughter] But what we’re going to do, we’re gonna have a little round. We’re gonna have a little match. Umm… Okay, we’re going to play for our you do you like a cafe con leche? Yes, but you know because now we are holidays and I have a little rest. We’re gonna have a carajillo. Instead of putting put milk in the coffee, they’re gonna put a little bit of brandy. That is my directive. That will tickle. A little tickle. I think we can have a cigar with that. I’m sure you will. Miguel, your honor. Age before beauty. How old are you? 47. Don’t lie to me, don’t lie to me. Eh? When I come onto the Tour you were already on the Tour there. Yeah, 68 yesterday. PGA Championship. Just down the road at Wentworth. 68. Look. Look at that. We already have a beautiful warm up there, but now look, look at that. A little fade. Hole is left to right. Oh he’s out here calling the shots. Calling the shots! I’ll be lucky to connect! Like a Picasso. We’re going to draw the hole. The hole is designed left-to-right. You do a little Picasso. You do a little Picasso. Let’s go. They start on the end of a shade and finish on those pine tree on the distance. Look. And a little fade to the trees. You see? And look at what a Ferrari. Very, very nice. Sit down. Very good Miguel. Good swing, son. Good swing. Come on, Radar. Look at that. The power. Hey, good swing Radar. That’ll do it. Well it takes a while. Go on, get past him. [Laughter] Quite happy with that one. Good swing there. That’s what I remember. Now I know I can do it. Oh I flushed that. I’m going to get the 5 iron. I tell you, it’s cold. I know. I tell you it’s cold. The ball is not flying enough. Right? I tell you thank you for the club. Guinea pig Radar. Mmm. Good looking shot. Should kick right. Tiny, tiny, tiny heavy. Long way up there. Yeah. Miguel, you’re approaching eight hundred professional golfing events with that PING hat on. Yes, that is… That is amazing. You never you never know when you when you start to play in the tour what you’re going to have in front of yourself. PING was with me or me with PING or together since 1988. I played at La Manga at the Tour School there. I went there. ’84 I went. Oh yeah? I’ve been ’85 in three or four years before I got my Tour card. That must have been frustrating taking so long to get it when you possess such, talent. Yeah. Yeah, well it’s a it’s a learning process. You know. I was probably a little bit to wild, I think at that moment. But I was 24 when I got my tour card. First year on tour. And I think I told you before. Fernando Cambronero was with PING in Spain and he came in when I failed to get my card and he was looking for me. And he said, hey I hear you’re playing. I said, yeah, you know who I am? He tells me yes, I know who you are. You are the guy from PING. And well, they’re looking for you and I want you to start playing with PING. I said, well, I didn’t get my tour card. I missed it at the qualifier. He said well, no problem. I have heard good news about you and you’re a good professional and we’re going to help you. And I said, oh, thank you very much. And that was my first set of clubs. Yeah, it’s a family. PING is a family. You feel part of a family. And then the season 1988. It was my first year with them. I got my tour card in 1988, professional tour in 1989. And now we have all the history to now. 41 gold putters. Yeah. 41 gold putters. With all the victories I have and also the the putters when you reach 5, 10, 15, 20 million. You know and things like that in you career. Total 41 putters. Yeah. It’s a beautiful, beautiful. Wow, that’s a regularity. Exactly the same one. I’m now coming back with my new grip. So that looks unbelievable. Thank you. Just, just outside the left lip. Just a nearly a full ball outside. It’s a little downhill. Don’t believe me. Don’t believe me. I tell you. But the greens are nice and true, Miguel. Yeah. Nice. It looks very nice. Super condition. Well I should have hit a 5 iron up the hill, Miguel. I flushed both of those. And you know, I’m one down. Ok, one up. The tradition continues. The tradition continues. Well, he he played first, give me the club. Obviously. It’s 167 yards. 