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Character-Flanders’ Dog
He has a great talent in painting and does not lose his dreams even in poverty.
A friend of Nero who is kind and courage him Patrasch
He’s a friend of Nero and existence like a family.
As Aroa’s father, he doesn’t like her hanging out with Nero. Patrasch, a brave dog with golden hair and four big feet. Patrasch lives in Flanders. Antwerp 1Km
Louvain 2Km
Hey, can’t you go faster! Why are you so slow?
Now Patrasch is on its way from Antwerp port to the city of Louvain, where the festival holds Patrasch was very tired with the heavy carts from afar.
Antwerp 1Km
Louvain 2Km Oh, it’s hard, I want some water… So he glanced at a stream that was running right next to me. There is no time to do it!
(grunt) Please, just a sip of water… No, are you being lazy?
Can’t you get up now? When Patrasche fell, the owner left Patrasche on the roadside and dragged the cart away.
Why are you falling down here, you could fall when I get to Louvain. How long had it been? Fortunately, an old man who is lame and a cute blond boy on their way to the festival found Patrasch.
Nero, there is a dog felt down Grandpa, Is dog dead?
I think he’s still alive, so let’s take him home and heal him. (grunt) Put the covers for warmth. Grandpa’s name is Yehan Darth, and the blond boy’s name is Nero.
Grandpa, can this dog be recovered?
Well, take care of him, and he’ll cheer up. Thanks to their careful care, Patrasch has regained his strength. Grandpa! The dog’s awake! Patrasch, you have to eat some. Try this milk.
Is his name Patrasch? Yeah, it’s a kind of dog in the Flanders. Patrasch is known for his gentleness and strength.
Patrasch, welcome to my house!
(grunt) Patrasch was impressed by the love of grandpa and Nero, who were kind to him, unlike his previous violent master.
Wow! He is eating!
Patrasch can eat!
Is this heaven?
Thank you for waking up, Patrasch. A few days later, Patrasch got completely recovered
Now, can I play with Patrasch outside?
Yeah, I’ll be on milk delivery. Have fun. Patrasche gazed continuously at him drag the cart. Patrasch, let’s go play in the field!
(bark) Nero and Patrasch had a good time playing in the fields.
Ahaha! It tickles. Now, Patrasch, Welcome to our house. Heh.
(bark) The next morning, Patrasche got up early and waited for grandpa in the cart handle.
Patrasch, I need to pull the cart. Get out of there. But Patrasch is biting the handle with his mouth?! Like he’s going to pull the cart.
(bite hardly) Patrasch, thank you, but I can’t let you pull the cart. But Patrasch barked as if he asked
Please let me pull it
Oh, well. He couldn’t resist Patrasch’s insistence. He made him a rope to pull the cart.
How about that? Can you pull the card? It was not very difficult to pull a milk cart for strong Patrasche. He always came home tired by sunset, but he was able to come home early by afternoon after Patrasch pulled the cart.
I finished the delivery easily and fast because of Patrasch. Huh!
Patrasch, thank you. You are not only strong, but you are very kind. I really like you.
Wong! (Me too!) He was even more grateful to Patrasch in the cold winter.
Thank you, Patrasch. I couldn’t have delivered it on a snowy day like this if I was alone. Patrasch was really happy for pulling the cart. Because he likes grandpa a lot who is kind and sweet and Nero who is like his brother Nero, my leg hurts. I can’t walk anymore. Tell the villagers I can’t deliver milk.
If you don’t get milk, they wouldn’t be happy. I’ll get the delivery with Patrasch. You are too young to do that I know all the way and houses to deliver
Patrasch, come with me to deliver! Nero and Patrasch did their jobs with joy although going to Antwerp is quite far. They delivered milk running strenuously every day
Hey, Nero!
How are you, Patrasche! When Nero and Patrasch passed, many painters painted them because Nero, a little boy, and Patrasch, a big tan dog, looked really good on them. Antwerp, the birthplace of a great artist, Rubens. There are many people on this street who dream of becoming a great artist like Rubens.
I want to see the painting of the great Rubens in the cathedral. When he returned from the milk delivery, Nero told grandpa about what happened that day in detail.
Today, a grandmother gave me bread to eat at home.
Yeah, She is very kind. And we had dinner with rye bread, milk, and soup. It was a very peaceful and happy day.
God, keep this happiness. Flanders isn’t really a beautiful place. There’s a large field of wheat and one of the rape flowers touched. But the ground is very green and fertile so fresh tall trees are rising. After work, Nero and Patrasch sat in the grass by the canal and watched the ships coming and going. Even in the cold winter, when the wind was blowing, Nero and Patrasch endured the cold.
Patrasch, you hungry? Drink some water.
Woof woof! (I can stand it.)
(sign) You must be hungry you didn’t eat properly Sometimes a neighbor woman brings some bread and soup.
It’s freshly baked bread. Taste it.
Thank you Nero, take this.
In winter, the house should be warm.
Thank you
Some good-minded merchants put firewood in carts when going home. So day went by, the moon went full, and the sun changed many times, and Nero became fourteen. Since when Patrasch minds something with Nero.
Wait here a minute, Patrasch. Because sometimes Nero would disappear into the cathedral. And a few hours later Nero came out of the cathedral.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Patrasch. What is Nero doing in there? Then one-day Patrasche saw the cathedral’s door open after Nero entered.  He ran up the stairs and got into the cathedral. Nero was kneeling under the inner wall of the church and praying in a low voice.
Please let me see the painting behind the curtain. Patrasch, there’s a painting by Rubens behind that curtain.
woof! But I need to pay to see the painting. Nero drew a picture whenever he could. And every night I prayed with hot tears.
I want to be a great artist like Rubens.

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