43 thoughts on “A Grim Education: 72 Years of School Shootings”

  1. Not to knit pick but the school shootings lists at the end, the Arapahoe High school shooting in centennial Colorado on December 13 2011, only one died, not 2. Claire Davis. I know because I was a student there at the time.

  2. School shootings are a moral issue, not a gun issue. They will never stop the violence!!! Not in a violent nation with zero morals addicted to violent movies and games. A society that has murdered millions worldwide in unjust wars and aborted 53 million babies has no right to expect anything but blood. Our evil has come home!!!

  3. It's heart-breaking that our social institutions have little concept of spiritual education. "Good character must be taught." "…education is of three kinds: material, human, and spiritual." ~ Baha'i Faith

  4. It's heart-breaking that our social institutions have little concept of spiritual education. "Good character must be taught." "…education is of three kinds: material, human, and spiritual." ~ Baha'i Faith

  5. my school was supposed to get shot up in two days. girl ended up getting arrested. this is just sad

  6. October 1, 1997. I wasn’t born yet but the fact that 2 students were killed and 7 were injured at my school sends chills down my spine.

  7. There was a school shooting with one killed in a city very close to me just last year. Why had I not heard anything about it? Makes me sad.

  8. There was a shooting at my school. I was sick that day but it's still terrifying to think about. I didn't want to go back to school.

  9. I understand this situation of damaged kids since I went through it myself. Moved around all over the US. Beaten at home and bullied at school. Most of the time it was because of the salvation army clothes from the 60s that I wore to school that was of great interest to the groups of bullies at schools I attended. The thing about bullies, is they always travel on groups, never alone. So when one starts on you then the rest of the group starts in, and then the other students all join in the attach. Before you know it, the entire school is after you every second of every day, and it is hell ! This is why kids bring guns and start shooting other kids. My time however was way before school shootings where ever heard of 70s and early 80s. The thing about this kind of 100% all the time beating and bullying a kid starting at the age of 6 until HS graduation, the kid knows only anger and becomes afraid of everyone, a loner. The kids gets off the school bus and walks into his house, and is immediately grabbed by his hair and beaten with a board or switch or whatever is handy by the parent to beat the kid with. That is after his day at school of getting hit, kicked,pushed,harassed, all the wonderful things kids do to terrorize a target student. The parent seems to think the kid is putting drugs in the parents coffee. Strange the kid did not even know what drugs were until the parent continually beat the kid for the implied discretion. My older sister by 2 years at the age of 7 was the first to be beaten for drugs in the parents coffee. Imagine my surprise when I walked in the front door after school to see my parent beating my sister like she had killed someone. Nothing but constant damage to the kids from the time they get up to the time they go to sleep for years and years. This is what destroys kids, This is why kids bring guns to schools and shoot other kids. This is why when kids are bullied we must stop it immediately ! It is not the gun that does the damage, it is the constant damage that the kid face every day by the parents and kids at the school, and the adults that ignore and punish the damaged bullied kids. I know myself I was suspended many many times from school for getting bullied and fighting. When you are constantly attached by groups of students at some point even cowards have enough and fight back. I do not know why I became a coward, or even if that is the correct word? In my 50s now and I still scream and yell, but would run rather than fight. I never have liked people much and prefer to be alone. Is this a result of how I grew up with a dysfunctional childhood? We as the result of damaged kids must face the facts of school shootings and why they happen. It is NOT because bill found his dads gun and thinks it would be a great idea to shoot a bunch of other kids, but the result of a damaged kid not getting help to live a normal kids life. Do not blame the guns for school shootings when the problem has other factors that lead to the kids killing other kids. How do I know? Because I lived through it . Would I have taken a gun to school and shot a bunch of kids back then ? No, because it was a different time, sure my dad had guns, but I never made that connection or had that thought. Would I do it today if I was in school ? That I can not say since it is a different time, but the fact that kids have already been killing other kids in many schools means the cause of school shootings has not been addressed and so they continue to this date. School shootings will not stop until the damaged kids are given a normal life rather than damaged further every day.

