A new way to get every child ready for kindergarten | Claudia Miner

I’m an historian. And what I love about being an historian
is it gives you perspective. Today, I’d like to bring that perspective
to education in the United States. About the only thing people can agree on is that the most strategic time
for a child to start learning is early. Over 50 years ago, there was a watershed moment
in early education in the US called “Head Start.” Now, historians love watersheds because it makes it so easy
to talk about what came before and what’s happened since. Before Head Start, basically nothing. With Head Start, we began to get our nation’s
most at-risk children ready for school. Since Head Start, we’ve made strides, but there are still
2.2 million children in the US without access to early learning, or more than half of
the four-year-olds in the country. That’s a problem. But the bigger problem is what we know
happens to those children. At-risk children who reach school
without basic skills are 25 percent more likely to drop out, 40 percent more likely
to become teen parents and 60 percent less likely
to go to college. So if we know how important
early education is, why aren’t all children getting it? There are barriers that the solutions
we’ve come up with to date simply can’t overcome. Geography: think rural and remote. Transportation: think
working parents everywhere. Parent choice: no state requires
a four-year-old to go to school. And cost: the average cost for a state
to educate a preschooler is five thousand dollars a year. So am I just going
to keep talking about problems? No. Today, I want to tell you about
a cost-effective, technology-delivered, kindergarten-readiness program
that can be done in the home. It’s called UPSTART, and more than 60,000 preschoolers
in the US have already used it. Now, I know what you might be thinking: here’s another person throwing tech
at a national problem. And you’d be partially right. We develop early learning software
designed to individualize instruction, so children can learn at their own pace. To do that, we rely on experts from fields
ranging from reading to sociology to brain science development
to all aspects of early learning, to tell us what the software
should do and look like. Here’s an example. (Video) Zero (sings
to the tune of “Day-O”): Zero! Zero! Zero is the number
that’s different from the others. Seagulls: Zero is a big, round “O.” Zero: It’s not like one,
I’m sure you’ll discover. Seagulls: Zero is a big, round “O.” (Laughter) Claudia Miner: That is “The Zero Song.” (Laughter) And here are Odd Todd and Even Steven
to teach you some things about numbers. And here are the Word Birds, and they’re going to show you
when you blend letter sounds together, you can form words. You can see that instruction
is short, colorful and catchy, designed to capture a child’s attention. But there’s another piece to UPSTART that makes it different
and more effective. UPSTART puts parents in charge
of their children’s education. We believe, with the right support, all parents can get their children
ready for school. Here’s how it works. This is the kindergarten readiness
checklist from a state. And almost every state has one. We go to parents wherever they are, and we conduct a key
in-person group training. And we tell them the software can check
every reading, math and science box, but they’re going to be responsible
for motor skills and self-help skills, and together, we’re going to work
on social emotional learning. Now, we know this is working because we have a 90-percent
completion rate for the program. Last year, that translated
into 13,500 children “graduating,” with diplomas, from UPSTART. And the results have been amazing. We have an external evaluation that shows our children
have two to three times the learning gains as children who don’t
participate in the program. We have a random control trial that shows
strong evidence of effectiveness, and we even have a longitudinal study that shows our children’s gains
last into third and fourth grade, the highest grades the children
had achieved at the time. Those are academic gains. But another study has shown
that our children’s social emotional gains are equal to those of children
attending public and private preschool. The majority of the 60,000 children
who have participated in UPSTART to date have been from Utah. But we have replicated our results with African-American
children in Mississippi — this is Kingston and his mother; with English language
learners in Arizona — this is Daisy and her family; with refugee children in Philadelphia —
this is my favorite graduation photo; and with Native American children from some of the most remote
parts of the United States. This is Cherise, and this is
where she lives in Monument Valley. Now, there are skeptics about UPSTART. Some people don’t believe young children
should have screen time. To them, we say: UPSTART’s usage requirement
of 15 minutes a day, five days a week, is well within the hour-a-day recommended
by the American Academy of Pediatrics for four-year-olds. Some people believe
only site-based preschool can work, and to them, we say:
site-based preschool is great, but if you can’t get a child there
or if a parent won’t send a child there, isn’t a technology-delivered,
results-based option a great alternative? And we love working
with site-based preschools. Right now, there are
800 children in Mississippi going to Head Start during the day and doing UPSTART at night
with their families. Our audacious idea is to take UPSTART
across the country — not to replace anything; we want to serve children who otherwise
would not have access to early education. We have the guts to take on the skeptics, we have the energy to do the work, and we have a plan. It is the role of the states
to educate their children. So first we will use philanthropy dollars to go into a state to pilot
the program and get data. Every state believes it’s unique and wants to know that the program
will work with its children before investing. Then we identify key leaders in the state
to help us champion UPSTART as an option for unserved children. And together, we go to state legislatures to transition UPSTART from philanthropy to sustainable and scalable state funding. That plan has worked — (Applause) Thanks. Thank you. That plan has worked
in three states to date: Utah, Indiana and South Carolina. We’ve also piloted the program
in a number of states and identified champions. Next, we’re moving to states
with the greatest geographic barriers to work the plan, and then on to states
that already have early education but may not be getting
great academic results or great parent buy-in to participate. From there, we go to the states that are going to require the most data
and work to convince, and we’ll hope our momentum
helps turn the tide there. We will serve a quarter of a million
children in five years, and we will ensure that states continue
to offer UPSTART to their children. Here’s how you can help: for two thousand dollars, we can provide a child
with UPSTART, a computer and internet, and that child will be part of the pilot that makes certain other children
get UPSTART in the future. We also need engaged citizens
to go to their government and say just how easy it can be
to get children ready for school. You wouldn’t be here
if you weren’t an engaged citizen, so we’re asking for your help. Now, will all of us this make UPSTART
a watershed moment in early education? I believe together we can make it one. But I can tell you without a doubt that UPSTART is a watershed moment in the life of a child who otherwise
would not be ready for school. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. Memories🙂. My baby had to be physically removed from me on her first day. She cried. I cried. The principal & my husband got mad at me for crying. I stayed for 2 hours watching thru the window and she cried herself to sleep. It was rough we laugh now but I cried the entire day. She was only 4 and had never been anywhere w/o us. My girl.

