A History Teacher Reacts | Oversimplified – French Revolution (Part 2)

okay you too mr. Terry back here once again for another history video today we are watching part 2 of oversimplified video series on the French Revolution if you haven't seen part 1 make sure you see that first so you can see what's going on but today we're gonna finish up part 2 as always I'm gonna leave a link down below to the original video if you like the original animated video here make sure that you go to the link and give support to the oversimplified crew who do such you know amazing work with these with these types of videos so alright let's go ahead and get started part 2 King Louie and his family we're now in the Tuileries palace in Paris were for the next couple of years he watched as a revolutionary government began to strip away his power and fearing for his safety he had to stay on her good side Hey look who it is it's my favorite revolutionaries yep I'm your number one fan what right so we've made a few decisions first all of your friends and the nobility are gonna have to pay taxes the same as everyone else great idea I love it and as a side note the tax money can no longer pay for all your lavish parties great I hate those parties they're so awkward and also we're taking away your porch come on I mean yay you know you get the feeling at this point it doesn't look good for the king right and if you saw part one you know exact it's just every step the revolution is taking is slowly chipping away at the power of the monarchy itself right and again in the early and the early days would have been very radical for those that really were supporting the idea of getting rid of the monarchy completely you know what I mean people looked at England for an example the UK with how they have a constitutional monarchy where you got this monarchy figurehead and then you have a constitution that limits those powers and gives rights to the people and holds people holds holds the government accountable that way by government I mean the monarchy at this time and you can see yeah he's kind of just playing with it with this little adaptation he's kind of playing with the kind of the flow of things where it's like he's going to have to get on board and some of these things especially at this point otherwise he's gonna lose what little he's he has probably at this point so brilliant other choice the King continually found demand after demand being made of him to prove his support for the revolution yeah on one occasion a mob would invade the palace and demand he wear the revolutionary bonnet this is the face of a man who is definitely pretending he wants to wear that bomb yeah now around here I want to mention that one thing King Louie had a problem with was people coming out of those a revolutionary bomb one thing he didn't have a problem with was raiding noobs on this video sponsor rate shadows like the ad raid shadow legends is a brand-new collection RPG game oh it's like these plays so it supports this looks like something here in to make sure you don't there's over 400 champions for you to collect and as is going here you see with events like what happened he's that the event selected the Tennis Court Oath things like that he is not the King King Louie has not shown himself somebody that is a personal revolution he kind of needs to now especially if I'm a new player program as the viola is gonna pick up good see you there it's gonna be bad no where was I oh yeah revolutionary but lead to slow changed him the King decided it might be a good idea to leave France and mount a campaign to retake his country from abroad luckily for him he was married to an Austrian so on the night of June 20 of 1791 the king and his family bad idea ourselves his servants and attempted to flee to the Austrian Netherlands bad idea if you want to show that you are a person of the people don't leave the people and he doesn't do that now it's he does it in secrecy he's not announcing he's leaving but you can see he's got other plans up his sleeves like try to find other countries than her support of him of course Austria is because they are an alliance and the Queen of course is Austrian herself so he's making looks like he's making this this this almost looks more like an escape than anything else it would be really bad if he got caught because if he gets caught it looks like he's fleeing he is not somebody that supports the revolution let alone somebody that wants to destroy it for within so this is a very dangerous move here King and his family disguised themselves as servants and attempted to flee to the Austrian Netherlands the royal carriage made a stop in the town of her rent and the postmaster there was like hey guys what's up where you off to we are but a collection of inconspicuous servants heading for the border say you the fat one you look kind of familiar maybe the king nope let me see your passport it says here your king louis xvi nope not me take him away boys the king was problem if that's true I thought I had heard something before that they'd spotted him on coinage that may not I might be mixing that up a sudden Allison if that if that was another thing let me know that it spot him because face on a coin I might be thinking of something I was wrong or different correct me if I'm wrong but if you really had a passport his own name that was a really stupid plan promptly returned to Paris but now oh yeah now it's a support for the Revolution was clear to all and many considered him a straight-up traitor who tried to abandon his Peter Pan silhouette the new constitution of 1791 who cuts to to shoot his powers to batters the cane at your head a constitutional monarch whoever radicals such as those in the Jacobin Club were outraged that the King wasn't to be removed entirely so a month later these radicals States our protest got divided France's calling for the Kings removal the government of Paris feared an insurrection was mounting and they sent the military to disperse the crowd the confrontation escalated and resulted in the revolutionary National Guard firing on a crowd of revolutionaries it was a massacre the incident exposed a deep division given the Brotherhood of the revolution a one side the moderates who wanted to keep the king as a figurehead on the other radicals who wanted to see the kingdom post and heads rolled in the this is a problem when you have a revolution like this that has so such a vast difference between the people what they want that's that's very difficult especially if you were if you care at all about and are willing to compromise right willing to actually compromise so you got these moderates over here that would like to see the King remain in power but not or I mean remain but not necessarily have the power that they want right a constitutional monarch where we have these radicals the jacobins who are like no so this is I think a really difficult point is what are they going to decide to do here because you you risk alienating and and people that side with you on a lot of things but not on all things right and some people worried this is where you create your own enemy out of your own people you have your own people they support on some things and you basically radicalize them by failing to compromise and then they distrust people within their own group so it's kind of dividing well from within and then that's gonna be very difficult to do to see if they can actually agree on things because there were so many things that looked like they agreed upon at this point but now you're getting two points we're very disagreeable again like the what should be the future of the monarchy which is not something you really needed to discuss early on but now you definitely need to address it especially after the events of him trying to flee France so this is going to be difficult of how they can come to some kind of compromise if they can figure head on the other radicals who wanted to see the kingdom post and heads roll in the wake of the massacre these radicals received a wave of support and speaking of rolling hills one form of equality the Revolution introduced was equality in execution this meant new more torturous drawing and quartering no more inhumane hanging they wanted all criminals regardless of economic status to receive the same penalty that's very and painless we cool luckily a man by the name of dr. Joseph guillotine had an idea we all know that bulls like thunder the head flies off blood spurts and the man is no more the guillotine otherwise known as the national razor the guillotine made its debut in 1791 as the new form of execution the writings of Marat and others continue to call for the execution of anyone suspected of working against the river let's talk about