good morning sunshine anything else you'd like to say so with a little grumpy anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely not a morning person but I did think that it would be cool to film a day in the life of me in the summer today is a very normal day I'm about halfway through my summer one month in one month still to go so I'm gonna take you all along with me for the day you show you what I am up to let's go get the day started it is now about 8:30 I am going to eat my breakfast which is two eggs or was it three eggs three eggs and a protein shake this is a pretty typical breakfast for me in the summer and while I eat I'm gonna work on grad school for about an hour [Applause] it is about 9:45 Billy and I are headed to the gym we are going to squat and deadlift and then whatever else we can find that's not taking because our gym tends to be married workout is now done deadlifts not the best but I had a callous ripoff of my hand during my warmup set and it happened so I was just happy to get through it I got home I showered I got myself looking presentable again and now it is lunchtime I am having a freshly meal this is a sausage and penne pasta I really like these because you literally just microwave them for three minutes they're already cooked you don't have to do anything to prepare them so they're really great for those times when you are very busy this is not sponsored whatsoever Billy and I just happen to buy these this week and so I wanted to share with you if you are interested in trying it I will leave a discount link down in the description box I get $40 off and you get $40 off I think it's split between your first two weeks so $20 off your first two weeks but if you are wanting to try it this would be great for back-to-school time when you're very busy and don't have time to cook it is now 3:15 I just finished up some business e things I spent about an hour recording a video for the hive summit if you do not know what the hive summit is it is two weeks of free online PD let me say that again free online PD now you do have to sign up through the website to get access to the videos and I highly suggest you do I am one of the speakers but like I said it does not cost you anything whatsoever so I highly suggest you check it out my video is all about simple ways to increase student engagement and it will go up on August 6th but the high summit runs from August 1st to the 14th make sure you sign up because you're only gonna have access to the videos during that time so you're not gonna be able to go back and find them later I will leave a link so you can go ahead and sign up I'm signed up I'm not only gonna watch mine but I'm gonna watch everyone else's and I'm pumped about it because my focus this summer is PD so I love the fact that you get a different video of PD every single day during those two weeks for free sorry I just had to put it out there cuz I'm excited about it I am also excited because Billy and I are going to see The Lion King tonight and I'm excited for two reasons number one Donald Glover number 2 nostalgia we are actually going to drive to one of those like luxury movie theaters neither of us has ever been to one but they look really cool you have a seat that like reclines and you get a pillow and someone brings you popcorn and I'm just I am all about that life so we're gonna have ourselves a little date night which we love to do on Fridays I won't lie tickets for a little pricey okay I think I paid like $28 per ticket I think it was $56 total for the two of us so they were more expensive than regular tickets but this is like a once-in-a-lifetime thing we're not going to do this any other times and I'm really excited for it I've been looking forward to it the bad thing is we do have to drive about an hour to get there so we're gonna leave and not to too long go have dinner in that area go to the movies and you all know I'm bringing you along with me it's where we going we are going to dinner and a movie Murphy's in Milan how you feeling about it I'm not driving yet but I just want to throw out there that today the feels-like temperature is about a 110 degrees and I am just not about those like those that live in super hot places I don't know how you do it I'm proud of me I am proud of you you think you're the single I left the Container Store without making any purchases which me is mission accomplished this is the closest container store and it's an hour away so I don't come often let me just say I love being in there it makes my organizational heart feel very happy however they are pricey and so I'd love to go and get ideas of different types of containers and then buy them elsewhere so now we are headed to go grab some dessert and then the movie [Applause] [Applause] another start we are home from the movies I personally thought the Lion King was really really good I probably give it about a 9 out of 10 I did think the CGI was fantastic and it was really funny so overall it was a great remake of the film I also thought the movie theater was fantastic I tell you what you recline that chair you pop up the little footrest thing you've got a blanket you've got a pillow you've got free popcorn and free soda that is what I want to experience in a movie so I think earlier I had said that we would probably only do this one so let's be honest however it is almost 1:00 a.m. and I am exhausted and I have to get up early tomorrow to go to lakeshore and I'm really excited for that so stay tuned because my next video will be a lake short haul but for now I hope you all enjoyed this just getting to see a day in my life during the summer if you did enjoy it please go ahead and give the video a thumbs up also hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so you do not miss any future videos as always thank you for watching I love you all so much don't forget to put your pots and pans on and I will catch you in the next one thank you so much for watching all the way to the end of this video and for supporting my youtube channel if you want to check out any of my older videos you can use the two links right down here if you want to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any future videos you can use like right up here the links to all of my social media sites my teachers pay teacher's store my merchandise store my Amazon store are in the description box and I'll catch you guys in the next one

35 thoughts on “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TEACHER | Summer Edition”

  1. This video is awesome! I am glad to see Billy more in your videos! You and Billy are the sweetest couple! I can't wait for the wedding! 🙂

  2. Always good to see Billy in a vlog! I understand why you've decided to keep your personal life out of vlogs now, but I have missed seeing Billy. #EverybodyNeedsABilly

  3. Joey Udovich tagged a video of you on Instagram and I've been addicted and subscribed since then! I actually cried during that video…I had a challenging class last year.

  4. I saw lion king and I loved it. I don’t have a theater near me like the one you went to. I did the next best thing and saw it on IMAX!! Disney has nailed their live action remakes so far. Also your food choices are on point😎!! Dinner at matchbox. I absolutely hated that they closed the one near me. It was only open three years. Now I have to go over an hour to get to one😩. Cannot wait to see your lakeshore haul!!

  5. i am glad you are enjoying your summer! Just one thing, when you are talking, can you turn the music down? It can be a bit hard to hear you.

  6. This video is making me want to go to baked Bear so badly!

    I also love going to the iPic but I have movie induced narcolepsy (not a real disorder, just movies make me fall asleep) so I have definitely pissed off my husband by taking a very expensive nap at a very expensive movie theater 😝

  7. Hahahaha of course you had to go to The Container Store! Teacher life! 😂 Enjoy the rest of your summer!!! 🎉

  8. I have a movie theatre by me, like i pic but no blanket no pillow and no free concessions, it has awesome seats and sound quality it's called Dolby.

  9. Hi Michelle! I just signed up for Hive Summit. Thanks for the link… and I'm so glad they picked YOU! I am going into my thirty-sixth year of teaching… and your videos continue to provide information and encouragement. My classroom will have plenty of "Michelle inspiration" this year!

  10. I am a little late but I love your video and you are so amazing like if you think so
    I also so the Lion King 👑

  11. The movie theatre is like AMC theaters. The only thing that’s different like you said is the blanket and pillow. Which is like “okish” to my opinion. Anyways, I still like you!

  12. That was a wonderful video! I wish we had a Container Store near me, anyways, did you ever watch Toy Story 4 Yet? It’s a great movie! We watched it yesterday (7-20-19)!

  13. Good Morning Happy Sunday!!!!
    I love Ipic Theatre in Rockville MD yes, blanket and pillow. I watched Lion King yesterday with my Daughter she was craying

  14. Go Girl! I am going into fourth grade and i prentend to be a teacher.I always looked up teachers on youtube and you came up.I was thinking about being a teacher but once i say your video i 99% want to be a teacher

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