47 thoughts on “A Philanthropist Speaks: "Lessons from Life"”

  1. Awesome & wonderful speech.Really feeling gr8 to hear such motivational speech which can inspire so many people to take part in some social activity by knowing the need & understanding it as one of their own responsibility.Hats off to you Madam .You are really pride for our nation.God bless you.

  2. Really you are a great great women! Hates of you Madam. I will pray for God give good health and wealth for to help poor people. If I got chance in my life I want to meet and take blessings from you. Because I can see really god through you… "Karanatak Bharath Mathe" "Karnataka Amma" you deserved for Bharatha Rathna I love you "Sudha Murthy Amma"

  3. Wow. What a wonderful lady. People come here and visit India and complain – dust, toilet paper bla bla bla as if they were not born there. They should learn from her.

  4. Wow what a amazing job u have done …..God always bless you with all the happiness and good health mam…Really proud of you 💐💐💐💐

  5. its not a coincidence that this showed up on my screen…just when i needed answers to my queries …each of them got answered..thank you so much for an awe inspiring speech Sudha Ma'am..thank you Berkley and U-tube for having taken important messages re philanthrophy in India, to a larger audience..prayers for your good health to reach out to the unreached…

  6. I wish to touch your feet dear Sudha ji. God or Godess never comes in their shapes and sizes what we used to know. But definitely in the shape of people like you.

  7. Your speach moved me so much ,, I want to join your foundation…I want to help your work from Kolkata..God bless you…

  8. Not just an enlightened soul but also a beacon of light that would inspire thousands, if not millions. Highly educated, not just academic degrees, but something adopted from real life experiences. Not wasted a second listening to every word that she spoke.

  9. 1:13:50 she said it too… Reduce the population.
    And coming from someone who is compassionate about fellow human beings and someone who travelled in that part of India which isn't touched by many
    We should take a cue 🙏🙏

  10. First old man : clarity , I do not want to disturb my equilibrium.
    He has such clarity , saw where the money will lead his current state.

    Second old man : clarity , just because the nature is providing us , you dont just take what you want without payment – theiving

    A man came for help with child , became enterprising and let the child die 😞

    an old man and his son. son duped SudhaMurthy garu by leaving dad with her saying he doesn't know him. The worst thing here is even after all that the father wanted only his son to benefit

    A run away son, imagining he killed his brother. Mother and child united because of Sudha Murthy gari's efforts

    A bright young girl from poor background doing good in life.

    Some points very sad – a devdasi wants to only hear – "its not your fault " at the end of the day.

    Her clarity – look for solutions, dont get lost in emotions.
    Know your limitations and work around it.
    Know when to be tough and also be meticulous in maintaining the records of all the work.

  11. அறிவு திறமை எளிமை அழகு மற்றவர்க்கு உதாரணம்

  12. Truly an inspirational speech.  There are many rich people, but not all the people will have the willingness like Sudha Murthy or Infosys foundation which does lots of charity work and social service.  Beside giving employment to many job seekers, they also think of social justice which is really great and highly appreciated.  The bad politicians should learn from people like her, just not to be selfish in making money and to be in power, but also to reach to the unreached and socially suppressed and oppressed people, all should get equal opportunity that is when nation prosper.

  13. In India only politicians become Presidentof India except Abdul Kalam. BJP is the only hope for getting such persons at high positions

  14. Great peoples are always very simple and down to earth, like you. Lots of love and respect to you, Mrs Murty.

  15. threatening children never to fail in examinations ?!? you sure are setting them up for disaster. I have one question for you , did you ask the child what he/she wants before imposing your self inflated computer science superiority complex on them . If this is not evangelism then what else is?

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