the guillotine this is one of the things I get all the time in class you know there's that morbid curiosity that people have about the guillotine and how it works and I get say morbid questions all the time or it's like mr. chary I heard that you know when your head gets cut off that your body can like survive for a little bit and your head can even have functionality for a while and I go through and I you know I talk about it and show things all these weird studies apparently that people have done of trying to test consciousness even after somebody has been decapitated but that's a story for another time you're gonna go to that if you're to that morbid curiosity but the idea the guillotine such a interesting I guess thing for the fact that a way to execute people if you're wondering why not just chop a head off or a firing squad or all of those sort of things now you you heard them talk about how it's like they're almost trying to make executions humane but I mean what you're killing somebody out there is much Hugh manatee that you agree upon with that you'd be like well who cares if it's humane or not it's someone that's gonna be dead right but the idea not that it's like I mean it's supposed to be a painless thing and all that sort of thing but that it was supposed to yes supposedly a you know be like a painless thing and that also that it was regardless of social class whether you were low class middle class upper class that you had this this equal type of execution everybody got the guillotine right which is interesting I know if they think that is like like something to be proud of in a way that it's like we don't discriminate our sacrifices based on social class everybody gets the same on and if they wore that as a badge of honor or something kind of interesting psychology behind that but nevertheless yeah this is going to happen now the guillotine itself now in it before the guillotine you know executions would be done and beheadings of course were a common thing and the problem with beheadings in before before the guillotine was it's not as easy as you think it is like you'd think all right just lay somebody down on a tree stump and give them one nice swift blow with an axe that was not always the case in fact in in in and beheadings with a classical you know beheading with an axe it was actually quite common that the axe did not actually make one clean blow though you'd only get through part of the neck which would be again a gory painful and humane thing I guess depending on the blow if you're still conscious at that time but it was a messy inefficient process so the Joseph I believe key of town was his name was you know invented this you know the blade and I think I think originally – the blade was flat but that is not good either because there's a lot more friction all hitting at the same time so that's they go the serrated edge you know where it's diagonal like this which supposedly makes a clear cut and it was it was an efficient thing it came down one you know one swift blow and as as humane and efficient and as less messy I guess as a possible for a beheading but nevertheless when this thing comes out people were all four and of course you did in public right because was always you know to show off that way so you see these hardcore put like a support as a revolution like Marat here who are all about this and wanna you know use this over and over solution for him this included some members of the clergy and nobility who had previously benefited from the cruel system of inequality that existed before the Revolution in many parts of the countryside local lords had found themselves become a target sire the peasants they're revolting oh come on that's a bit harsher they smell a bit but I wouldn't say they're repelled okay that kind of revolt increasingly these French aristocratic and fleeing France to find solitude in other parts of Europe and once again fear began to take hold the privileged classes of these four nations didn't like what they were seeing because they feared revolutionary ideas may spread to yes lands the National Assembly very important idea we have this discussion in my classes if you are a monarch of another nation what do you think of the revolution a couple things to think about that you could be like you know maybe France was your enemy in the past you know and you're another monarchy and you're like cool there'd fallen apart you know what I mean and maybe it makes them vulnerable you know two future attacks or whatever it is you wanna you want to do with them but yeah maybe you're you know like yeah I hate that monarchy of France good good riddance and and those sort of things but then I'm sure eventually if you're a monarch if that was your original thought process eventually you'd come to the point where you got wait these are ordinary people overtaking their king and they're very clear about the reasons by it and you could probably take that process and to go and wait these things that the monarchy had been doing in France or in our culture we find this – is this going to then influence people in our country so other monarchs else became very fearful of this right because again because they don't want it to happen in their country they don't want their peasants or whatever they're people to feel inspired to this especially if this thing's gonna be successful which we don't we still don't know at this time if the french revolution is going to be actually successful but if you're a king even if you hated france you almost be rooting for the monarchy because again you don't want to see that happen in your country so it's an interesting like like double edged sword there about what the rest of europe is is they're keeping an eye on this is big news keep an eye on of how it could turn out cuz it could go a lot of different ways who knows what they were seen because they feared revolutionary ideas may spread to their own lands the National Assembly actually now the Legislative Assembly feared that these nations were named to the side bunch of times back then why don't we attack them first no you idiots we are definitely not ready for war yet you're going to attack all the other countries at once France declared war in Austria in April 1792 and immediately got pummeled it also didn't help that Austria's Ally Prussia joined in the fighting the Prussian Duke of Brunswick posted a letter warning the revolutionaries that if anything happened to the king he would burn Paris to the ground The Dukes letter proved to be a massive success in inspiring the people rights the only exactness of their king of what he intended they were enraged by the threat and on the 10th of August 1792 the tension in the city exploded and a mob stormed the king's palace fighting broke out between the revolutionaries and the Kings Swiss Guard with casualties in the hundreds King Louie fled and took refuge in the chamber of the Legislative Assembly where Rev spear and his radical Jacobins were gaining ever more power given the do so is becoming more Miranda decided to hold a vote and then what some considered to be a second revolution it was decided to suspend the monarchy entirely King Louie the 16th now powerless Lane old Louie and he was sent to a prison cell where an eye could be kept on it a month later the newly established National Convention officially declared the French Republic and society underwent a massive change enlightened ideas of democracy and equality were being implemented but very quickly these ideas seem to become secondary to fear paranoia and a thirst for blood didn't so you have to think the people you know in Europe too are also seeing this potentially as an experience but especially if you're somebody that was in another country that was supportive of the Revolution which was what's gonna be the product here what are they going to look like because there's not really a lot of Republic type structures here in Europe it's still in a lot of in a lot of nations now it's all varying degrees of monarchical power but you know it's still an age of absolutism right absolute monarchy and it's kind of an experiment you know and as he as the American Revolution was in a way kind of an experiment that the French could look at big difference of course is America was fighting for your dependence from a foreign nation the French are fighting their own nation right so it's a different outcome you can't just declare independence and then do whatever with it the French have to build a new country or kind of rebuild and eliminate an existing structure here but there's not necessarily a good handbook for this other than maybe the American Revolution where they can use some of the ideas especially with a constitution down the road and but it's