A Day With My Korean Students πŸ’– English Teaching in Korea – Life in Korea!

hey it's day and good morning everyone so hey I am on the way to school this Monday so I have worked this week today and tomorrow actually have a lot of downtime because Wednesday I'm starting summer camps so if you are an English teacher in Korea usually you're required to do a summer camp and winter camp and normal average is around two weeks but it just depends on that school so I figured I would bring you guys with me to school today because today is kind of special because the third graders are making puppies ooh and if you don't know what bookings is it's basically this delicious frozen dessert of ice cream and red beans that way you guys can kind of see how my school is and kind of get an insight of a Korean spoke at the same time [Applause] earlier I showed you kind of in the preview oh my kids are doing a day on a hot summer day they're so cute right it's like high 90s today so I think puppies is perfect for this kind of oh my I never tried today is hot tall right so we can what did you do what did you do Oh this is mine and they kept putting stuff in it like toppings for night my house students kept walking in that from today more toppings it's so sweet hey guys so now I have some downtime lunch just finished and I basically all done with my English account setup so I'll show you guys in just a second okay but now Susan going to camp in English comforters and start until Wednesday and it's now Monday I just have a lot of free time so I'm just gonna edit some videos which is what I normally do when I have free time and I also do like to study some Korean as well so I did with my finger so I have about three and a half hours level work into iMovie I'm gonna try and finish up this one video and I'm gonna study some Korean so I will now show you guys my office area so let's let's take a look around this is my preparation for an English cup here I'm doing a superhero camp so that's why everything is superhero face so this is my work area here these are all my books because I have to teach more different grades so it's a lot of books leaving town but it's not as intimidating as it looks like he's just my goals for the year I have it written down in my office in my bathroom in my room so that way I can always look at it and some teachers say it was about two months ago so one of the students wrote me a cute little letter in Korean I just saying that she's happy to learn English with me here's my laptop because this is why edit my videos I'm currently working on a self-care video I will put the card here it's really hot so even though there's you see I have this little fan as well and my book I'm going to go ahead and use the bell as an indicator to be on here so thank you so much everyone for watching maybe next week I will try and do another maybe like a school tour and if you guys have any questions about clean schools or teaching English and Korean please feel free to go ahead and ask them below and I will definitely you guys enjoyed this video and it's amazing thank you so much for watching you [Applause]

38 thoughts on “A Day With My Korean Students πŸ’– English Teaching in Korea – Life in Korea!”

  1. Anyone interested in a Korean school tour and a Korean office tour~?
    Thank you for watching as well! If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask!

  2. I honestly can not wait to get to korea and teach! My major is English teaching and I just can't wait to be the best teacher I can possible be and build relationships with my students. πŸ’™

  3. Such a sweet video. Thank you for sharing this with us. Love what you're doing.
    Edit: They're so sweet to you, so heartwarming.

  4. Those kids are soo kind πŸ’• my heart was touched by watching that , it makes me want to be a teacher πŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ˜‚

  5. I am so excited to get the chance to come to Korea and teach but when I think about the planning and amount of work I feel overwhelmed and scared. I know if you younger people can do it I should be able to since I have taught English before, but to adults. Question: why were some of the children's faces blurred out but others weren't?

  6. where did you get your sandals?! (the ones you took off before changing to indoor shoes)
    sorry I love strappy sandals haha. love your videos!

  7. Are you frustrated as English teacher in Korea ? In the sense that it should be done sensibly with small grups, from an early age. People realize of thier ignorance/unawareness when they need a c1 language certificate πŸ˜€ The most stupid thing in the education system in my country (Poland) on junior and high school lvl is learn two foreign languages. Of course, most of students choose on exam english (easy english), and learning second is fiction. In my opinion we should learn only one on good lvl.

  8. This video was so lovely. It's nice to see you interacting with the kids! I hope to see more of this, I'll be following you! (:

  9. What degrees did you get in college, and is there any specific classes you had to take? Just wondering because I want to do this in the future and I’m two years away from college πŸ™‚

  10. Loved your office set up. Loved how laid back everything seemed. I even liked how the securty guard greeted you. UGH, honestly, I need to finish my TEFL and drop my application in. ASAP.

  11. QUESTION! I noticed that your skirt was above the knee, is that okay for teachers in Korea?
    Im asking because I feel like teachers in Japan arent allowed to wear short skirts. Like above the knew would be considered short. LOL

  12. I really love your videos! Your class seems lovely! Are you allowed to film students? I leave for Korea next week. I'm placed in Chungbuk. I know I'm going to arrive in Seoul and stay there for 2 nights before I head to Busan for Orientation.

  13. Very cool to see a bit of school time with the kids and how you interact with them; they all seem so friendly and sweet. Keep up the great work you are doing with them and with life, Day. God bless yours and you! πŸ™‚

  14. Your voice is so kind and friendly! Also…your kids are so nice! My students (in the US) never share with me LOL!

  15. Why are the kids so gosh darn cute. I regained faith in humanity when they kept giving you toppings, it was so funny.

  16. Thanks for sharing with us! I think the kids really like you haha, I am about to start teaching in Korea too and seeing this is somewhat reassuring! πŸ™‚

  17. This is just a random fact about me but if you agree don't you think that it is strange that peple call children kids?. A kid is really just a baby goat but when I tell people they say it's because I'm from another country so it's different. I just face slap and ask (what has the world come to?)

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