A great mix of psychology and education | UCL Institute of Education

My name is Marian Peres,
I’m from France and I’ve graduated with a Psychology with Education BSc. The ceremony was really fun. We had loads of different speakers,
so that was very nice. Going on stage wasn’t as nerve-wracking
as I thought it would be. I feel really excited and relieved,
and just happy overall. The course was awesome. We had great support from our tutors and our lecturers. It was a very complete course, and I really liked the fact that it
was a mix of education and psychology, that we could get both in one degree. Overall it was an awesome course. I really enjoyed it. I think the main thing was the support from our personal tutors,
which is something that is quite rare, well, not rare. But in a big university you
can not get it. I’d like to give a shout out to
Evi Katsapi and Keri Wong. My boyfriend, Guy Leroy, and my
sister Emily Peres and my best friend Oxana Hammocks. What’s next? A master’s at Cambridge in
Clinical Neurosciences and hopefully a PhD which I’ll know about in a few months. In terms of career plans,
I think I’ll probably go into research in
Alzhimer’s Disease and hope to work in a private research company as well.

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