still quite a quite a interesting experiment especially if the people are and what it should look like yet be still at this point the gut the the king is out of power but he still is around you know what I mean so that brings up another question is if you're gonna be a republic can you have a former king Lane around right what if he wants to try to do a power grab you know what I mean try to maybe lay low for a bit and then try to do a paragraph so that's going to bring another discussion here that I'm sure they'll talk about is can you allow a king do you kick him out just exile him kick him out of the country or do you lock him up do you what do you know what do you do with there's a lot of options but the Republic is very very fragile New Republic began working to violently remove any semblance of the old royalist regime the church became a prime target priests who refused to take enough to the revolution were deported or arrested a new state sponsored a theistic religion named the cult of Reason was created as a replacement for the Catholic Church not your damned along with it's this again you go back to help any wondering why why would they like kick out religion and also you got to understand what the power of the Catholic Church was forever remember the first estate right the top class in society in France was the clergy it was the church they owned 10% of the land even though they were like 1% of the population didn't pay taxes then and the monarchy were completely like in ER until intertwined in their function so the power of the church and and trying to needed they think to be to stop to make sure that that power structure isn't still existing so you can see a little bit of a guy oh look at it very much as a as more like demolishing a political institution probably more than even a philosophical thing but because of how much power again the church had in the past many other churches had their religious treasures destroyed and were converted to temples of reason even the Christian calendar didn't survive as a brand new calendar calendar soon introduced hey honey I'm home yep hold on I want to look let's look back at what they as a brand you these things right here so check this out the New Republic my gosh look at how many changes there are 100 seconds per minute 100 minutes per hour ten hours in a day an entirely new set of months you have heard I like the month of the Thermidor or something this sounds like a disaster here you can't be on it just a totally different calendar thing and timing structure than the rest of the world that would be a logistical nightmare so as you know this this probably isn't gonna hold up very long but what an interesting thing to try to attempt their visionary calendar was soon introduced hey honey I'm home yeah whatever jerk whoa what's wrong with you you forgot forgot what everything this entire year my birthday was on the third of germinal yeah it was the 12th of Thermidor Midori you promised that in primary we'd go on a romantic weekend trip to Venice no I said would do that in December December hasn't been a thing for years so yeah it'd be such a nightmare now under the control of the radical school rounding up enemies of the revolution and sending them to prison in the thousands naturally a large number of those arrested were members of the clergy and aristocracy as Frances foreign enemies continue to close in panic spread Georgetown phone made impassioned calls for men to defend the Republic and tens of thousands of troops left Paris for the frontlines however in their absence Paris was left to its own devices as enemy troops arrived in Verdun the people of Paris feared that their crowded prisons were becoming a breeding ground for counter revolutionary conspiracy better take care of yourself impressions reached Paris and Crete the aristocrats Marat believed he knew what would happen the aristocrats would enact their vengeance on the people fearing those they had all everything's based on farmers descended on Paris's prisons they broke in and during the brutal September massacres aristocrats priests and others were tried and executed on this spot even women and children weren't spared with over 1,600 victims not much addition a success rate across Europe one British newspaper wondered are these the rights of men yeah is this the liberty of human nature good point right they had been preaching the Siad rights of people and equality and whatever and then look what they're doing they are being incredibly violent right you punish these people just because of their social standing that they were born into or whatever it is and and of course I went further than that too because this is done by the radical group right the radicals inside the revolution here and they're the ones that are taking it so far where they're like we can't we can't just like create this new country we have to eliminate all that oppose what we are trying to go for all the opposition almost like our country cannot be created and cannot go forward while there's still resistance there and as you can tell if you're doing these these trials or whatever even you can't even really calm trials but these judgments these sentences almost right on the spot you can't imagine there can be a lot of defense for people and you wonder how many people actually get executed or whatever jailed imprisoned that maybe did not necessarily show all of that anti revolution kind of excitement or whatever and because I know too it's like it wasn't just like being supportive of the king that made you the bad guy like I think it goes even far enough where it's like you don't hate them enough like you don't hate the monarch you know if you're not supportive of the revolution enough you know what I mean and this this fear that's going on is obviously it's like there's no they don't want anyone sitting on the fence here and again when you look at the brutality of what is about to happen here in the coming months you know a quote like this the you know ina London is very very fitting in that way and it makes you question a lot of it and my pride makes you think is this thing just gonna crumble in on itself anyways but there was still one man in particular that Robespierre and his radicals really wanted to see executed Austria and Prussia pledged that after they defeated France they'd return King Louie to the throne well checkmate Austrian Prussia he couldn't I can't return a man to the throne if he's already dead citizen Louie cafe was put on trial for treason obviously he was found guilty but his punishment was less certain many moderates wanted to simply deport him the robe Speer insisted that position could are to live if the king was dead a vote was held and by just one vote Louie was sentenced to the get guillotine Wow so yeah because it's like okay exile and maybe you can get them out but the bottom line the fear here that Robespierre and people like him we're saying is you'd all that's gonna do is that's gonna make it worse like he's gonna go out to some country again like Austria or something and just regroup and they may take over you know no matter what he says he may say hey if you just let me go I'll promise I'll never bother you again but I mean they don't trust this but you could see how I mean look at the votes here how divided this new government actually is about the the question of the king you know and as one vote difference right justifiable to take you know this man's life and of course that's their system they're going to do here so amazing you have the people have voted to execute their king not a lot of instances of that in history if you don't mind I'd like to say a few words first address gentleman I am innocent of everything of which I am again wait you're to his priests recorded his speech by the way if you want to look it up sometime it's not the guns firing her husband's death before long she would meet this same fate back at time literal full set a role for a second so that's a question to now of course of what they're saying is okay we've we've killed off the king he's no longer an issue what about his wife right what needs to happen to her same thing let her go back home to Austria where she's from that's gonna bring another set of discussions in but anyways they've executed their King and what now to do with the Queen death before long she would weep this same fate back on the warfarin France defied all they execute other games when they execute me to a few months later then more countries joined the coalition against France and it all went to pot again what do we do cun script the masses the National Convention introduced a conscription the other fourteen parts multiple nations there's a border of men for the army however not everyone was