153 meters. Yeah, I think a 6 iron is going to be the club. Same clubs as Louis. Yes. This is the Blueprints. You know, I’ve played now for 1 year. First of all I saw them last year the Dunhill Links when we played there. Dominic is coming with two clubs with that I think with a 6 iron and a 4 iron. And I saw the clubs and I said, hey, I’d like a set of all these. And then I saw Louis and Louis had a full set. I went to Louis and said, how is this club. And Louis said, amazing. And really it is. And then when I got to the Champions Tour to Phoenix to play the final of the Charles Schwab Cup I went to Phoenix and they already tell them please prepare me a set of clubs with my specifications. Since then, one year. You’ve got six, I can’t get six there. Beautiful. 6 iron. Beautiful Blueprints. Okay, I’ll do the same then. And I’ll tell you one thing with those clubs. Yeah The only downside is you don’t hit it in the middle you go nowhere It’s like they all blades. But that’s a good thing mental. That’s a good mental thing. I know, of course. This is a club for a good player. That’s exactly right. For a good swinger, you know. That’s the difference. You know, you need to be in a good shape, hit it right in the middle. Nice to make fade and draw. High and low. Beautiful par-3. Beautiful par-3, amazing. 167 yards. There you are. 6-iron Tiny bit right. It looks pretty good to me Miguel. It’s a little bit to the right side of the hole there. Oh mate, I’ll take it. Do you think it’s up? Erm, looks, well, the hole is in the middle. It looks like it’s flat. That’s better. It’s coming to the hole. Yeah. Okay, good. Nice shot. Not bad, not bad. Nice shot. This is a tricky putt. Yes. You’re going to miss my feet again. No I’m not! You missed my feet again! I’m in for a three. I’m in for a three. Okay. You’re standing there like Corey Pavin. Yes! Charlie Chaplin. [Laughter] Outside right Miguel. Outside right. Right lip. Yeah? And there, with my new grip. And just back and through. Look at that. Yeah They follow me. They follow me around. Everyone I’ve played with, they just absolutely annihilate the golf course. This is the New at Sunningdale. This is a hard golf course. A hard golf course, Miguel. Miguel, remember. This is a hard golf course. Hard! Hard course! Remember, two up! Miguel, we’ve got a par-5 here. You got the driver. What’ve you got? You got the same as me? The G410? Yeah I got the G410, yes. I got 9 degrees and standard setup of the club. Actually, this is the backup. Right? Yes, I start last week with Dominic on the truck. He prepared me a backup and I put it on the driving range, put it on the golf course and now it’s become the official one. So the support on the PING truck is pretty good, eh? Yes, the support is amazing. Anything you need, you’re straight there. Driver? “Dominic, I need a backup!” Dominic is ready with my driver. Show us! It’s a beautiful, it’s a beautiful club. They start with, it’s probably the best generation of clubs with the G400, I’ve been with for one year with me in the bag, one year and a half, and then they come with the 410 that is an amazing club. Show us how it goes. And you see the amount of players who have now the G410, it’s amazing. Okay, I’m gonna go right to the end of that shade there. It’s a little par-5. Gonna give it a little extra… Power! Didn’t see it. Oh there it is, down the left wing. Beautiful drive, Miguel. Did you see it? I saw it. No, it’s it’s down in the shade, yeah, exactly where you said you were gonna hit it. Yeah Beautiful shot. Come on Radar, follow that one. Well I don’t know about the draw. Beautiful swing, Radar. Nice. Yeah, that’s about as good as I can hit it. That’s very good. Very good swing there. Well it’s easy with the G410. No, it’s nice. It’s an easy club. It’s an amazing cigar. Beautiful. The [inaudible]. You been drinking the Roda Reserva? The what? Roda? Ah, Roda. Yes, it’s amazing. Amazing wine. Beautiful. It’s one of my favourite wines. And not expensive. No, it’s good value. The main thing is, usually when you buy a bottle for 500, of course it’s a good wine. Yeah. It cannot be bad. But the good thing is when you find a good wine with a price, a decent price, 30, 40, 50, you know? And that’s the value, the great, value, especially