31 thoughts on “A Portal to Media Literacy”

  1. i watched this video when it first came out in 2008… and i remember it being so good that i went looking for it to watch again in 2019, and its just as relevant today as it was then

  2. this video is great. i never thought about my college classrooms like in that way, but this helps me to develop my teacher pedagogy, because I want the material I teach to be signifigant to my students!

  3. The video presentation is very educational especially to future educators. It could encourage students to learn more and can create a very interactive environment between teachers and students.

  4. This video is a good medium for us future educator because we can learn so much from Dr. Wesch on how are we going to use media on our instructions. It also serves a guid for use future educators. So we must watch and listen to this video..

  5. Interestingly, cheerios are somewhat healthier than fruit loops, and in comparison, the "peasant" populations of Latin America (this is where my personal experience lies) seem far healthier/physically more capable than Americans (personal experience again) of the same general social/economic setting.

  6. I love what you're doing here Dr. Wesch. Don't take this wrong, I mean it absolutely as a compliment.. but you are like our generation's Timothy Leary!
    Peace! Keep doing what you're doing!

  7. w2autry – Michael Wesch is leading educator in media literacy. He stated that we should focus on the quality of learning rather than the quality of teaching. Teachers should pass on information and inspiring questions that will lead to more innovative questions from students.

  8. I thought it might have been more helpful and relevant, to research education as a system of powerrelations, whereby a perception of the student is integrated in the architecture, and then taking the student's perception as a basis, not just taking into account narrative and symbolic perception, but also their sensuous perception; learning and knowledge transmission in education is staged through a hegemony of values on senses: white walls, writings, etc.

  9. very well presented… but… it seems to show that a lecture is still appropriate in some cases? I thought it was kind of ironic that it ended right when the audience was going to ask questions.

  10. Great teacher…share this link with your friends..if they don't have time just ask them to enounce it.
    Just discovered his videos in youtube today and they are great!!!!

  11. I homeschool and while I am far from a man of letters, I can vouch for this fact: Engagement is the key.
    The easiest path to engagement is to present the new and unknown in a format that encourages discovery. If you can remember your own moments of discovery, and especially the ignorance that preceeded them, then you can teach anyone anything. Unless they watch Fox News.


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