happy with this new law you see while Paris was definitely a hotbed for radical revolutionary fervor some of the regions outside of Paris weren't quite so keen on the Revolution some were largely still conservative still supported the church and just didn't suffer from that much inequality before the Revolution that almost sounds a little bit like the American Revolution right where the American Revolution the most revolutionary of the revolutionaries word city people right there were people who lived in somewhere like Boston people that have that interact the most with that which they're revolting against where you know if you're live in a rural area you don't see as much of the impact you live in a little bit more of a bubble here so that is a common thing that you find if you're comparing contrasting these type of scenarios with other ones so as the Revolution turned increasingly violent and anti-christian many were outraged now they were being conscripted to fight for the New Republic they hated yeah that was the last straw counter revolutionary uprisings erupted in a number reunified something that starters would last for years such as in the northwest where a large scale operating was led by the owl's why were they called the Allen's was named Jean out why was he called John out possibly because he could do a really good impression of a now really that's what we're going with owls just because this guy can do an impression of one hit him with it you don't do it good you nail that yeah okay that's pretty good the shiner II uprising last fearless in the summer hold on were they booting listen to the people the shiner II uprising lasted all the way until 1800 yeah in the summer 1793 the southern city of tulang invited the British Navy over for some tea and crumpets oh not good ideas did they possibly like to stay in occupy the city being an important naval for your biggest enemy heavy blow to the Republic we sent a relatively unknown young captain by the name of the moon Bonaparte to help stage the siege of the city Toulon was recaptured by friends in the winter the video which Napoleon was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General loved to do a Napoleon episode about whatever heard something sometime because his experience through the revolution is a very interesting one because he's on the outside right he is gonna be fighting he's like fighting for the revolution on its borders rather than from the inside so he's these are from a different perspective and that's a really interesting thing because he's going to sort of rise out of the the ashes that is this thing so love to do something on him later if there's something good react to or whatever if you know anything let me know the most infamous counter-revolution however occurred in the Bombay region throughout 1793 revolutionary forces clashed with the region's Catholic and royal army the Republic defeated the counter-revolution through cruel pacification in particular General jean-baptiste carrier committed brutal atrocities in one instance he had thousands of civilians priests women and children tied to ships which were then sunk carrier would later be found guilty of war crimes Wow and executed brutal back in Paris negotiations still beyond itself here moderates with the war going badly revolts in the provinces and the economy getting worse it seemed the government just wasn't doing a very good job radical courier for the safe little they're doing intensified and Marat even began calling for the moderates in the government to be executed in return the moderates culturally rest of Marat this led to a chain of events going to sites to farm did conflict rip spear declared the jacobins to be an insurrection and hold on the people to arm themselves it all ended on the 31st of May 1793 with the National Convention surrounded by radical sang-kyu Locke and 29 moderate gironde on politicians arrested from this moment on the moderates cease to be a political force rope spear and his radicals would be an almost total all their animals of the government and this brings us to the story of a woman named Charlotte Corday forget to that they have now purged the moderates right that is a huge moment where you now have basically one political party right it's in essence a dictatorship almost by definition there you have one political party that is that is in charge obviously they're going to be able to do what they want to do but yeah that is a pretty big moment in this process the moderates are gone again nothing what but people that were on pretty much the most radical decides Charlotte lived in the northwest city of calm and like many in the area was horrified at the rapid radicalization and increasing violence and on the Revolution and the men she blamed more than any war on was on the sky just snow spits and so she did something dry triolic oh she traveled to Paris and hold her ah she had a list of enemies for him to research in his paper Marat eagerly invited her in for a meeting so where's that list of enemies you promised me here it is wait a minute this isn't a list of enemies it just says yippee-ki-yay mother no more if you didn't learn more about or if you didn't I'm hoping you watch the first video but this guy is such an interesting figure just from the fact none of just what the radical nature of his rhetoric but his illness right this is a dude that had like a skiing issue or whatever and had to basically almost live in a medical bath which I heard was like down and sewers pretty much and had to pee in there all the time and he's just sitting there in these bathtubs the sewers or whatever I'm not positive on the sewer thing correct me if I'm wrong thought I'd heard that somewhere and just he writes right the people's friend I believe is his publication and just nothing but like just a vitriol the word I was trying to figure out earlier and it was powerful because so many people followed him and especially now that like the Jacobins the most radicals are now in charge of the government like whatever he puts on paper they're just gonna go out and do to the point where they're eliminating so many people that they don't trust this guy like you know you do not want to appear on one of his lists and as these times go on a rope sphere is gonna be the same way it's like the this lists of people we're becoming closer and closer to home in a way that eventually they're gonna be people that these people know friends of them right people that went up through the revolution with them and start going after your closest people and the paranoia is obviously just off the charts at this time but the Murat figure is such an interesting one on so many different levels for so many different reasons Charlotte was quickly arrested and sent to the guillotine her dreams restoring these however died with her now Rob became a martyr in temples of Reason symbols of the dead moral they're eating their own that he became in this crazy I forgot about this they made a statue of him symbols of the dead Marat became the new crucifix yes I'm sorry I just keep going back I thought I'd heard that they made like yeah like a statue or whatever of him in his bathtub is like the new like worship thing never person that you worship you imagine that that that's your there's your Idol here worshipping became the new crucifix in death he became an even more powerful inspiration nobody with the extreme levels of violence that were about to rip the rights of public that's right here comes the reign of terror yep if you thought this revolution already sounds pretty violent well you ain't seen nothing yet son the radicals were now in control and they believed when he was France surrounded by foreign enemies but that within the masses there were also plenty of internal ones two individuals not loyal to the revolution conspiring to bring about its downfall rubs Pierre and the rest of the radical faction all hearsay to and you many of public safety was established with 12 members its purpose was to protect a new French Republic from its enemies and it basically became a 12-man dictatorship with Robespierre as its leading voice let's go ahead just revel at the fact that this is the name of the group that is supposed to keep the stability here in Paris they're called the Committee of Public Safety and these people are gonna execute a fire member I'd like 40,000 people in the year of the reign of terror and was it July 1793 to 94 that is and I think that's just the guillotine number so that's basically 110 people a day that is their job I always thought that was ironic and the kids get a kick out of that when we talk about that in class like wait they're called the Committee of Public Safety how ironic Public Safety was established with 