on the Spanish wine. And that one, Roda. Roda is an excellent wine. You got the, like, [inaudible] But why dont, all these people like Ernie Els, Louis, Goosen. They all have their own wine. Why don’t you have your own wine? Just call it, Miguel… [Inaudible] I have an interest to make a wine, and things. You know what they recommend me? They say, okay, this is a very nice idea. But don’t put your name, and yourself, in somebody’s hands you don’t trust. You don’t know. Yeah well that’s right. So you gotta find someone. Then, do you know it’s nice to come here, to have your wine. But do you want to take care of that? Yeah? Or are you going to be moving around the world play golf, and you need to… Well maybe later! And the thing is, you could get a wine as well that’s better than Rioja. You could go and get some Australian wine. [Inaudible] [Laughter] It’s a very very nice wine. Both very good. Rioja, I love. Rioja I love. I still find that the value what you pay for what you drink, I think when in Spain is still a little better than any part of the world. Yeah, yeah you’re right. I think Spain’s just, erm, I was down there just a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t have any wine… No? No? Do you want me to believe that? Let’s go! Okay Radar. 195 to the middle, where the flag is in the middle. A little into the wind. A little uphill. You have like a 5 metres uphill, like 200 yards. Plus 10% of the little breeze into, off the right, one o’clock. It’s going to be like 220 yards. So it’s a good one these? What club? It’s a little hybrid. It’s a little baffy, mate. Ah, beautiful. It’s a beautiful little club. Okay, c’mon. Rhythm. Alright. Rhythm, Radar! Rhythm! Right o. Left side. Just on the edge on the left side, there. I’m going to hit my 3-iron. So you still work in metres? I still work in metres, yeah. Seve. Seve, metres yeah. Metric system. I never get used to play in yards. I always convert. And I say, okay, it’s metres now. Yeah. Okay, the ball is a little below my feet. Sure. Then I’m going to play a little bit to the left side of the hole. So the ball pretending to be left-to-right Fly! It’s not left enough. Fly a bit more. Bunker. Mmm okay. It’s alright, good strike. It was a good strike, yes. Do you carry a little hybrid? No, I have a 7-wood. Yeah. The hybrid to me is a nice club, but it’s like the ball is a little bit too hot from the club. Yeah? With the 7-wood, I got the same distance as the hybrid, but it’s landing like a wedge. Great for amateurs. Those little woods are great for amateurs. And that’s probably why it’s perfect for me! What are you trying to tell me? Two good tee shots Miguel. You say we’ve got 127 yards. Yes, 127 yard to the hole, 117 metres for me. There is a little downwind, probably like a 5% wind. Maybe plays like 110 yards. 110 yards? Sorry, 120 yards, 110 metres. Yeah, okay. More or less. Okay. We got a tight left flag there. Yup! The greenkeepers haven’t been friendly to us Miguel! Ah, it’s good contact. Stay right. Shouldn’t be too far away. Thinking with the wind it’s like 100 metres to the hole. I’ve gone a little bit left too. We’ll see! It’s a little pully, a little bit. Well Miguel, good shot there, but I’ve just hit it a little closer there. I have to say that you hit a better shot than me. But you are, umm… You’ve got the record. You’re a great iron player, he’s a great iron player. You’ve got the record on the European Tour for as many, the most hole-in-ones. 10 holes. 10 hole-in-ones. Yeah? And the last one was in Wentworth, hole number two. Oh, was that the last one? That’s the last one, that’s number 10. And Monty’s got nine hole-in-ones. Monty has nine hole-in-ones, yeah. Great iron player. So so how do you, like once it goes in like, how? So when the ball is going in the hole, club’s coming into the side. And a little dancing there… [Laughter] He’s not right! And I tell you one thing. You know in 2015 when I made my last hole-in-one, in this season I make three hole-in-ones. I make hole-in-one in Abu Dhabi, at the beginning of the season, I make a hole-in-one in the Spanish Open, and I make a hole-in-one the week after in Wentworth. Three hole-in-ones in a very short period, Quite