A Day In The Life I Resell Jewelry For Profit, Teach SPED, & Love My Life

welcome to a day in the life of a reseller jewelry lover grandmother and I'm gonna pick any up they have a wonderful one shop for $30 they have a paint coach also $20 but the bottom dial he's a classic okay it's a great issue sometimes re-issues leathers a little softer a couple of brands that have been heard of Cynthia some get somebody here and this fossil is really cute too but it's expensive for such a small bag here it is with the brandy she'd be a Vincent yeah it's a super huge hobo then they have something for those fun Mountain silversmiths kind of a gaudy lots of couch that's a classic coach for about 30 2530 dollars this one's beautiful authentic pretty I really like this color just the bag is really heavy lots of really good bags today behind the counter so I'm gonna go look over there between dunno fisher-price I'm gonna go look in the Cap'n's or whatever it's called sail from Poshmark was this hook on heart necklace from James Avery these I've actually found two in jewelry jars so I didn't pay but maybe a quarter for them $0.50 that one sold for believe $50 $55 I did take I mean I did get quite a few offers throughout the two or three months that they were that it was listed but I just kind of felt like you know it was a pretty good price already because these do sell for over a hundred dollars they are not retired so they still garnered a good price here's a wonderful flip this is a vintage David were vajrasana Italian sterling silver clip-ons they were in a gold wash accent as well and I picked these up I believe I picked these up from zombies sale make up zombie Elizabeth here on YouTube her channel is make of zombie she does a showcase every Sunday and I think I bought these for 20 from her 19 or 20 and they sold for $49 on Poshmark they are beautiful beautiful earrings I may have stumbled on the genuine very good time we're gonna look at it a bucket bag and the Fendi were my goodness gracious 120 on the Fendi I can see from here someone however show me the Louie Vuitton and take a better look at it when there's a Gucci to something what we're looking around see what else we soon I wouldn't bought my fooling I decided to not do carpet wood stuff so they should be putting that in on Saturday hopefully oh I'm so glad I don't buy Christmas anymore plenty actually started giving it away last year the band's anything in the business I'll take the quick look-see at the black t-shirt so it's up Hilary Duff oh my gosh she's here she's from Houston my mom was a sort of a nanny for them Haley American sterling findings he she beads shell fetish absolutely fabulous Native American necklace that I bought for $30 here on YouTube from Jess Sandy's auction sold it for $75 on Poshmark other item that sold is a James Avery charm I have it here on my charm holder and it is a really cute one it says God bless america with an exclamation point I didn't realize these were so collectible and still until I was looking for another charm and you know you kind of see the console and different listings and this one in particular was selling for over $100 I hunted it down found one I offer up for $35 I enjoyed it here on my charm bracelet charm holder rather for quite a while but I've had it listed for about a year I think I had it for 119 on posh and 99 or a little bit more than that no I think I had it for 99 on eBay I went ahead and took an $80 offer so that sold for $80 and pretty happy with that flip I I really like it it's not very visible in here so I'm gonna actually hop for some other ones I like these these are kind of my school related charms and so yeah another sale from James Avery okay some more jewelry that sold were these beautiful door knocker earrings they articulated they are kind of a hammered yeah they're like a hammer but also a different texture to them too so they're really pretty and they are clip-on they sold for nine dollars Bob Poshmark now these were part of the group that I was started slashing prices with I think I had them as high as $15 at one time they've been up there oh I would say six months to a year and I only paid about a quarter for these these came out of a lot from the goodwill that was all earrings and they were all sorted it was a fabulous little box that I came across there at the goodwill so really happy to get those moving for nine dollars on Pascha here at my post office where I often find myself when I have a couple of things to ship and I didn't get a chance to package them up the night before I keep a lot of the packing supplies that I need in my trunk so I'm ready to do it from the post office I sold this fabulous trotting horse running Mustang I'm not sure but it's James Avery it came out of a jewelry jar with the hook on bracelet that's kind of a classic from James Avery so these are kind of I guess you could say a starter bracelet for a lot of people I'll people give these for graduation gifts and things and they'll put one single charm on them or you can wear them alone now this one came in the jewelry jar with the bangles so I'm going to keep the bangle because the bangle is a larger size I think they come in small medium and large and this appears to be a large one so I will likely sell it separately to keep one that I already have that's in my medium size actually or if I want this nice roomy one cuz this one actually will twist out twist around my hand quite comfortably and I'm not sure I just I don't know I don't need two of them so I'm going to sell one but I'm definitely gonna sell it separately this course sold for fifty dollars I had it for 69 there's the logo right there pretty clear it's a pretty big of course I had it listed for 69 and I took a best offer of 50 on it so it had been listed probably I would say three weeks and I decided to go ahead and take that post off it's really beautiful I think it looks gorgeous as a pendant as well well they got some jewelry jars at this good well they haven't had a Bennifer ever and I used to get some little bags here from $20 some curious as to what prices they have on theirs those interesting beauties of all inside of them and then we may look in the Train – that looks pretty interesting okay so I woke up to a sale and I grabbed it grabbed a bag I usually keep some supplies in the trunk so this one's salt for $19 on Etsy and that included a rather that did not include so I added shipping of $4 and this is that real pretty piece that I showed you in the video bobble bath where I said I wasn't going to touch this one because I thought it was really a part of verifying age and just it just looked a lot more I don't know interesting I thought I plus all of that intricate stamp work there I think the patina really brings it out and then if the owner chooses to polish it up they can but yeah that's sold on Etsy 23 total 19 + 4 – if fabulous bad guys its Familia tamari and it is really fabulous but it's really heavy it is missing a strap and they still want $25 for one of those here to say and that could sell it probably for double maybe even triple that but I always feel like okay what's the Stratton saying super-heavy therefore I wouldn't use it here's a throwback to mid-century we still have one of these but ours was huge huge we had one for all music and then later in the 70s we got one with the TV built in and I heard her some friends would say you guys should charge to watch TV on this thing it's so big that was considered a really big then I think it was 25 nice to have the tape turn takes from Magnavox stereophonic I fatality 10 years stylus warranty both internal and external speakers come closer I think I came last night's also q-tip I forgot about the honesty all your hard work

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  1. Do the higher sales ever turn out bad? I only ask because of so many block buyer posts lately, with aweful outcomes.

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