  2. Thank God we the people can choose not to "require" our 4 year olds to be subject to your technocracy brainwashing. F. U.

  3. Just have universal pre K and be done with it. Also 2 years of college at public universities or 4-12 month trade schools. Set this new system up just like grade/high school, except college and trade school will be optional. Pre K should be mandatory but more lenient then grade school.

  4. How about we stop pushing this fake need for babies to be ripped from their families for unnecessary compulsory schooling. Fix the family. Go back to play based kinder, half day a couple days a week. Fix the family. This is ridiculous. The answer isn't MORE school. This is a bandaid. Fix the family! Fix the family! Fix the family first! This is absolute bs and a waste of money. Fix the family. Support the family. We already have Sesame Street. Play. Play. Play. The kids aren't happy. The families are broken. Somehow, the answer is more school? Unbelievable.

  5. Here is another TED TALK that parents might be interested in.
    Get ready for Drag Queen Story Hour in the Kindergarten classrooms.

  6. Children are not supposed to be in kundergarten to begin with. They are supposed to be taken care of and brought up by their parents and close relatives.

  7. How many of us really use the things we’ve learned in school? Everything I really needed in life – How to manage money, credit, loans, buying a car, renting an apartment, etc. I learned through trial and error. The school system is just an indoctrination to build more slaves for jobs. 🙄 and they beat you down and label you with everything in the book for even questioning their authority.

  8. Yanks are indoctrinated into a bullshit education system.
    It's why the vast majority are rude, arrogant & pig ignorant!
    (And why they're hated so much worldwide.)

  9. A NEW WAY?
    Like what?…..

    …… stick a syringe in them and feed them petroleum silicone-based food and insert a cellulose carcinogenic nicotine based sponge shielding and protecting removable batteries inside their lung endodermal implant attached skull band with their eyes plucked out and wired up to a screen visor with Holograms and blackout with camera and magnification and then strap lock shoes with a magnetic deadlock that brings their hands to their feet and puts them on the ground in less than a heartbeat that can be suspended from a cop needle syringe linked up to one of the battery packs in the lung pre-positioned with their ears disconnected and wired 2 an audio device that the principal has?

    The way things are going,…
    ….. we're going to have to start thinking about making some other changes before we put energy into preparing kids for 'kindergarten'.

    …. being that the word kindergarten is German and kind of profiling, seeming that another group likes to reference a certain time in history for their own needs,….. should we change the name of kindergarten to something else like the other group had gotten the names of Lee Street in Florida changed?

    ….. or shall we just pretend that nothing is bad and brainwash ourselves By ignoring everything in our rest of our daily lives and do business as usual?
    ….. why would people want to prepare their kids for kindergarten when schools are under scrutiny?


