A message to the Class of 2022

– Hello, Class of 2022. Even as you get ready to embark
on this brand-new journey, I just wanna encourage
you to just dive into all that Georgetown has to offer you. Get involved with things that you think you would probably never be interested in, but you will be pleasantly surprised. – Dear Class of 2022, you have a very nervous but also very
exciting time ahead of you. I can’t wait to welcome you to Doha but most importantly
the Georgetown campus. – Hi, Class of 2022, we’re so excited to have you here. It’s gonna be a joyful journey, and welcome to the Georgetown family. – Hi, Class of 2022, welcome to Georgetown and we’re very excited
that you are coming. I’m sure that you guys are
very excited and nervous and you don’t know what to do, you can’t contain this excitement, but let me tell you that
there’re a lot of opportunities awaiting you here. – Hi, Class of 2022. So I know you might be
feeling nervous about coming to Georgetown, but I just
wanted to let you know that everyone feels the
same and, once you’re here, you will find your people so rest assured that everything will be fine. – Hi, Class of 2022,
welcome to Georgetown. I look forward to meeting
all of you in the fall and I hope you have an amazing four years. – Hey, Class of 2022, congratulations on your acceptance to Georgetown. You’re gonna learn so much
in your four years here and develop academically, professionally, and, more importantly, as a person. – Dear the Class of 2022,
welcome to Georgetown. You have an exciting
few years ahead of you, filled with amazing
friends, great professors, and a welcoming campus. – Dear freshmen, welcome to Georgetown. I hope you’re excited to experience Qatar like you’ve never experienced it before. I hope you’re ready to
lean a lot about politics and experience a lot of new diversity. – Just immerse yourself in the process. Trust the process and you’ll find that it works beautifully out for you. – Make new friends, meet professors, explore what you want to do. Trust me, it’s going to be
very different what you expect but it’s going to be a lot of fun. Hoya saxa. – Hoya saxa. – Hoya saxa.
– Hoya saxa. – Hoya saxa. – Hoya saxa. – Hoya saxa.
– Hoya saxa. – Hoya saxa.

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