41 thoughts on “A day in the life of a Special Education teacher”

  1. Everyone’s saying this program is bad. But, for example, a kid in my class has adhd and he’s annoying and he always cries like a baby and continuously disrupts. If someone needed extra help all the time, why waste the other’s time?

  2. I might be going to a special needs school coz I’m autistic depressed ocd and have huge anxiety and I terrified incase no one will like me

  3. I was in a sped class witch had grade 3 ,4,5 in one class , it wasent something like this but we had a couple of people that we re a littel difrent. But I tell you , we we re talking about money and girls at that young age and the kids in the normal class we re depressed because of theire grades. Even tho I was in a sped class I'm happy I was , at least I didn't come out as a trendy libtard

  4. I have IEP, and I need it because I really struggle with classes. Looking at the comments, I feel bad for having it now.

  5. This has been my life for 27 years as a special ed teacher. No wonder I am tired lol! It is different seeing it from the out side.

  6. I’m a SPED Instructional Assistant. I love my kids. And love watching them grow. They come so far by this time of the year. My question is, does this teacher have an assistant or aide? Maybe they weren’t in the video🤷🏽‍♀️ It gets pretty busy in these classrooms. 😌

  7. It’s not a hard job. I did this and ran the gifted program and lower functioning students. It is crazy to claim it is a difficult job bull! You get off early and summers. Stop complaining and asking for raises…

  8. Wanna known truth? Special education (Sped) sucks… like really really sucks. This lady had to be stressed tf out. All those low incidence kids and their IEPs…. she had to go mad. Most ID teachers don’t last two years and leave after one. Also, the legalism and politics of the admin, district, and parents will drive you mad. For those of you who want to go into education: STAY AWAY FROM SPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I was put in a class through highschool and every day I would torment them daily every lunch they would kick me out and cry nowadays I feel bad for her and the principal had to let me off the hook because I was labeled retarded all I needed was English call because I never really talked much

  10. I was in special education from preschool until 10th grade. I was out of special education in 11th grade and in 12th grade, I went back to special education because I struggled in Math and needed to be in a special education Math class. I was diagnosed with a specific learning disability at the age of two and a half years old so I've been around aides and special education teachers. In middle school, we had 1 teacher for all 4 subjects and the aide supervised us in electives, gym class and in lunch. 8th grade, I took my first mainstream class and it was a Math class. The teacher was mean and I didn't want to be in her class. In 9th grade, I was in all special education classes. In 10th grade, I was mainstreamed in English with the same English teacher that I had in 9th grade and in special education math and science. My chemistry teacher wanted to mainstream me in science for 11th grade and I would still be in LLD Math in 11th grade. Unfortunately, because I was going to vocational school, they couldn't fit mainstream science and special education Mathin my schedule. I was mainstreamed in English, math and history in 11th grade even though I wasn't supposed to mainstreamed in math. In 12th grade, i was mainstreamed in English and history but took LLD Math. I made all As the last two marking periods of 12th grade.

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  12. Such stories are becoming all too common in the media, particularly with respect to the impact on public school systems of the need for special education teachers and classes to serve the growing numbers of children in the U.S. with learning disabilities, developmental delays, and other special needs. News headlines such as “Special education enrollment in California is up.

  13. I went to special ed and I think this is brainy just teachers taking the time and effort and helping kids thumbs up

  14. the only problem ive got is I get depressed over abortions and I sympathize with disabled people people like peter singer want to kill them and its wrong

  15. Alright so I see many people on here saying how “special ed sucks” and how it’s completely awful. To be honest, I think having special education is better than having disabled students mixed with the other students in the sense that in middle and high school, the kids get way rowdier and more prone to bully other students. I think it’s honestly better to have disabled students in separate classes where there’s less of a chance of them being bullied or having to deal with the craziness of the normal environment. Just my opinion.

  16. After 1 day I would kill one of thoose kids I’m just being real some people have too much patience I can’t stand kids and too have to put up with all that work she deserves 100k plus a year

  17. I’m jealous, I see them getting to go around the school getting cookies and no work…. i know they have disabilities

  18. special ed is terrible!! they don't even attempt to try to teach you…. you just sit in a classroom and do nothing. 😔

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