12 members its purpose was to protect the new French Republic from its enemies and it basically became a 12-man dictatorship with Robespierre as its leading voice the revolutionary train and so powerful it can choose who lives Metro Court created to streamline the process bans quick of enemies and handing out their death sentences with these two new institutions Robespierre wanted to scare france's enemy straight very little to excessive 93 it was announced that terror would be the order of the day in other words fear had become official government policy and from then onwards we enter into the period known as the reign of terror paying too much for travel accommodation the period of the most executions that be revolution will carry I'll see if they confirm the stats that I was saying here earlier but is it is the peak is when the guillotine was at reddest isin secret police were everywhere and watched the people closely france's public had to be extremely careful what they said and how they behaved someone's listening someone's water sizing this new system or the government would quickly have you sent off to the guillotine but that's not all even the most minor offense could have you try to before the Revolutionary Tribunal hello citizen Martine hello Monsieur Dubois and Monsieur did I just hear you say Monsieur that's the old style of address my friend through the guillotine you know what I didn't like him but I do feel kinda bad for the king and his family expressing sympathy for the royal family are we to the guillotine twelve Seuss for a loaf of bread that's way overpriced to the guillotine man this bread line is taking forever to the guillotine and you you look like you're thinking anti revolutionary thoughts to the guillotine max we're sending way too many people to the guillotine to the guillotine chop chop chop chop chop chop chop it was insane all across France about 40,000 people were killed for suspected crimes against the Liberty let's say your neighbor won't stop mowing the lawn at 7:00 in the moment they've been talking smack about the road users kind of a Nalgene class it'll end up in front of the Revolutionary Tribunal maybe they'll even be executed taking a metaphorical load off your shoulders and a literal one off there's the most prominent victim of the reign of D so long ago back and I don't know if this actually happened obviously the lawnmower thing to happen but it was like the evidence did not have to be very strong to go to to have that death sentences that's death sentence it's like all you had to do was report that they were being sympathetic towards the king or you know against the revolution or you know whatever just these trumped-up charges that have no a lot of it like no basis always I was wondering we can kind of mess around this in class it's like yeah if you you hate your neighbor you hit your neighbor and you'd love to get rid of them right that dog neighbor's dogs I was pooping on your lawn or yeah they're mowing the lawn early look wait too early in the morning you want to get rid of him just go down to the office of the Committee of Public Safety and say hey I heard this person says they love the you know King or something or whatever it is they love the monarchy and then yeah they're they're gone who knows if I went to that but what we are pretty sure of as these trials or whatever in the evidence brought forth probably did not have to be that strong because there's no power there's no power check on the Committee of Public Safety right the government is the jacobins who are radicals that's basically support them so any kind of oversight that would happen are by people that would support them anyways so it makes maximilien robespierre such a powerful figure because as one of the people on this committee it he says it it's gonna happen and having that power of life and death is pretty incredible to have and have an almost unchecked way completely for suspected crimes against the Liberty let's see her neighbor once stop mowing the lawn at 7:00 in the morning well then all you got to do is tell the government they've been talking smack about the Revolution there's a good chance they'll end up in front of the Revolutionary Tribunal maybe they'll even be executed taking a metaphorical load off your shoulders and a literal one off there's the most prominent victim of the reign of terror was a certain Marie Antoinette who has finally tried and found guilty of treason in 1793 she expected she'd be brought to the guillotine in a royal marriage fit for a queen Tyrael walker and her fight for her however was a wooden tumbrel at 37 you didn't get the the most fancy carriage in French history met her end on the 16th of October 17 19 three ropes pier had saved the revolutions nine ten arrows before or after it was being suppressed her husband was no longer quite as bad even the French military had got its act together again and puddled the Allies at the Battle of Fleurus for Danton and his followers the time is right to try to normalize the French Republic hey Rigsby so we were thinking that since things are finally going better maybe we should rein in the terror and while we're on it we could possibly start taking it easier on the church and also try to end this costly war boom oh crap yep as time went on ropes PR seemed to go for lack of a better term a bit mental he was way over what he called a republic of virtue and for him this meant amping up the bloodshed even more throughout the spring and summer of 1794 executions reached an unprecedented level during a period known as the Great Terror even those closest to him found the height of the greater if they dare to pose his ideas and actions and he began alienating himself from the rest of the convention he created a new deistic religion called the cult of the sous Prince right the new annual festival of the Supreme Being man I think Robespierre is really starting to lose it he thinks he's a god or something nonsense sure he's gone a little extreme but he doesn't think he's a god wait my children bathe your immortal souls in the virtue of my Republic this guy's gone too far it's completely lost yep Rose fears ultimate yeah he I've heard about this he had unveils himself on some odd float or something in this like white robed angelic figure and it's yeah I think they even created like a new deed either their Dedes like the goddess of wisdom and understanding I forgot what it was and and he's like personifying it as himself and parading himself around and it looks like all this has gone to his head and he could probably see where this is this is hitting the architect of the great tear and much of the revolution is pissing off his inner circle stake however Kim on July 26 when he made a speech to the National Convention in which he said this I have in my hand a brand new list of enemies to be sent to the guillotine and many of you are her feet Oh what do you think of that look up a cone I think we should send rose beer to the guillotine first yeah that's a pole in favor two days later rose Pierre became the present victim of the monstrous terror and paranoia he had created actually tried to commit suicide shot himself and he filled with the death poison prison waiting is terror but the rumors continue gave another five years until 1799 so what happened between now and then well after the full of ribs Pierre a more moderate political group called the thermidorian took control cold a little bit they wanted to restore stability to the government now ropes piers allies and other radicals who had fueled the terror themselves became the target of political suppression welcome back to the moderates in the streets during a period named the white terror in 1795 the thermidorian drafted a new constitution you keep over governmental directory with the purpose of preventing power from being able to fall into the hands of a single individual again as this new government was being established Royalists 5-man saw this moment as an opportunity to strike they staged an insurrection in Paris and battled with the National Guard in the streets luckily one mirror happened to be in transition tone and he took control of this situation firing on the crowd and putting down the insurrection from this moment on the people of Paris would never again and be able to stage a popular uprising and lost their control over the revolution for his actions Napoleon became a general and was sent to take control of the charmese in italy the new directory remained a fairly ineffective government for the remainder of the revolution it was plagued with and struggled to keep the economy afloat and as a result wasn't very popular for the people of France with the strict social customs of both royalist France and the