A non-profit empowering kids in Mexico with education by Live Wild Films

Imagine if you’re a young person and you
know you’re never going to get to go to school because going to school means
that you can’t work and then consequently your family’s going to go
hungry. Or imagine you are a young person and
your parents don’t read or write because they never had the chance to go to
school because their parents didn’t have the resources. So they can’t take you to school to even fill out the registration papers. If a child is hungry they’re not
going to be able to learn effectively. If you don’t have adequate shelter – all of
these things – if you don’t have a safe place to sleep at night you’re not going
to succeed academically. So we decided early on this program couldn’t be very
narrow in its focus. While our end game, our ultimate goal is to help these kids reach their potential and thrive, primarily through providing access to
really quality educational opportunities, we needed to make sure that they had all
of those basic needs met as well. When we decided to launch this program we figured out what it looked like we knew
we wanted to focus on providing access to educational opportunities for young
people in this community. So we were ready to go, and our goal was to serve 25 to 30 students from kindergarten through college age. And by August 3rd when school started we had 72 students. We had a tremendous waiting list and so we expanded our team, and we still have a significant waiting list. You don’t have to pay tuition to go to public schools starting in high school in the States, in Mexico you do. There’s so many other barriers that families face. People will come to the office and they’ll be crying because they’re just so happy that now their kids can go to school. I’ve seen the families change a lot; the kids are doing better at school, their lives are getting better. You really can change the world because when you change one kid’s life, you change his world, and all of his generations to come. The need is so great there are so many
students in this community that have so much potential that want so badly to
have access to educational opportunities, but all of this takes resources. We account for every penny that is donated so that there is never a question about is this really going to serve the kids and where is my money going. Now that we’ve seen what’s possible and we’ve seen how with such a relatively small investment in each student we can have such a tremendous impact, it is overwhelming in a sense to me sometimes how many kids are out there. I quite honestly lose sleep sometimes thinking about the kids on our waiting list. I hate the fact that we have a waiting list. Because I see what’s happening with the kids that do get into our program and I know that that could be happening with every student. It would be much less expensive and much easier,
believe me, if we just provided what we would consider a traditional scholarship
and provided 330 students with the resources they need to get in the door.
We pay their tuition, bought their uniform, paid for their books paid for
their fees and said good luck we’ll see you next fall, and if you make it through that year and are able to get good grades will fund you again. That doesn’t work with the families we serve. Because of the lack of resources because of the
obstacles that they face, if we were to do that and say good luck we hope it
goes well, for most of them that would not go well. So for us I believe the strength of our program but what also requires more resources is that we look
at this as whatever it takes, one child one family at a time. What better investment is there than young people, then young people with potential and helping them realize that potential.

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