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  1. Calvary Greetings, I am Joela Saliba , I am work in orphan and Unprivileged parent children Organization , as a secretary and missionary Cameroon and international. I need your advice on getting a social worker job in Singapore from here , I have 5 years experience with Unprivileged children and community works .. I will be glad if I get your response either by email or here [email protected] .
    Remain blessed .

  2. Thank you for positive video, I'm wondering and I want to repond me if you please.
    1- how can I get a work in UK as social worker?
    2- I want to know if there's special conditions for this work?
    And I'm already social worker and this my high education.

  3. Overcoming depression is the best thing I've been able to overcome recently the next big challenge for me is finding out for certain what it is that I want to do as my career is it nursing or social work? Idk lol but we'll see once I volunteer I guess

  4. I recently got my associate degree in Social Services and continuing on for my BSW and MSW!! Thanks for sharing

  5. dont let any social workers anywhere near ur children thay cover up peodophillia have been doing it since the 70s thay take ur children and allow peadophilles to abuse them i know cuz im a victim dont let thease scum anywhere near ur children

  6. Positive thing: I just applied to graduate school, going for my MSW! Hoping to hear back soon.

    Question, do you have an MSW degree and if so, could u make a video about how u prepared for and got through graduate school? Please and thank you!

  7. I am going to go into social work whenever I transfer to SIU next year, this is my last year at John A. Logan college, I want to do social work as a career because I like helping people out and I want to make a difference in there lives. I want to start my social work career at at the Centerstone company. My mom sees me as a good social worker.

  8. I ❤️ this! I always make my bed too! Social Workers can also work from home. Check it out ☺️ Social Workers Rock!!!

  9. I recently passed my certification exam to become a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant 🌻😁💕

  10. I am a new subscriber and am loving your videos! Also, I really want to travel to Australia! 🙂 I am studying Mental Health Counseling right now.

  11. Thank you for the positive vibes in this video! I’m going for my BSW in August and I hear a lot of negativity about being a social worker…not much positivity. It’s scared me off a bit and made me wonder if I’m making a huge mistake. So anyway this is very encouraging!

    My positive event is that I am graduating with my Associates in May, and right now I have a 4.0!

  12. Thanks for sharing I'm a medical social worker in a large hospital in California this is very interesting!

  13. I recently posted a “day in the life “ video as well — Im a school social worker and love it so much!! How long are your holidays or vacations as a case worker?

  14. HI Jasmine,
    My name is Mariah and i just wanted to tell you you've put some ease into my emotions about becoming a social worker. My passion is helping others any way that i can. I didn't think prior to today it was possible for someone with my experience and background to become a social worker. Wont go to much into that at this moment. I wanted to let you know your videos gave me hope on succeeding school and possible job growth. However, I'd like to ask you a few questions if that's okay? Were you ever put in a situation where you felt like there wasn't anything you could do, but wanted to help someone as much as you could? What did you do to overcome that obstacle? I'm afraid I'm going to be put in a situation that I won't know the answer to or how to help. I guess that's what school is for right? I have TONS of questions but i'll just ask those. Thank you in advance:) Sorry for the long comment, I'm just so intrigued!!

  15. This is soo helpful! I can so relate from the waking up early, yoga, smoothie, packed lunch, your style! I am a young black female in the UK wondering if I should pursue a social work programme. I can tell your channel is going to help me on so many levels!

  16. I’m graduating in bioinformatics (B.S.) and looking for MSW program at University of Michigan etc … do you see Indians working in social work field in us ? As I’m not a green card holder how much will it effect the employability and also I don’t have any work experience …what is the annual income ? The fees is 90K $ for most universities …will I be able to recover that , and also which university did you go 😁 sorry for long post

  17. Hi Jasmine haven’t been here for awhile… my question for you What time do you go to sleep at night to wake up so early?

  18. I just started my MSW this semester and I'm so glad I found your videos!! They're so informative and give good insight into what to expect in my future career.

  19. I love your videos! I get so excited when you upload. I literally incision me being a social worker one day. Your videos really motivate me. Some exciting news for me is that the first semester is coming to a close and I'm maintain well in both courses.

  20. I enjoyed this type of blog-hopefully u do more (maybe without the voiceover) If you could show how u stay organized through your work day.  TY and God bless. 🙂

  21. Love your vlog and thanks for sharing!!!

    My great life event is I finally got the courage to relocate to a new city. I left my hometown where I've been for 33 years to start my new life and Social Work journey. I'm so full of excitement 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. I'm a veteran Social Worker in a hospital setting and I find your videos refreshing to watch. Keep up the beautiful vlogs. My great life event that recently happened to me is I married my wonderful husband.

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