9 thoughts on “A Michael Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Lesson”

  1. Love it. I used to use the Garrison Environmental Method to teach phonics. Very similar. I'd like to know all the hand motions she is using for sounds.

  2. Nice video. What about the blond boy on the right in the blue hawiian shirt? He was struggling and ended up zoning out by the end of the lesson. I'm wondering if the teacher was able to check in with him, or help him out? I'm wondering what a teacher could do (1) to notice the boy or others like him, and (2) to find out the reason he didn't follow? Very good video BTW.

  3. So these kiddos really have pretty good PA. Where did they begin? I want to see what happens with a student who cannot blend, or perceives sounds in words?

  4. I am a sped resource teacher, I would like to try out some of these strategies for my k-2 students who are struggling with phonemic awareness. Thank you

  5. I like the hand gestures and would also like to know your source for them.

    Just a reminder: when letter sounds are made properly, you won't hear an /u/ or schwa at the end. The sound for t is /t/, NOT /tu/. The sound for p is /p/, NOT /pu/.

    The sounds for d, g, w, and some others do have a tiny throat sound in them, but your chin does not drop when you make them. A dropping chin is a sign that you are making a sound wrong. Very critical for dyslexic students to have crisp phonemes modeled; it lends itself to easier blending of sounds into words or nonsense words.

  6. Greetings! How do you associate the hand gestures with each sound? Was this a part of the Heggerty Lesson? Did this lesson also provide the words that you were using?

  7. Hello mam….m ur big fan n watchng ur all videos …bt m vry upset that i could nt find ur phonics song that is awesome one…kindly upload ur phonics song plzzz

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