A day in the life at Cambridge University: Zainab Haider

Hi everyone, I’m Zainab Haider.
I’m from Bradford. I’m currently a second year Psychological and Behavioral Science student here at Cambridge.
I’m at Newnham College and this is my
day in the life. Always found Newnham as
a place very, very empowering. Walking through the gardens
and knowing that you know hundreds and thousands
of women before me who’ve done so
many amazing things have walked through
the same corridors, have walked through the
same gardens and I’m part of that now! And I’ve signed
my name in a book that those women
have as well. It just makes me feel grateful
every single day that I’m part of that. So this mosque is
a bit far out, so it’s about half-
an-hour across town, so I normally cycle
if I’m going to use this. It’s about 20
minutes by bike but on an every day
kind of aspect it is a bit more difficult
to find prayer spaces. We do have a prayer room
at the Sidgwick Site, which is where the art
students have their lectures, but for science students
like myself we don’t really have a lot of other provisions. Colleges have
prayer spaces, some departments
such as engineering have prayer spaces available. A lot of the time, a lot of the
departments are very accommodating, so I can ask in my
department, my psychology department, I’ll ask the librarian if I can
pray in one of the small rooms and they’re very happy
to accommodate me for that. The Friday prayers, it’s kind of
like an Islamic Society tradition that everybody goes to
one of the takeaways every single week. So after every single
prayer they go and yeah, just get a takeaway
every single week on a Friday, which is quite nice to
have something to look forward to I
guess every week. I didn’t think that I’d meet
the range people that I’ve met at Cambridge, there’s so many
opportunities to meet people, I think the college system
really helps in that and you just meet people
from across the University and from all over the country
as well and all over the world even. It’s been nice to meet
people who are like me but also meet people who
are not like me too. In Freshers’ Week, the
College did a lot of events but also the Islamic Society
did a lot of events. So we had a Freshers’
fortnight instead of a
Freshers’ week and it was nice because it
extended further than the College and University
Freshers’ Week. And finding the community
within those first two weeks, like I made friends in first
two weeks I still have now and we bonded within the
first few days of meeting them and now we’re really,
really good friends. So I think it’s really
important to just have a go at everything that
Cambridge has to offer, there’s so much going on. Just meeting amazing people
every step of the way just makes you feel
like you’re not alone and Cambridge is a
community for everyone. And yeah, I couldn’t
be happier.

15 thoughts on “A day in the life at Cambridge University: Zainab Haider”

  1. I met Zainab on the open day and she is truly incredible! I’m so glad she’s having an awesome time, and who knows? Maybe she might see me again if I get in 💕

  2. Love it! Thank you for sharing your experience at Cambridge. As a muslim girl it is reassuring to listen to these insights 🙂 🍀

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