31 thoughts on “A New Way to Learn to Read English | Narda Pitkethly | TEDxSunValley”

  1. I don't speak english but her voice it feelings me understand everything in this video …. Thanks narda your voice is very clear 🌹

  2. this speaker is absolutely inspire me to be a great person who teach that what possible in our live is all about willingness.

  3. Hi everyone, this video is perfect, I'm Turkish . I'm learning English now. I can teach Turkish. Anyone who would like to practice with me? Skype :live:sabrisimsek27

  4. En anglais, on écrit élastique et on lit caoutchouc. Before it was called the phonetic alphabet, now it has an inpronouceable and ununderstandable name.

  5. When I was in elementary school student, i was not able to read English at all and of course i was not able to speak in English. By the way there was a foreign teacher in my school and he wanted to teach me how to read English. So I studied with him everyday after school. Not to brag, around 2month later, thanks to him i was able to read English even if i didn't understand English. Anyway what i want to talk about is.. I don't under stand how American people cannot read English.. because here in korea, most of koreans read English (but most of them cannot speak English fluently.). I'm really wondering that those symbols are really needed to read English.

  6. Because the english is no a gift. Is full of idioms, expression, exceptions, etc. Writing. reading, listening are all differents. Only native english person can drive this language.

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