tarragon they didn't really know what to do with themselves men no longer removed their hats when talking to women different classes began intermingling and a publication began circulating that looked a lot like a modern dating in it was social anarchy outside of France the war continued in 1793 quality / and our gear area where they set up a puppet statement then they negotiated both Prussia and Spain and Poland the brisket charged the revolution oil is all in the west to reinforce rebellion but that plan failed in 1796 the French planned a three-pronged attack with the aim of marching on Vienna and knocking Austria out of the war the two Northern armies were defeated and forced to retreat however Napoleon in the south with groundbreaking military strategy one battle after battle after you can see how he's gonna become more popular as there are so many failures at this time in the French military in his group wherever they go they're just knocking out victory so he's gonna be just zooming up the military ladder which he did again when when others aren't yeah you're gonna make your wait at the top so this is his his rise battle he pushed the Austrians out of Italy and began closing in on Vienna the Austrians freaked out and Napoleon oversaw the signing of a peace treaty he had almost single-handedly knocked Austria out of the war and by the way he was only 28 so maybe it's about time you moved out of your mom's basement became a famed hero among the French people but his aspirations were still higher he briefly went off to Egypt and discovered a bunch of gnarly Egyptian stuff but then the British destroyed his fleet and trapped his forces say Napoleon sir you're not gonna leave us here stuck in Egypt and returned to France are you nonsense my boy I would never dream of abandoning my loyal soldiers Wow what's that over there on his return to peace and I had heard and correct me again correct me if I'm wrong I'm always I'm always open if I'm saying something wrong or whatever if you have evidence to the contrary I want to learn too but back to Napoleon of why on earth would you go and invade Egypt right yeah they're a British colony and stuff but like why do that and then I heard this this kind of idea about that where Napoleon was somebody who was born and bred for the military he went into the military school at a very young age and I had heard that you know he was of course really interested in history and especially the great leaders the great generals the great men of history we're really inspiring to him and I had heard the Alexander the Great was was of course one of them and one of the big moments successful victories moments in the life of Alexander was when he took over Egypt right but it's a little different because when Alexander the Great invades into Egypt that was part of the Persian Empire now the Egyptians hated being part of the Persian Empire so they actually welcomed kind of some I welcomed him the locals I should say and and and again so I'm probably more like a liberator that a conqueror and in some fashion but that had meant so much you know even go back to Alexander because this was the great Egyptian Empire right this is our the Egyptians who were who the Greeks you know they loved and but I've heard people wonder if as that that have actually influenced on Napoleon did he go into Egypt all or almost in a symbolic fashion of trying to emulate his hero Alexander the great Jewish Caesar by the way as well as one of maybe the other influenced him I don't know if that is for sure but I'd heard that before you know to be just kind of an interesting thing if that is what honestly motivated a military campaign which actually did very poorly what interesting thing that did come out of that though something very important which is the founding of the Rosetta Stone at this time rosetta stone is the the stone that we use to back in the 1800's there they find it and years a couple decades later so we're able to use it to translate ancient hieroglyphics Egyptian hieroglyphics which up this point had become a lost thing and looking the more of the Egyptian stone or the as the Rosetta Stone Buddha basically was a message written three times in three different languages one of them being Greek and then a couple then the Egyptian kind of long handwriting and then the the hieroglyphics and they use the Greek because Greek was known at that time to translate the hieroglyphics that is actually one very positive thing that came out of that it totally opened the door of Egyptology but I digress let's let's continue on so we got a about a minute or two left thanks for sticking with me so far here paris napoleon found himself to be extremely popular and the government extremely unpopular and he started getting some power-hungry ideas conveniently a politician named Immanuel Joseph CAS approached Napoleon and said hey man since you're so popular do you want to help me stage a coup great idea let's stage a character and then I'll coup you what Napoleon with the help of his politician brother enter the government chamber possibly got punched in the face and finally his troops intimidated the council to dissolve the government and create a new constitution that basically made Napoleon a dictator Julius Caesar either born with the great promise of liberty and equality the common people dared challenge an oppressive system that had existed for centuries but before they knew it they found liberty sidelined by terror equality that possibly didn't quite hit the mark and an absolute monarchy replaced by an absolute dictator Napoleon began stabilizing French society he restored the Catholic Church and got rid of that crazy calendar among other things but he remains a compromised Nations he was France's first consul but he slept soundly at night dreaming of being something even bigger Napoleon's expansionist aspirations combined with the ongoing conflict in Europe would eventually lead the continent into a huge conflict known today as coming up maybe cool I hope they do yeah definitely need to do a Napoleon episode here because you can't really talk about the revolution without talking about Napoleon alright um so one of the one of the questions we have in our class and we talked about especially at the end is was about a polling in which was it is did he when he came into power right figures before even this was he looking to end the revolution or was he trying to to continue it and you can make a case on either side because and and since they kind of looked like foreshadow to a Napoleon video I'll leave out some of my other comments that rolling through my head right now about Napoleon but it's an interesting topic to think about definitely having to back your mind which is eventually if they do this video what role did he have is he somebody that was truly a man of the revolution and fighting for those ideas or is he what some people have often said basically exploiting the revolution for his own personal personal ambitions especially if you're if you're one that was talking is on those lines that he wants to be one of these great emperors or conquerors of history like Julius Caesar again or Alexander the Great or Charlemagne or any other ones that were known to that he was known to have studied but brings an interesting topic there but awesome thank you for sticking with this I know this was a longer video as plenty of stopping him it was a 22 minute video plus all my stuff I really appreciate you sticking around and hopefully you enjoyed watching the video and getting my feedback but as always oversimplified crew did an amazing job great funny great information I learned again a bunch of extra things as well which was awesome but yeah that's that's like that'll do it for us once again I'll leave a link to the original video down below so that you can give them a like and give them a view so they can get a that milestones there one other thank you if you are out here maybe I'll make another video at some time but we passed the 1000 subscriber mark this this channel launched about a month ago and I think this is like my what the 14th video maybe and the support has been incredible and all your comments have been awesome I really appreciate you doing this definitely makes me want to keep doing it to keep going on if this is something you're interested in but yeah I've kind of been blown away I didn't think things would take off as much as as they have so I really appreciate you sticking around and just watching whether you're commenting or whatever or not just being here and if you saw and heard me right now I really appreciate your time it really does mean a lot so with that we'll go ahead and in this video and we'll see you on the next one whenever that is see ya

