A.I. Experiments: Making it easier for anyone to explore A.I.

SPEAKER: From the
beginning, people have been tinkering,
experimenting, taking things apart, trying things out. And when lots of people are able
to get involved in this process and play around with
tools and technology, it gets better for everyone. Recently, this
has been happening with artificial
intelligence, especially with machine learning. Lots of people are
getting involved, exploring speech, language,
image recognition, and more. And that work is being
applied in helpful ways. In something like
Google Photos, you can now just type “dancing”
to find all your pictures of dancing. But if you’re curious and
want to play with this stuff and you’re poking
around things like this trying to understand
how it all works, it can be pretty intimidating. That’s why we’ve created a
site called AI Experiments. It’s a showcase for simple,
hands-on experiments that show how machine learning can make
sense of all kinds of things like sound– [BIRD CALLS] –language, music– [PLAYS MUSIC] –live video, everyday objects– COMPUTER VOICE 1: Drink. COMPUTER VOICE 2: Drink. SPEAKER: –even in
different languages, and your messy doodles. COMPUTER VOICE 3: I see
frying pan or whale. Oh, I know. It’s snowman. SPEAKER: For each
experiment, there’s a simple video explainer
by the people who made it. There are links to
open source code to make it easier for others
to make new experiments. And people can submit
what they make. All of this is an effort to
make this technology more accessible to everyone–
engineers, hobbyists, students, anyone who’s curious. This way, anyone can get
inspired to start making things with machine learning. So come and start playing
at g.co/aiexperiments.

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