wanna show us something else [Applause] what's up guys so today we're making a video in a gym it's not so much a blog but we were in a gym and we're here with Rebecca's amol Oh bro I yes I was well I was a level 10 gymnast and whatnot really good and I coached for almost 10 years so I've cookies want to kick our butts don't you saying uh-huh I'm excited to teach them some gymnastics because we aren't like gymnast people at all if you guys are elastic next gymnastics video it's really bad and there's a lot of like really strong guys here as well they probably won't be to teach us anything but I think you guys haven't like done gymnastics before not like real gymnastic you're not I really I wasn't either it's gonna be fun okay I mean we'll see here see just your harder stuff right oh yeah but if you guys are subscribers Rebekah's Imola be sure that you guys check the description below we made a video on her channel as well so be sure to check that video out right now or act this one after you watch this it is a portal and you like and comment all that stuff that's right we do anything in gymnastics you have to be in the right attire and so you need do I need to eat or we can we can try to see if you'll quit earlier but I can dance like oh that's lame you ready we are gonna do our kick so you're gonna kick my front leg out and push your bottom leg straight and your arms to the side then you're just gonna go through and all the way [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and land on the Mac so the first [Applause] and you guys are gonna do is this skin the cat and basically you're gonna grab the bar and put your feet through oh yeah oh and flip around Davina is one of my star gymnasts right now [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the distance [Applause] legs don't bend it keep it straight because in dancing to event but in gymnastics you are a lot better though so I okay [Applause] [Applause] you want to show us something else it's out yeah this one would probably do [Applause] yeah why today we decided to do you have anything you want this into the foam pit I'm from Oh

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