  10. Unsere Westliche Gesellschaft hat dieses Phänomen erschaffen und wir werden auch noch ewig damit leben müssen.

  11. Watching my home town come up on this list over and over at the end of this video was more disturbing than I was ready for. Also watching this video right after the unc Charlotte shooting which has shaken me and all NC college students… something has to be done

  12. At my school we had a shooting in May of 2017. A police officer actually shot the gun and it went through the wall, hitting a teacher's neck then he tried to hide the bullet and evidence on the property. Only was sent to 30 days in jail.

  13. The ending didn't include my high school from 2006. Makes me wonder how much more often these incidents happen that we never hear about.

  14. In 1840 the first school shooting had happened, Joseph Semmes decided to shoot his Law professor, John Anthony Gardener Davis at the University of Virginia. Davis died three days later, though it was only one person shot and killed, many say that this was the first or at least one of the first recorded school shooting, but not a mass school shooting. 1840.

  15. Guns are an easy weapon to kill a great number of people in a short amount of time. Get rid of guns.. I can imagine what other people could use to hurt others. It’s the people. Pray for America.

  16. Some of these aren't actual school shootings and you didn't include all of them! Bless and R.I.P. those souls who had to deal with school shootings and those who died!😗😗😭😭

  17. we had someone threaten to shoot up the school around the time of the parkland shooting. They wrote on the bathroom wall. The FBI was involved and a lot of people didn't come to school the day they threatened to do it. Our school has like 500 kids and its scary to think that this person is sitting in class w us every day. If you read what they wrote, you would shit ur self it was so creepy and they sounded so angry. Just drop out LMAO don't make us suffer. NONE OF US WANT TO GO HERE EITHER lmaoooo

  18. The ending part with the amount of dates broke my heart there’s too many. It needs to end. too many people have died for no reason.

  19. “To school shooting survivors , and FUTURE school shooting survivors”
    absolute chilling statement

  20. You guys are my inspirations especially the horror you all went through.I havent been in one yet but I sure hope I never do but I just wanna say thank you!

  21. The end credits alone speak volumes. America is not the only country but by far surely has to be the worst for gun crime of any kind . It's time to change

  22. This is scary everywhere has school shootings 😭 it’s scary to be in middle school during this time

  23. When I am old and grey and no longer a high school student instead of telling my children the classic “I used to have to walk along time to get to school”. I’ll say at school we had to practice how to hide in then back of the classroom out of the fear of being shot when all your doing is getting an education. We have had long discussions at my school with our teachers about what we’d do if a school shooter were to come. All the “what if’s” are asked. This is so morbid that it has become this normalized that on Monday morning at my high school surrounded by children and we have to talk about being shot at like 10:30am. The reality of the world I live in slaps me in the face sometimes.

  24. Also in my senior year of last year I had a kid at my school threating to shoot up the school at the end of the school year he was an 8th grader and I had a friend show me how she found out through a Facebook post that she had shown me and this is what it said


    I found this out in march of 2018 a month after the parkland Florida shooting our school year ended in may of 2018 and for 2 months left of my senior year I was terrified each and every day I went to school for 2 months and my friend told her teacher and her teacher told our assistant principal

  25. Parkland was only 30mins away from my home town. when that happened i was in school myself and that whole day everyone at school hugged each other and just made everyone feel loved so if something did happen we know that we are here for each other. My school freshman year had a boy bring a gun and knife to school. i was not in school that day but my sister was. thank god that someone saw it in his back pack and our deputies caught him and now he is in jail. when everything was happening my school went on lockdown and i had everyone calling me telling me that i need to get ahold of my sister. my sister was pert testing but luckily she got out right after my call and left school. now every school in FL have monthly code red drills and same w fire drills. school should be a place of learning and seeing friends, not hoping that we don’t get shot that day.

  26. But they still argue that there is no gun problem in the US. I just watched our pathetic Vice President Pence making a speech at a NRA event. It is going to take the murder of a child of a high-ranking politician before anything will be done to stop this crisis.

  27. 5•11•18 the day highland high school (7 miles from my school) in Palmdale, CA had a shooter on campus injure a boy. Luckily no one died but the fear that day in a lot of kids/staff/parents was real

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