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  3. He said himself in his memoires that he wanted to emulate Alexanders and Caesars victories in Egypt. Knowing his psyche a bit, it was probably the main reason he invaded.

  4. Wait wait. Mr. Terry ! I though you were going to talk about the Comité de Sûreté Générale (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comit%C3%A9_de_s%C3%BBret%C3%A9_g%C3%A9n%C3%A9rale#Comit%C3%A9s_de_l'Assembl%C3%A9e_constituante_(1789-1791)) that was in charge of the Terror (arrestation and execution of ennemy of the state), and Robespierre wasn't part of it ! It is a myth, widespread but false anyhow. I don't understand why, since the documentation do exist and we do know with the archives who was in charge of what. At the end of this article there is the representation of the organisation in france at the time and help to understand https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comit%C3%A9_de_salut_public#Organisation_du_pouvoir_entre_la_Convention,_le_Comit%C3%A9_de_salut_public_et_le_Comit%C3%A9_de_s%C3%BBret%C3%A9_g%C3%A9n%C3%A9rale

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  6. Everyone gets a clean death was considered an improvement, as what came before in the rare times a noble got capital punishment they got a clean and quick death, but more often a the lower classes got slow torturous death.

  7. I really liked the little commentary on execution methods.

    There is actually a lot to say on the profession of a medieval executioner.

    I wanted to add that, to execute noblemen at least, they would use a sword rather than an axe, because it does a much more clean cut. They even have a special one for the job: the executioner sword, designed in 1540! A pretty broad sword with no tip.

    The "subject" would be on the knees, and the job of the executioner is to perform the killing with a single, clean cut. This is not something everyone can do. Sometimes you have to go finding a specific executioner to perform this sort of cut. If the executioner messes up his cut, he could very well be executed himself!

