A legacy of learning | Dean Mark P. Taylor

Scholarships are absolutely
transformational. They can make a huge difference to a person’s life. Normal career path for people of my background, which was blue collar, would be to go
into an industry at age 15, maybe 16. My father, my brothers worked in the auto
industry. I was the the first person to get the equivalent of a high school
diploma in my family. I had a very good headmaster who suggested from a
relatively early age I ought to think seriously about going to university and not only go to university but you ought to go to Oxford University, perhaps getting a
scholarship. Without that scholarship I without a doubt would not have been able
to go to university. Being placed in that very very diverse environment for the
first time in my life allowed me to compare and measure myself and also
flourish in that environment. I’m particularly passionate about
providing scholarships. The more students we can support the greater
impact we’ll be having on society, the greater investment we’ll be having in
the next generation. I would dearly like people watching this
video to think about investments that can be made by investing in scholarships
and I would urge them to to join us to commit to our students and to invest.

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