A Master Tier Thresh Main Coached Me – ft. Takitsu

hi so recently I've been trying to figure out what videos to make and I decided I should make a video on something that I'm really good at and fortunately I am really good at being really bad at new champions so let's go find someone who plays a champion really well no I've seen your thresh fit perfect this is tickets ooh a master to your Thresh player with 1.5 million mastery points on Thresh so teaching me shouldn't be that hard you're absolutely wrong what they banned Thresh what am I supposed to do now I even got two kids ooh here plug it YouTube and log on a smurf alright surrender through this Thresh lining guide and ten seconds go you know start flowing we push for our level two okay oh my god that was actually good I did something it'll get it they want to see something fantastic guides to hitting fresh sucks guys hitting fresh dose honestly with the rank of these people you probably throw it straight out ok I see alright on a scale from one to ten which do you prefer Stan captain or coach wait what I'm gonna need a new guide to these hooks here okay new plan of attack just throw it whichever wall they're closed or do what hey what do I build typically want to go as east convergence first right since I'm like more of an auto-attack ad than an ability ad okay I was gonna ask why is that basing to have that covered great I'm gonna go right just lurk okay you know I said not to do it before but this Ash steps up when you're welcome to try flash wait a second wait did you hear that you're welcome to try flash okay this is it everything I've been waiting for everything I've been training for since I really interrupted two kids who's stream the flash hook the madlife play that I just started playing Thresh and I want to look cool play all of it all of it entrusted to me by coach the master tier that hey don't throw it at the wall that hey don't build righteous glory but you're fuckin built it anyways coach it's like he's passing the torch on to me I need to make sure he's sure confirmation yes get here you're allowed to try and flash okay that should not work what do you think okay so I forgot to ask coach how many stars he'd give me for that performance but after that flash hook I'm sure it's pretty clear about two out of five

21 thoughts on “A Master Tier Thresh Main Coached Me – ft. Takitsu”

  1. Usually I look at videos posted on Reddit and they are trashcan, like lil snot nosed children. But seriously, how do you not have more subscribers? Your quality is insane. I almost feel discouraged to make videos since even someone of your quality isn't already at a million subs. Is it because you have been more consistently uploading recently?

    Great job man no homo

  2. TOO SHORT … NEED MORE YOONA CONTENT … or just make more videos šŸ˜‰ jk jokes aside again another awesome video man keep it up!

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