A Film for Karve Institute of Social Service Part- II

mints are additional parts of the fieldwork training the former which is also linked with the NSS gives an exposure to rural living and the differences between urban and rural life students get insights into the changes occurring in the villages they perform Ramadan they also facilitate participate reap laning for village development field assignments help students to understand problems and needed interventions the outcomes from these often help support the work of organizations exposures through orientation visits study tours and student seminars are other ways of shaping students professional personalities exposures to current issues are given through involvement in advocacy campaigns related to such issues as child labor Lokpal bill pension for informal sector workers drought eradication and so on students and faculty have also participated in TV programmes on current issues wider commitments are also reflected through participation in relief work following nature triggered or human triggered disasters the Institute's teaching learning pedagogy z' aim to build students as multifaceted personalities the classroom lectures are therefore complemented with seminar presentations participation in conferences at local state national and international levels this is very interesting part of this course is that you know they have something called individual guides and individual guides help you to relate or contextualize theoretical inputs that you get in your classroom or kind of field exposure that you get in feel it through your fieldwork to your personal lives to your individual experiences as a welfare officer or personal officer or personal manager we are working with the people so I think the institution has given us very good dose knowledge to understand the people and their problems supervision was one-to-one supervision and it was not only on the work we did outside it helped us to handle our personal self also so it was kind of a vicarious learning you know going through oneself the changes in oneself through the supervision they could help us to kind of identify the problem what interventions we could do and what could be the change the skill laboratories and research laboratories are unique features of the Institute the skill Lab hoon's attitudes and skills for work in the field faculty has documented the skin lab experiences through a manual skill training for social workers published by sage in 2010 this manual has been used extensively in training by Social Work educators and practitioners that skill lab is a bridge between theory and practice and that's that shifts your behavior it shifts your attitude the research lab takes students through important steps of research the project report manual published by the Institute serves to provide guidelines to students for their research dissertation worth this manual has also been used by students from other institutes and MPhil scholars the cen for sheduled Caste Scheduled Tribes and minorities was established under the development of backward caste scheme of the UGC this l4 aCST R is a duo busy man minorities started for the developing the leadership of the students giving them opportunity for understanding their own problems their community problems and developing the sincerity about the issues which they faced student committees have been active in conducting various events including an annual conference the aim is to broaden the perspectives in relation to subjugated groups the library is an essential part of the Institute and in recent years has had an upgraded collection and infrastructure it is considered to be amongst the best libraries for social work in this region all work and no play would lead to burnout cultural programs and fun activities help to de-stress and re-energize during 1965-66 the director of education government of Maharashtra gave recognition to the Institute as a research and cultural institution in 2006 the research unit grew into a full-fledged research and consultancy cell named after Bhaskar Rao curvy fairway Institute used to take up research projects for a number of years before the R&D sale was established we were recognized at the national international level as a research research organization also as well as a college when this was increased in volume the idea came up that the research cell should be different after that we took a lot of evaluation research factor it is always has been at a hem of the offense as far as the research projects were concerned it was conviction of the Faculty of the Institute and also demand for the field which kept on motivating the faculty to undertake different research programmes Institute has been doing a lot of consultancy assignments in different sectors such as HIV rates water and sanitation functional review of the government department consultancies for strategy planning and also consultancy for evolving strategies for the CSR initiatives into different rural areas I personally feel that being in word endo consultancy assignment have enriched our classroom teaching also to a great extent consultancy also helps to take the etherion professional expertise outside the four walls into the general society general society also then starts respecting it recognising the profession and its role in overall social development the Institute has benefited through its numerous international collaborations with Minnesota University USA or rebro University Sweden Queen's University Belfast University at Hamed the Costello Spain the Council for international fellowship program Cleveland and key B Takahashi University of Japan the international collaborations have been mutually beneficial through student exchange programs and faculty visits these have led to wider student exposures exchange of ideas and to plan collaborative studies the Institute is a recognized Centre for the MPhil and PhD programs in social work under the University of Pune since 1995 the scholars include those from Maharashtra and other states a few international students from Thailand and Nigeria have also worked on their PhD from this Center our alumni are our pride they have carried forward the values and commitments inculcated at the Institute into their professional field I was like at play and Institute worked us to be a Potter whatever dreams I had it helped me to shape up and whatever I am today the organization that we run I think that is purely because my professional training that I being a facilitator in order to world I see that these principles got acquired in the students come from diverse backgrounds and regions their work involvement also reflects this diversity alumni are involved from grassroot level work to being in senior positions in government bodies NGOs corporate and in higher academics many contribute to the Institute's training by sharing their experiences with current students it has given a saves now it is growing everywhere recently we have started a center for coaching the upse students in patient Raja one Academy of development and musician I feel very good that around 80 to 85 students from weaker sections of the society they have cleared the highest examination of a government of India that is UPSC the 50 years of the Institute have been momentous it has made a name for itself in the professional field through the collective contribution of its employees several batches of students and the support of its management and members and develop a special brand name in this we are off indication to enemies reference to those you know that are doing similar work and a critic funding both not only from director with what you've already if we can't read but also late dad eating stop having an agreed in it snack re-accreditation curvy Institute of social service is also ranked amongst the top ten colleges of Social Work in India while it has come a long way there are still miles to stride in its quest for excellence I personally feel that curve institute will be taking initial and leading role in enhancing and upgrading the standard of Social Work education Social Work profession and social practitioners at the same time we are also planning to conduct a capacity-building programs for Social Work education centres so should we colleges and the educators we are planning to take a very lead role in establishing the Social Work Council at the state level and national level thereby a designing the various parameters and indicators and policy framework for upgrading the standards and indicators of Social Work education and so the journey continues as the Institute strides further to realize its vision of building a society for justice peace and humanity you

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