A Revolution in Education

Today 59 million
primary aged children and 65 million adolescents
around the world remain out of school and even among children who do
have access to education 130 million remain
illiterate and innumerate despite having been in school as a result of broken
education systems many schools in
the majority world struggle with
overcrowded classrooms underpaid and under
trained teachers abusive practices
and weak leadership which leads to
dysfunctional schools and children dropping out long before they have
the opportunity to graduate In the midst of such
significant challenges is quality education
even possible? We believe it is the Wellspring Foundation exists to see lives, schools,
and communities transformed through quality
values-based education through our
school development program our team walks alongside and empowers all stakeholders
in school communities to play their unique part
in bringing change we equip School leaders to become confident
and effective advocates for Quality education by helping develop the character
and heart for Servant leadership that all true change makers need we give teachers the tools
to be the best and most
inspiring Educators they can be through training that empowers
them to make their classrooms
come alive with learning we help parents to take
ownership and become involved in a whole new way
in their children’s education by helping develop
effective parenting skills, strong relationships,
and innovative solutions and most importantly we help
each of these stakeholders to truly understand
their unique value and the value and potential
of each child they serve And the result… Dynamic learning environments in which students can develop
and fulfill their potential at both the intellectual
and heart level in the schools we work in we are seeing dramatically improved
exam results more children completing
primary school and transitioning to secondary decreased student dropout rates and many students
returning to school increased trust and friendship
between students and teachers and a new sense of hope
and opportunity for the future so, when you
partner with Wellspring you are partnering with these teachers, leaders, classrooms,
families, communities, and ultimately with
the children we serve you are part of creating
positive, engaging
learning environments where a new generation is
being equipped for the future and you are helping to create
a revolution in education that we believe will change
the future of entire nations, in Africa and throughout the world

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