A Focus on Literacy

I live in the video felicity we are refugees in another country you can we're not in our home area in many many tribes because there is no literacy the Bible's end up not being used not because people don't want the Bible just because it was not taught to them there was no literacy classes and it becomes very hard for them to enjoy reading now that we have the Bible who have our books there is a need to have illiteracy in education and literacy in the church so that when the Bible's red meat Italy that person understands what it is says this class here's the mixer who have the young handle all the here just because now and they come there is no possibility for them in the school that's why when they get access for rocks up like this they all come together one of my facilitator she did not go to school before but she was very interested in the literacy program she came to attend workshops when she found it was good she did not miss even one of the workshops so from there she can read and understand my hope for the Calpol Deportes they soon learn to read by themselves so they use their Bible and strengthen their faith

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