  8. Robespierre is probably one of the most controversial, and also misunderstood, of the revolution. Because of that I can't be 100% sure but I still want to bring to your attention that, to this day a lot of historians are questioning if Robespierre had any real power at all in the Convention during the Terror.

    He certainly was a voice with a lot of influence and wanted to use that to promote ideas and laws that would protect the most vulnerable. He deeply believed that this was the real purpose of the revolution, look up his speeches they are still today very inspirational and relevant in many aspects.

    He tried for example to impose a maximum price for the bread, and he was definitely against slavery in the colonies. Those measures were threatening to limit the right of property of the richest, and that's what make him a target.

    I can't be definitive on this point, but there is a good chance that a lot of executions were falsy attributed to Robespierre to switch the public opinion and facilitated his execution later on. Robespierre was very sick during this period (something they didn't mention in the original video) and he didn't participate in a lot of decisions of the committee. The last year he simply had no strength left to leave his residence and was actually president of the Convention for a single month.

    Regarding his arrest, there is also debate as to he tried to commit suicide or was shot by a gendarme named Merda. I wouldn't be surprise if he was shot, considering that they throw one of his crippled friend in the stairs the same night. ( By the way, the night he was arrested was a total mess! One of his friend did committed suicide, his brother throw himself by the window after he saw the wound of Maximilien to the jaw, the poor crippled guy in the stairs was hurt to the head… How crazy is that? )

    Anyway, Robespierre admittedly used anti-democratic means to eliminate threats to the revolution, banishing or executing certain people but I think the Oversimplified video really fall for the Big Bad guy of the Terror image that early historians created around Robespierre, recent researches definitely contradict that version. The video also talked about the Cult of the Supreme Being, but it was in no way, as I understand it, a new cult, in fact it was a way to show the rest of Europe that France didn't turned his back on God, and most of the people in France were really happy about that. The day of celebration in Paris was an enormous success. He was indeed mocked by his enemies in the Convention and was called a "Pontiff" for example, and that's what is depicted in the video but I really don't think that it is an accurate depiction of Maximilien de Robespierre, and his role in general during the Terror.

  9. The french jacobins at that point kind of sound like todays social justice warriors. Equality for all unless you are any of these things. My violence is justified!

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  11. Mr Teddy, Murat was hidding in the sewer the first day of the revolution he was a very angry and scared man, its where he caught his skin condition

  12. If you want to understand how most of the revolutions in modern times go you can nearly always look back at the French revolution and the events that follow it .

  13. Stfu bro… I feel like YOU learned about the French Revolution by watching the oversimplified videos.

  14. In France, we learn that Napoléon was sent to Egypt in an attempt from the directory to reduce his popularity, which backfired. Napoléon didn't mind because he was truly interested on history and the region.

  15. there is a saying that i think is accurate in the late 17th early 18th era "France sneezes all of Europe catches a cold"

  16. I think that at the point of the division between the revolutionaries, the king should have just said: Hey, I agree with being a constitutional monarch, but since the Jacobins want to kill me and my family, and create their own government, I should go to the Austrian Netherlands with guards to secure nothing happens to me, and from there get to Vienna and get the Austrian archduke to militarily support us against the Jacobins, and leave you to govern the nation while I'm gone

  17. I think that at the point of the division between the revolutionaries, the king should have just said: Hey, I agree with being a constitutional monarch, but since the Jacobins want to kill me and my family, and create their own government, I should go to the Austrian Netherlands with guards to secure nothing happens to me, and from there get to Vienna and get the Austrian archduke to militarily support us against the Jacobins, and leave you to govern the nation while I'm gone

  18. KEEP DOING IT! Dont spread yourself thin though, you yourself are making your own empire and as you know the more threads you weave into your life the more loose threads can arise; plan for expansion, but don’t expect it to happen.

  19. I heard Napoleon had huge goals for his egyptian campaign. He planned to march some of Alexanders route in the opposite direction. Staring in Egypt, through Constantinopel, overthrowing the ottomans finally take Vienna and return to France.

  20. Thanks a lot for your vidéo, as a french I'm glad to see other people interested about the révolution and consequences =) I'll subscribe and watch all of your vidéos men ^^ I love this type of content
    I found a video about all the coalitions that France had to face during this period.
    This vidéo is made my the "museum of the army" of France and is in french (but the automatic subtitle are pretty good, i checked them)
    I'm pretty sure that you'll like it, and maybe learn something =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8zcRzsORX4

    Keep it up, you're doing a great job

  21. I also remember that Louis was captured because his face was on a coin and was easily recognized. The lesson: always use a credit card.

  22. the "culotte" was the "leggings" the nobles were using…
    about the king death penalty vote… it is "funny" to know that the king's brother was there to vote… he was renamed Phillipe Egalité, btw… and he voted FOR the death of his brother…

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  25. For the arrestation of the king at Varennes, someone recognized him from a 50 cents coin but he did not arrest him right away. He chased after them only when the order came to do so from Paris.

  26. After watching this series of video, I see French revolution as a big tragedy, unlike the US where they do it in a good way, the French pretty much do everything out of fear, encourage violence, and try to get rid of everything, monarch, nobility, opposers, and even Christianity!! To me this look really similiar to how Lenin and the communist overthrown the Romanovs and the Orthodox Church!!

  27. My general take on the French Revolution was that it wasn't just the French people rising up and trying to reform the current government, it was an attempt to completely rewrite society and it essentially spiraled out of control. Also among the various factions within the Revolutionary supporters, about the only thing they could agree on was that the current system didn't work and needed to be replaced, but none of them could agree on what to replace it with.

  28. Love this! Both a sort-of "fact-check" of this video as well as a nice further explanation of the material Oversimplified's videos cover! Thank you for making these!

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