amazing! They were like, my irons were like a dart in that part of the year. It’s beautiful. How does it feel Miguel? It feels nice. You going with it? Yeah, I feel, I tell you. Yesterday was comfortable on the golf course. I miss the read there. Okay there’s a par. I miss the read. You give me that? Yup, absolutely I’ll give you that. There you go. It’s straight. There you go Miguel. Nice! Miguel, you’re the oldest winner on the European Tour. But you’ve actually broken your record twice. Twice, yeah. I broke the record [inaudible] when I won in 2012, Hong Kong. Then 2013 win again in Hong Kong, and then er… 2014 I win in my last tournament on the European Tour, the Spanish Open, 2014. Do you feel as though you can win again on the European Tour? I still hit the ball as good as I hit then. Yeah? I still er… I’m still playing. And I still like to. And I think I can still win the tournament, yeah. Seven Champions Tour wins already. Tell us about your win at the major, at St. Andrews, the Seniors Open… That is something special, really, you know. Every people, everybody wants to win a major in St. Andrews, you know, and er… And it was amazing getting there, on the last hole, knowing when you hit the drive you already win the tournament there. Yeah. Was nice. It’s amazing, you know the other Spanish player who won a Major there was Seve Ballesteros in 1984. ’84, my first Open. The great Seve. Great Seve. He’s an inspiration for all. Very good friend of yours. Very good. Yeah we play so many rounds, practice rounds together with him, with Ollie. And myself, we are almost every practice round on the Tour, yeah. Brothers in arms. Brothers in arms. Come on Miguel, show us what you got. No, you win the hole, the last hole. You going to give me the honor? Well I’m so used to you teeing up in front of me. Hey, I’m still one up you know. I’m waiting for the carajillo. Okay. Out there at that shiny tree. Left to right, eh, a little left to right. To finish on that shiny tree there. Oh, bit toey. Down the left. Okay, we saw it bounce. Saw it bounce. Should be fine. The thing is about this golf course is there’s no real rough, Miguel. It’s fairway, and heather. And heather. You don’t need any other kind of rough here. Quite daunting off the tee. I think that heather is the worst rough you can have. Yeah. But you definitely lost a shot. Aiming to the left And I tell you always when I play the Pro-Am, I always [inaudible] on the golf course. I say okay, when you see them hacking the ball and things, I say hey, you know what? The main thing in golf is rhythm. Rhythm. One, two, back and through. Yeah. And this is what I tell to them. You say look You go there. And I say okay, guys. One, two, back and through. One, put the club where you want to go… Parallel with your body, number two. And the only other thing you need to do is back, and through. And now guys, come and follow the ball. [Laughter] Those one, two, back and throughs are making me spew! [Laughter] That’s good 155 yards, Miguel, yeah. Breeze is left to right. The green falls left to right. A couple of metres left hand side of the hole. Yeah, wind out of the left. Out of the left. Good swing there. Gotta go a go a little. Beautiful shot. You see I’m right between clubs and the one thing is when you don’t play a lot… The finesse shot. Like if I was caddying for you Miguel, I could go. Okay Miguel It’s a 7-iron but not a full one. When you don’t play a lot, everything has to be flat out. Yeah. And I miss that finesse, that massage. That… You know the one, Miguel. You know the one. You know you need to have a bit more competition, practice a bit more, play a bit more. I know. Yeah. Exactly right. Exactly right. That’s the way. Just a little punch. Go. It’s a little bit too soft. Go! It’s gonna slope to the right. Well we have a competition now there with the putting. We have more or less the same. We’re both a bit short, but that’s not much of a, you know it’s a nice green up there, but it’s not very big. Yeah, right to left. Might just want to straighten at the hole, Miguel. Almost straight, up here, up. I think I’m gonna hit it straight. I’m gonna see. Lovely putt, Miguel. Yup. That’s a gimme. It’s a gimme, thank you. I