    …… except for those that are on panels that have influence to make the changes that parents really want and are better for the kids in this new world…… they may have to explain one day once the correct type of reforms start to happen.

  10. Okay but I don't understand how this is different than sesame street. I get that it's important to teach kids social interactions, but with parents who work two jobs or kids in foster care this doesn't seem like a super viable option.

  11. Hahahaha. Go to college. What a joke … nobody needs college in this day and age very historical thinking in that woman

  12. Look at Finland, they start school later than we do, and they have the best educational outcomes in the world. Preschool is not the answer for at risk kids.

  13. The concept is great but it only requires more involved parenting. I think it's a 'fruits of your labor' type thing cause it's more difficult for us to teach them than it is for them to learn. Patience is key mates

  14. This is fantastic! I just made a research proposal on kindergarten readiness by evaluating early education/intervention programs. Engaging parents in their children's education is a continual frustration for teachers.

  15. Here in Sweden the "refugees" send their kids back to africa for schooling since the swedish school is not proper for them. (not islamic enough)

  16. This is a bad sales pitch. 15 minutes of watching Sesame street w. Parents would have the exact same result. Reading to your kids has even better results. Stop begging for our tax money. So grossed out by this.

  17. Five minutes and 26 seconds until you get to the race and skin color talk. TED is obsessed with melanin. It is the central pillars of the "social justice" religion.

  18. We could just make Andrew Yang our president or something:

    Early childhood education for all: https://www.yang2020.com/policies/early-childhood-education/

    Life skills education in all high schools:

  19. You couldn't find a less enthusiastic person to talk about this subject if you tried. Also, these learning games have been around since as early as1992. That's not an exaggeration. The Upstart production quality looks worse than games like Putt Putt or Freddi the Fish from that era.

  20. Low quality video computer instruction for young children won't help them get ready. Experts define social readiness as a foundation for academic learning, and children will not get that at home on a computer. This is a money making scam.

  21. This is awesome! My child is participating right now! We started her this summer. She has been in pre school since last year and is in 4yo this year. This program is amazing, my daughter is pre reading and writing. She is learning math and science too! Only 20-30 mins a day 5x’s a week!

  22. From an Annenberg-Brown study of Head Start: "we found no statistically significant impacts on earnings and mixed evidence of impacts on other adult outcomes". Additional evaluation here: https://www.chalkbeat.org/posts/us/2019/08/08/head-start-early-childhood-education-long-term-effects-research/

  23. I didn't attend kindergarten, so I felt I was not really ready for primary school, but I was fine at school. the first in the class, mind you. kids nowadays should even be "ready" for kindergarten.

  24. sounds like an advertisement. The cost says it all, 2k for the program is wayyy too much. a capable computer can cost 200-300$ nowadays, then what? You supposedly earned 60k*2k = 120m but I assume most of those kids got it for free, but still you see this program should cost pennies but the catch is, it doesn't, that's because you goal is not to educate and there is a conflict of interest there

  25. The problem with having a historian running the future of education is it isn't bringing in new ideas. This sounds like a new version of "teaching for the test" with bright colors and 20 year old graphics. Engagement with kids would be way more impactful for a generation that has a iPad before they are out of diapers

  26. ….Who needs all these sick persons? The tittle of this video should be ''a new way to get every child under more and more control and restriction''. I am very glad that I don't live in the States. American people wake up!!!

  27. Thinking this fundraiser and its lack of support might clue in someone that UPSTART is not supported. 15 MILLION subs and the average viewership seems to run at 10% and this video has fewer than 30K views.

    I was reminded, when father asked my brother to help pay electricity bills with cash. then while on the road my brother saw a lottery ad with a prize for our father's dream car, then he spent all that money to buy a lottery. after he returned home, he told everything to father. then dad was very angry and my brother was hit by dad. several days later, surprisingly. there is a new edition Ford car parked outside our house, yes right, it is father dream car. our family was very surprised by that. My mother crying loudly and after seeing for some time, my brother started crying louder than my mom, when suddenly two electricians came out to unplug electricity in our house because they did not pay. Then the younger brother was beaten again by Father.
    Thanks for Google translate, now I can share to the world.

  29. If you're not talking about separating the sexes in early education, you're not even starting to touch on any sort of issue or solution to early education.

  30. These people seem to forget that we put men on the moon with people educated in small school houses, using pencils and slide rules.

  31. Emm… Maybe we should change our school's methods? Why our poor kids have to start learning more earlier again to gain this f*ing good grades. I think this approach doesn't work about 30 years already.

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