tell you what. Miguel, look at the shape of this green. It’s not big is it. Not big. And you have the first six, seven metres is… A little bit of Spain, a little bit of Club de Campo Yup, nice. Beautiful. Yeah, absolutely. And I take mine away. Good putt, good put. Okay, half. Given, half. Go! It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming. Shot. Why? Miguel, why am I fatting it? You are hitting before you’re making your backswing. You know? And then you collapse. I’m not completing? No, completing one cycle, second cycle. That’s good, good. Good motion. Good motion. Good putt there. A little left to right there. Would you leave the flag in from this distance Miguel? Yes, sometimes yes.Yeah? When it’s really quick? As I tell you before, I still prefer the… Yup. But now because it’s a little downhill, the flag can help. Beautiful putt. Lovely roll, mate. Yup. Half? Muy bien. 210 with the downhill. Okay. Now lets. Okay. Pulled it a little. Bunker. Isn’t it the most gorgeous par-3, Miguel? It’s beautiful. It really is. Beautiful par-3. It’s older style. Cannot be better. No. 90 metres. 3-iron? No I’m going to hit a 4-iron, I think. 4-iron. Can you hold for me that? Thank you. I’m going to hit a solid 4-iron. I hit it toey. A little toey. That’s not going to go anywhere. Front edge. Front edge! Just short. I hit it just on the toe here. Just a little. See that hut down there? That’s er… That’s the halfway house. Best sausage sandwiches in the world. That’s what we’re looking for now. Yeah. That’s exactly where we’ll go. Well let’s go to play this hole. And usually I’ll have a sausage sandwich and a I’ll have a ginger beer. Yeah? Well I’m going to have a sausage sandwich and I’m going to have my carajillo. Good. Not bad. Nice shot there. Is it short? Beautiful. A little bit short, yeah. The main thing to me on every short game around the green is keep the chest in front of the ball. Okay. And through the ball. That’s it. Chest down. Just pendulum, back, through. Back, through. Keep the chest in front to guarantee the contact with the ball, no. Okay. Here you go. Choose where you want to pitch the ball. And keep the chest in front of the ball. That’s a lovely shot. That’s in! Oh my God! What a half. Good half. What a half. Miguel! Radar? Yeah, I’m here. What are you doing here? Oh don’t you worry about it. This is what I do for a second job. Okay. Yeah, yeah just to earn a little bit on the side So what would you like? We’ve got bacon sandwiches, or we’ve got sausages sandwiches… No, I am going to go for the famous thing here. This sausage sandwich here. Sausage? Sausage sandwich. Okay. White or brown? Er, brown please. I’ve been told that is the best sausage sandwich in the area. One sausage on there. Another one, please. Okay. Don’t be shy. Yeah, okay. There you go. Now we’re talking! Look at that. Now we’re talking. Heart attack on a plate. Another bit of bread. Of course. Yes. You know exactly. You’re a man who knows what he wants Miguel. Yes… There we have it. Beautiful. There we have it. Perfect. That’s 150 pesetas, please [Laughter] Wow , that is nearly 20 years that pesetas said “bye bye”! Enjoy Miguel. Thank you very much. Next! Next! Miguel, you’ve been referred to many times as ‘The Most Interesting Man in Golf’. How did you get that tag? Well it’s a few years ago. We make some kind of promotion with the things, no, and then people tell me You are the most interesting man in golf, I said, “What?” That’s what you talk to me, but you know everybody when I look at my face I see the same guy. Yeah, you haven’t changed. Still the same man in the mirror. Yeah, that’s it. And people like to put names to things, and they put a name to me, and it’s fine. It’s good. I can live with that. Yup. Fourteen World Cups for Spain, four Ryder Cups, twice a winner in the Ryder Cup. You were there kissing it on Sunday evening, kissing that Ryder Cup. What was it like? It’s amazing, you know. Playing in team events is amazing, and especially the Ryder Cup. That is THE event in golf. All the emotions, all the things coming up. That tournament is special. It’s very special. You need to be inside my skin to get that feeling what it’s like. The thing is with the Ryder Cups. You guys love the Ryder Cup so much. But the thing is with the Ryder Cup now, it’s just not Europe and America, it’s a celebration for the world to watch the Ryder Cup. Do you agree with that? I agree with that, you know, it’s all the countries in the world is glued to the TV to see what’s going on there. You know, it’s the golf event. The team event. It’s the golf event in the world now. We have the Majors, the World Golf Championships and things, but when everything be coming to the Ryder Cup. How’s the sandwich? Amazing. This sausage sandwich really is the best one. The great Richie Benaud once told me the sausage sandwiches at the halfway hut at Sunningdale are some of the finest in the world. Probably this. This is the best I have ever tried on a golf course. Nice. Very good. Beautiful. Okay Miguel, you’re one up. We’ve cut over from the New course. to the iconic Old course. We’re gonna play the 18th hole, okay? Okay. So bring it on. This fairway cambers from left to right. A little bit of slope from left to right, Miguel. Let’s go for it! And remember, you are one down. Oh I know that, don’t you worry. You have me, don’t you. That’s all I’ve been hearing. Pulled it. Might be in that bunker? Maybe in the bunker, yeah. I’m gonna play to that corner, left corner. Is it gonna be a fade again Miguel? It’s gonna be a little fade. Try to finish in this white pole there. Well it’s a left handed fade, eh? It’ll be alright up there, Miguel. In the rough there. It’s okay. Miguel which one’s yours? This one is mine. This one is mine. And this one is mine over here. That one’s yours yeah. I use the same driver and the same headcover as Miguel. See he copies me. A little bit tight, a little bit left. Decent contact. It’s left side there. A little left. So Miguel, what have you got? 138 metres, 152 yards. Okay. Yeah. Not a bad lie. Not a bad lie, yeah. Will it jump? Will it fly? The grass it with me. I don’t think it’s going to have a big flier. You want to try and contact the ball first to not have a flier. Okay. I’m front left. Yeah. 9-iron. Just a soft 9-iron. Trying to contact face with the ball, avoid the flier. That’s one of the best shot you’ve hit today. It’s rolling round as well. I’m gonna beat you. I’m gonna beat you this hole! I’m gonna beat you there. And there. I’m putting for birdie. On the 18th green here. Great shot, you’ve got it into about eight feet, and I did very well out of the bunker to finish front left. Yes, nice. Good. And avoid that bunker. That was a gorgeous shot Miguel. Okay I’m gonna mark the ball to keep the ball away from your line. Okay. Tricky putt from left to right here, Miguel. Yeah. You need to hit it! Not high enough. No, not high enough. Yeah. Okay. Undercooked it. Yeah you’ve got that well outside here, Miguel. Yeah it’s a ball outside. It’s just dying, it’s going to almost come down that way. There it is. There it is. As the rain just starts to tumble here in Old Blighty A Round With Radar. Two up. He beat me two up. It’s not bad. It’s not bad going against someone of this stature. It’s not bad, yes, as you say. Long time you didn’t play golf and you’re coming from there. So what are we going to go and drink? What was that thing you said we were gonna have? Carajillo Coffee with a little brandy on top. Now is the perfect time, you see it’s started raining. Let’s do that. It’ll warm us up. It’ll warm us up. Well here we are Miguel, in the clubhouse. Thank you ever so much for coming to play A Round With Radar. Did you enjoy yourself? Of course I enjoyed it, very much. Always nice. Old friend, you still can play. You’re a credit to our game. Yeah, well I love what I do in my life, you know. Golf is a way of living, you know. And that’s my way of living, with the golf. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if I had no golf. [Inaudible] Well you’ll have golf. You just won’t be playing for any money. And we know how much you like money, Miguel! No, well. To me money is something that helps you to make your life, but it’s not essential. No, you’re exactly right. And you remember, Play Your Best with PING, Until next time, A Round With Radar.

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